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25 Unbelievable Facts About Donald Trump that Will Change Your Perspective About Him

The British Parliament Has Debated Whether or Not to Allow Trump to Enter the Country

The British Parliament actually gathered together in order to debate whether or not Donald Trump should ever be allowed to enter Britain. The debate came in response to a petition signed by over 250,000 Britons to deny him entry. That number was enough to compel a debate from the British Parliament. The Parliament spent the time hurling insults and condemning his racist rhetoric.

Trump Management Corporation Was Once Sued by the Department of Justice

In a stunning case, it was suggested the real estate company was guilty of discrimination because they would not rent to people of a certain race. Donald Trump decided to fight the case in court, until several current and past employees came forward stating that they were required to report the race of any applicant and to discourage any black applicants. The case was then settled out of court.

Donald Would Have Been a Billionaire On His Inheritance Alone

Donald Trump inherited so much money from his father that he would have the same net worth if he would have just put his inheritance in an index fund. He could have sat around and done nothing and just let his money accumulate instead of working so hard to be a real estate mogul. This shows that he might not be as good with money as he likes people to think he is.

Trump Says he Hasn’t Changed Since First Grade

In one interview, Trump admitted that he sees himself as exactly the same as he was in the first grade. He believes that his temperament or personality has not changed at all. That is somewhat alarming, since he was known to throw erasers at his teachers and throw birthday cake at parties. He even gave one teacher a black eye for suggesting Donald did not know anything about music.

In 1991, Trump Was Billions in Debt

In 1991 Donald Trump owed billions to several different banks and had to divide up his wealth and assets. American Express took his yacht. Citigroup took an airline and several retail businesses. Bankers Trust got control of the Grand Hyatt in Manhattan. None of the banks were happy to get the property and assets in the middle of a recession, but it was the only way to recoup some of their money from the bankrupt businessman.

Trump Has Won a Razzie

In 1990, Trump won a Razzie for Worst Supporting Actor for his role in Ghost Can’t Do It. One scene involving Trump had him in a business meeting with Bo Derek’s character. Her ghost husband, who was invisible to everyone but her, aided her character during the meeting. If you’ve never heard of this movie, there’s a very good reason, and you should count yourself lucky.

Trump Has Been Reported as Saying He Did Not Want Black People Counting His Money

In his book Trumped!, John O’Connell, a former resident of the Trump Plaza Hotel, reported that Trump went on a rant complaining that he had black accountants counting his money at Trump Castle and Trump Plaza. He said the only people he wanted counting his money were short guys who wear yarmulkes every day. Trump admitted after the book was released that everything O’Donnell said was probably true.

He Doesn’t Drink, But Released His Own Vodka Brand

In a weird twist that shows that Trump will do just about anything if he thinks it will make him money, he created Trump Vodka. This is bizarre, because Trump himself refrains from any alcohol due to the death of his brother from alcoholism. Maybe this has to do with why Trump Vodka was a big failure.

Trump is Oversensitive About the Size of His Fingers

Decades ago, the editor of Vanity Fair, Graydon Carter, called Trump a “short-fingered vulgarian.” Trump was so bothered by being called short-fingered that he periodically sends Graydon Carter pictures of himself with his hands circled with gold sharpie. He has also sent tracings of his hands to prove that there was nothing short about his fingers.

He Has His Own Board Game

Trump: The Board Game was released by Milton Bradley in 1989 after Trump’s rise to success. He had become a media darling after using a loan from his father to create multi-million-dollar real estate empire. The game allows players to try and re-create Trump’s rise to fortune, but they can also lose everything, much like Trump himself the year after the game was released. The game was a huge flop.

Donald Offered Obama Free Golf for Life

This one is just strange because it is so off the wall. Donald Trump apparently offered Barack Obama free golf for life at any of his golf courses. The only catch was that he had to resign from the presidency. The idea that free golf for life would be enough incentive to give up the presidency is laughable, especially when Obama has enough money to buy a round of golf whenever he wants.

Trump is a Germaphobe

Jeb Bush has made it his mission to frequently point out that Donald Trump is a germaphobe who does not like to shake hands. Trump has admitted that he likes to have clean hands and is bothered by the fact that he is constantly expected to shake hands. Bush pointed out that is somewhat of a problem for a future president, considering he would be expected to shake around 65,000 hands a year.

Trump Believes His Net Worth Changes With His Emotions

It is almost shocking how many times Donald Trump has sued people for libel for what he believed were lies about his net worth. He went on the stand during one lawsuit to say that his net worth is constantly fluctuating and is based on a number of factors, including how he “feels that day.” He also argues that the worth of his brand should be included in his net worth, and he ranks himself as being worth over $7 billion.

