The Unfiltered Life Of Howard Stern

First Wife

Howard Stern has absolutely no filter. Every single thing that comes to mind he blurts out. He has capitalized on his bluntness on his radio show. Stern has put his foot in his mouth more times than he can remember. He has insulted people and bullied others. His loyal audience has loved his outrageous behavior.

But then some unbelievable things were revealed. Howard met Alison Berns when they were at Boston University together. The couple was married at Temple Ohabei Shalom in Massachusetts in 1978. Both Howard and Alison were 24 years old when they married. Their relationship ended in 1999 because he consumed himself with work and left little time for his wife. They officially divorced in 2001.

He Has Three Children

Howard and Alison had three daughters together: Emily (1983), Debra (1986), and Ashley (1993). His eldest daughter Emily is an orthodox Jewish woman who blames her dad on her being single.

She was crushed by the divorce and lost respect for her dad after he married a model.

Beth Ostrosky

He Remarried in 2008 to model Beth Ostrosky. The couple dated for seven years before getting engaged in 2007. They married in 2008 at Le Cirque restaurant.

Their ceremony was officiated over by Mark Consuelos. Beth is 18 years younger than Howard, and are still married today.

Banned From Clear Channel Radio

Howard was on radio channels all throughout his career. In 2004 he was on Clear Channel Radio with his radio show. It was on six different markets and locations nationally.

That year, he took it one step too far and interviewed Rick Salomon about his adult video with Paris Hilton. The two ended up describing the tape in extreme detail which caused the station to be fined $495,000 by the FCC. Howard was then banned from that station from that day on.

Move To Satellite Radio

Howard's ban from Clear Channel prompted him to move to satellite radio. In 2004, Howard announced that he would be transitioning from regular radio to Sirius Satellite Radio.

Satellite radio is FCC regulation free, which means he can say pretty much whatever he wants without consequences.

Called Out Selena Fans

In order to make a splash, Howard called out Selena Quintanilla and her music in 1995. This came right after her death. He made a statement that said "Spanish people have the worst taste in music.

Alvin and the Chipmunks have more soul.” His statement was not well received. Stern apologized for his hurtful words after a warrant for his arrest for disorderly conduct was issued in Texas.

Owners Heavily Fined

Howard has an extremely dirty mouth without a filter.

He lets this fly freely on his show, but the FCC has fined the companies who own the radio stations where The Howard Stern Show has been on with fines totaling over $2.5 million.

Experimented With Illegal Substances

Like many people in the 70's, Howard experimented with many illegal substances. Stern's favorites were specifically hallucinogens and psychedelic substances.

Howard would smoke and take Quaaludes and LSD. One day he had a very bad trip on LSD which is the incident that inspired him to stop.

The Howard Stern Show’s Success

It was in 1990 that Howard started hosting his own late night radio show called The Howard Stern Show on WWOR-TV. The show was such a success that the ratings actually overtook that of Saturday Night Live.

This was the time that Stern shot to true national and later international fame. In 1992, he dubbed himself the ‘King of All Media’.

An Author

Stern is not only a radio host, he is a published author. He has written two books, Private Parts and Miss America. Both of the books were on the New York Times Best Seller List.

Actually several book stores banned the books because of theur unfiltered nature. The film version of Private Parts came out in 1997 and was a box office hit.

Miss America

Howard stern has explained the reasoning behind the title of one of his books, Miss America. When Stern was a child, his parents always looked at him as if they were disgusted by him. He was a "tall, hairy pencil" as he describes himself.

His father would look at Stern, who was sprouting with facial hair and he’d go, ‘Oh, look. There’s Miss America.”

His Place In Politics

Howard Stern ran for Governor of New York in 1994. He ended up removing his name from the ballot and backed a fellow running mate, George Pataki, who ended up actually winning the election.

A bill, called The Howard Stern Bill, was passed in 1995. The bill restricted construction on roads in Long Island and New York during nighttime hours.

America’s Got Talent

Stern shocked America when he joined a family show. Howard was a judge on the talent reality competition show and enjoyed it much more than he ever thought possible. Stern says this about his experience on the show, “I thought it would be really cool to be a judge, because I think I have something to offer. If I had any dream about this, it’s that I could take someone who was struggling and seriously give advice. I was told over and over again that I had no talent.

I was in college radio. No one was banking on me. I sent a copy of my show to my father, my father wrote me back a five-page letter and was brutally honest. … It wasn’t harsh, I think it was out of love.”

Brown Belt In Shotokan

Shotokan karate originates from Japan. Howard has been involved with this martial art form for years.

He has earned himself a brown belt! Shotokan karate is not to be messed with, he can lay you flat on the ground in a second!

Net Worth

Howard Stern is worth $600 million! He makes an annual salary of $90 million through his Sirius Satellite Radio job.

Stern has many investments, properties and endorsement deals. He is without a doubt a very wealthy man who will not need to worry about money for the rest of his life.

David Bowie

In Howard’s early days in radio he had David Bowie on his show. Bowie played a couple of his songs but did not want to be interviewed.

Everything ended up well as Bowie played a special performance for Howard at his 44th birthday in 1998.

Suffers From OCD

Howard had always had obsessive-compulsive disorder. He has used Transcendental Meditation techniques to help his symptoms.

Howard still suffers from the symptoms, which will always be there, but is able to live without it bothering him too much thanks to the meditation.

Friend Of President Trump

Howard is a personal friend of our current president, Donald Trump. He even attended his wedding.

Stern voted for Hillary Clinton during the 2016 presidential election.

Soft Spot For Animals

Howard and his second wife Beth are both huge donators to the North Shore Animal League America. The NSALA is located in Port Washington, New York and is one of the largest no-kill animal shelters and adoption centers in the world.

The organization has been involved in saving animals from the aftermath of natural disasters such as Hurricanes Katrina and Rita.

Beef With Larry King

Howard has openly made mean remarks about famous people which has created some serious feuds in Hollywood. Stern called Larry King the “luckiest man in show business” and a “loser” and said that “He moved to CNN where he had no competition.

As soon as MSNBC and Fox News gave him a little bit of competition, the cards folded.” Needless to say, the two don’t get along at all.

Bullied Kathie Lee Gifford

While he may have asked for forgiveness now, there were years there that Howard downright bullied Gifford. He would constantly talk about her marriage and family.

Things got even more aggressive when it was rumored that Kathie’s husband cheated on her. Stern said on his show, “How embarrassed is she?” and “She looks like the biggest idiot”.

$52 Million Home

In 2013, Howard purchased a $52 million home in Palm Beach, Florida.

The home is 19,000 square feet in size and he has spent over $13 million in additional renovations.

Plastic Surgery

In 2006, Howard Stern admitted to have undergone plastic surgery.

Howard had his nose done, a facelift and liposuction from his chin.

The Columbine Controversy

Howard Stern never learns. On April 21, 1999, the day after the shocking Columbine High School shooting, Stern made some truly horrific comments.

He mentioned the appearance of some of the “really good looking girls” who were running away from the gunmen, in an utterly tasteless piece that was broadcast in Denver.