Two Children Go Missing, 3 Years Later They Come Back To Reveal What Happened

One afternoon, Harry Speath went to pick up his two children from his ex-wife, Jane Adare's house. He rang the door and waited for what seemed like an eternity. 

Several minutes went by, and no one answered the door. His first thought was that her doorbell might be broken, so he began knocking on the door. 

His Children Went Missing

He felt his anxiety creeping in as he waited for her to open the door. He had a feeling something was off, so he decided to visit his childrens' elementary school. 

It was there that Harry learned the horrifying news. The administrator informed him that his children had been absent for a few days. He quickly came to terms with the fact that his son Thomas and daughter Serena were missing. But worst of all, he had no idea where his ex-wife was, either. 

Searching For Thomas And Serena

Mr. Speath immediately informed the police of his situation, and luckily, they took his call seriously. The search for Serena and Thomas began almost right away, and they were able to put the pieces together. 

The authorities figured their mother might've taken Serena and Thomas to the United Kingdom, where she also had a permanent residentship. 

No Evidence 

However, the police weren't able to find any substantial evidence that proved Jane left the country with their two children. 

During the state-wide search, neither Serena nor Thomas had been enrolled in any new school, and their medical cards were never used, either. 

No Luck

Three years went by, and there were still no traces of Thomas and Serena. 

Harry had spent thousands of dollars on lawyers and private investigators in an attempt to locate his children. Still, no one was able to help him.

He Shared His Story On Facebook

Still, Harry was determined to find his children and went with a different approach. He created a Facebook page and shared his sad story. Hundreds of people had left kind comments wishing him well on his search, and some of them also reshared his post.

Little did Harry know how this decision was going to change his life. 

Waiting For An Update 

In May 2017, Harry turned to age-progression experts for help. They gave him updated photo sketches of how Serena and Thomas would've looked like today. 

While waiting for an update about the investigation, Harry wrote a couple of Facebook posts in which he shared his feelings and thoughts. 

The Anniversary 

He wrote these posts on the anniversary of his son and daughter going missing, and they left everyone who read them in tears. 

"Today, I am reflecting on a monumental milestone in the timeline since the abduction of my children by their mother," he wrote.  

It's Been Three Years

Harry continued, "It has been three years since I've obtained any news as to their education, health, wellbeing, and so many other things than any concerned parent take for granted."

“It’s been three sets of birthdays, both theirs and mine, Christmases, Easters, Fathers’ Days. Three years’ worth of holidays, countless visits to their paternal grandma, aunts, and their half-brother’s visits from his overseas assignments.”

He Hoped To See Them Again

"In that time, none of us has had the normal family pleasure taken for granted by normal folks. So, what can I say to my children on this horrid anniversary?"

"I guess all I can say is that I don't know when I'll see you guys. I hope it's soon. I know that you guys don't see what all of the above stuff is about, and I don't expect you to until you are much older," Harry wrote. 

In Grief

"In the meantime, I love you both very, very much. I'm sending you buys many, many, many hugs and kisses across the miles between us, no matter how far." His post was truly heart-breaking. 

Then, seven months later, Harry received the surprise of a lifetime. 

The Best Surprise Ever

He opened the door and saw the Australian Federal Police with his two children, who were now three years older. He couldn't believe his eyes!

He ran up to them and gave them a long warm hug. “The AFP, I think, has been brilliant all through the process. They have done everything that they possibly could in the circumstances,” he said. 


All the sleepless nights and the thousands of dollars were worth it. Harry had never felt this happy before. He couldn't stop thanking the police officers for bringing his children home. 

But, where were Serena and Thomas all these years?

They Were Staying With Their Mother

The officers explained that they found his children in the Sunshine Coast's rural area, where they were staying with their mother. 

Harry could barely recognize his children. When he saw Serena the last time, she was missing her upper right front tooth and had a bob cut. But now, she looked completely different, and so did her brother. 

Harry Is Occupied With His Children

Harry's ex-wife is now paying for the consequences of her actions in the Federal Circuit Court in Brisbane, Australia. 

In the meantime, Harry is occupied with his children. They have a lot of catching up to do after three long years.