Two Brothers Start Exploring Cursed Island But Never Expected To Find This

Everyone has dreamed about finding a treasure at least once in their life. Movies like Indiana Jones have taught us that if you prepare well for a treasure hunt and you are good at solving puzzles, then there is a high chance that you might get rich overnight. This is why two brothers from Michigan have dedicated their lives to solving the mystery of the Curse of Oak Island and finding the infamous “Money Pit”. They even have a TV show on the History channel that shows their adventures.

These two brothers are Rick and Marty Lagina. They dreamed about becoming treasure hunters ever since they were young boys and now, they have achieved their dream! Their discoveries on Oak Island have made them famous and this is why they have their own TV Show.

Rick and Marty’s life goal has always been to become treasure hunters and to make their living by digging up ancient artifacts and gold coins.

This is why they purchased a small island that is located close to Nova Scotia.

The two brothers purchased a special piece of land called the Oak Island.

The reason why this island is so special is because according to local legend, the island is cursed and it hides lots of ancient artifacts that only the most skilled treasure hunters can find.

According to local legend, there is a special hole in the ground named “The Money Pit”. Hundreds of people have tried exploring the Money Pit but to no avail.

No one was able to find anything. Fortunately, this changed when Rick and Marty stepped foot on the island.

Rick and Marty didn’t just go out digging on the island. They had to be careful because the curse of the island says that a total of seven people need to die there in order for the treasures to start appearing.

Six people have died looking for the treasures and neither Rick nor Marty want to be the seventh person on the list.

Rick and Marty were not too successful when they first got on the cursed island but after a couple of weeks, they were able to find a Spanish Copper.

This is an ancient relic that dates back more than the 17th Century!

While the Spanish copper was a nice find, it didn’t make the two brothers happy. They wanted to find the real treasure.

The one that is worth so much money that it will change their lives forever.

Rick and Marty only managed to find the Spanish copper during the first season of their TV Show.

Luckily, things took a turn for the better during the second season when the brothers stumbled upon an ancient Roman sword.

This is the ancient Roman sword that Rick and Marty found on the cursed island.

Finding this sword made it clear to the two brothers that they are on the right trail and that they shouldn’t give up on their dream yet.

The two brothers didn’t find anything for the entirety of season three of their TV Show but fortunately, the fourth season started on the right path!

They discovered a French treasure map that dates back to 1647!

After digging around on the cursed island for three years, the brothers were finally ready to take things to the next level.

They found the location of the Money Pit and they wanted to see what’s inside.

Rick and Marty always dreamed of becoming treasure hunters like Indiana Jones and now, they were closer than ever to make their dream come to reality.

However, they still had a couple of obstacles to defeat.

No one knows what kind of artifacts are hidden inside the Money Pit and some are even saying that a handful of unreleased books from William Shakespeare might be hidden inside.

Even though Rick and Marty don’t know what to expect from the Money Pit, they know that something valuable is hidden inside.

Obviously, Rick and Marty are hoping that they are going to stumble upon a big pirate chest.

The reason behind this is that pirates are known for stashing their gold on small islands all over the world and Oak Island might be one of them.

The first thing that the two brothers were able to find was the bones of a stranger. The bones are really old and no one knows who they belong to.

This meant only one thing. Rick and Marty needed to be careful!

It was clear that Rick and Marty were on the right path.

They were finally going to discover something so precious that would change their lives forever.

It didn’t take long for Rick and Marty to find a small cross. However, this wasn’t an ordinary cross, it was really special.

The cross dates back to the medieval era when religion was first taking over the world.

Another incredible artifact that the two brothers were able to dig out of the Money Pit was a Templar tablet. They couldn’t believe their luck!

All ancient items that are related to the Templars sell for tons of money.

Even though Rick and Marty dug out lots of valuable items out of the Money Pit, the one that stands out the most is the medieval cross.

Museums will fight over it because they want to showcase it in their displays.

Rick and Marty got lucky with the medieval cross and the ancient Templar tablet. However, this is not where things end.

The two brothers are getting ready to shoot the next season of their TV Show where they will explore the Money Pit even further.