Trump Ran for President Under the Reform Party in 2000

In 2000, Trump made a short bid for President as part of the Reform Party. He even gained the support of Jesse Ventura, who had the idea of becoming vice president. Trump dropped out of the race, but even so, he managed to win the California and Michigan primaries. Apparently that short bout of elections was enough to prompt him to want to win in his next try to become President.

He Caused Ivana Zelnickova Winklmayr and Marla Maples to Fight on the Slopes in Aspen

When Donald Trump was married to Ivana, he had an illicit affair with Marla Maples. It was an affair that Ivana discovered while on vacation in Aspen with Donald. Ivana confronted Marla at a restaurant, which led to the affair getting plenty of press. Donald said it was great for business, since Marla bragged that he was the best sex she ever had. Ivana and Donald divorced soon after.

He Made $375,000 Per Episode to Appear on His Show

The Apprentice was a very popular reality television show for a period. It gave Trump great exposure, continued to propel his brand to a household name and gave him an opportunity to make new partnerships and advertising ventures. It also gave him a pretty decent paycheck. At 15 episodes a season, he made $5.6 million a year just to be on his own show.

He Was Sent to Military School for Bad Behavior

While he went to elementary school and middle school in Queens, NY, he started getting into trouble in his teen years. That prompted his parents to send him to New York Military Academy in the hope that it would straighten him out. The jury is still out on whether or not their plan worked. He never managed to put the skills he learned in military academy to use, as he used 4 deferments to get out of the Vietnam draft.

He Claims To Never Have Used an ATM

While doing an interview with Conan O’Brien on Late Night With Conan O’Brien, he claimed that he has never used an ATM. That maybe be true, because, well, he has people to use the ATM for him. The man probably doesn’t even carry a wallet or debit card, because he is always flanked by people who do that menial stuff for him.

He’s Been Inducted Into the WWE Hall of Fame

Trump has hosted several WWE events at Trump Plaza in Atlantic City, NJ, and was often seen in the front row of the stands. But in 2007, he rose to WWE fame when he dropped tens of thousands of dollars from the rafters in order to upstage Vince McMahon. After that came the Battle of the Billionaires, in which Trump earned the right to shave McMahon’s head.

Trump Tower Was Constructed In Part by Illegal Immigrants Working for $4 an Hour

The company that Donald Trump contracted to build Trump Tower hired 200 Polish workers who were in the country illegally. The workers were made to work 12 hour shifts for $4 to $5 an hour. Donald Trump later denied any knowledge of the illegal workers, but when workers asked for the money they were owed, he threatened to have them deported.

Trump Sued Bill Maher for Calling His Father a Monkey

In a very bizarre feud between Donald Trump and Bill Maher, the talk show host accused Donald Trump of being the son of a monkey. He offered a $5 million prize if Trump could prove that his dad was a real human being. Trump then supplied his birth certificate and sued Bill Maher when he refused to pay the $5 million. The suit was eventually dropped, probably because the birth certificate wasn’t in long form.

He Was Given an Honorary Degree from The University of Scotland Which Was Later Revoked

The University of Scotland bestowed upon Donald Trump an honorary degree in recognition of his achievements as an entrepreneur and a businessman. In 2015, the University decided to revoke that degree on the basis that Trump no longer represents the ethos and values of the University of Scotland. Donald Trump has also lost his status as official business ambassador in Scotland.

Trump Has a Star on the Hollywood Walk of Fame

Donald Trump earned his star on the Walk of Fame due to the popularity of his television show, The Apprentice. He was given the 2,327th star on the Walk of Fame because of the contribution his show made to the entertainment industry. Donald Trump himself has said that making the show was an amazing experience and that every woman who ever appeared on the show flirted with him.

Trump Said He Would Be Reborn As a Black Man

In 1989, Trump told an interviewer that a well-educated black man had tremendous advantages over a well-educated white man in the job market. He said that he if he were starting off again he would want to be a black man with a good education because he truly believes that they have an advantage. He also believes that racism is completely gone because America elected a black president.

He eats His Pizza With a Knife and Fork

All right, admittedly, there isn’t much to this fact. It’s a little strange, but he says that he does not like to get his fingers messy. This makes sense, considering he is a germaphobe. However, he also uses a knife and fork so that he can easily cut away the crust, which he doesn’t eat. Yeah, he doesn’t like pizza crust. Hey, maybe we just gave you something you share with Donald.


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