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Twins Take DNA Test For Fun, Learn A Costly Lesson

No Turning Back 

Growing up, Jim and John thought they were fraternal twins. However, their birth story came to light only two blocks from their home.

Since there was no chance it could be any other way, nobody questioned it. Over the years, a reputable institution would come under scrutiny for the truth that had been hidden.

A Close Bond

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The Lambert brothers were born in Cincinnati, Ohio to Sue and Olson Lambert.

During their childhood, they formed a close bond, like most twins do. There was no way either of them could have anticipated that their lives would begin to resemble a movie in the months to come.

It Didn’t Bother Them 

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Their classmates teased them constantly when they started school, telling them that they weren’t even twins because they looked nothing alike.

It didn’t deter the brothers. After all, they shared the same birthday, and no one was going to separate them.

Moving On 

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When they reached college, things changed for them. They remained close, but each had their own group of friends.

When the brothers hung out together, they were again subjected to the same round of questions about whether they were twins. Jim was getting tired of it.

He Was Done 

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There was one day when Jim lost his temper. They all went out for drinks when one of their mutual friends took things too far.

In a drunken stupor, he made crude remarks about the twins’ mother having slept with two different men when she got pregnant. This made Jim’s blood boil.

Stepping In To Help 

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John was always the calmer of the two brothers. Jim was about to punch him out when he was stopped by his brother.

He told his brother not to worry about it because it was a joke, but John would learn that this issue had a serious impact on his brother.

What Was Going On? 

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Jim was visibly upset when they returned to their dorm room. John sat down and asked his brother to talk to him.

It wasn’t something Jim wanted to talk about. He’d been dealing with a lot lately. But John persuaded him, and what he told his brother shocked him.


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Despite his attempts to convince himself that they were brothers, Jim still felt that he did not belong to their family.

John told him he was ridiculous for considering that. Of course they were family, and no doubt brothers. How could he explain the fact that they shared a birthday?

A Horrible Discovery 

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Under his bed, Jim pulled out a photo album that their mother had made for each of them before they left for college.

Seeing the photos, Jim flipped through them. John looked and saw something he wished he hadn’t seen.

Like A Movie 

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The photos held John’s attention. He couldn’t believe that he hadn’t seen them before. Maybe Jim was right.

As Jim pointed out, only John looked like their parents, not him. But it couldn’t be. These things never happen. It’s only in movies, right?


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They didn’t know if what they were speculating was true, and they didn’t want to upset their parents with questions.

In the end, they vowed never to speak of it again. They did their special handshake they learned as kids, and put the matter to rest. Little did they know, it would come back to haunt them later.

Someone Familiar


Their friend Amy saw someone familiar at another university two years later, while visiting her cousin at Xavier University. She had been walking down one of the hallways when she spotted someone familiar.

Amy called out, but he didn’t respond. She decided to find him. He looked exactly like John. Was he also taking classes here?

The Mystery

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She spent the entire day searching the college grounds for the guy she was looking for.

Hey, John, I didn’t know you went to Xavier as well. The guy just looked at her. He didn’t want to be rude, so he just said, “Hi, um, I’m not John. My name is Danny.”

Mistaken Identity


She couldn’t believe what she was hearing. This guy in front of her was clearly her friend John. Was he just being mean to her?

She replied, “Oh, I’m sorry. I thought you were someone else.” The guy just smiled and went on his way. Amy was dumbfounded, but then she remembered something she’d read years ago about doppelgangers. The guy was definitely John’s doppelganger.

Telling John


After letting the guy go, Amy knew she had to tell John what she saw. She knew he was a twin, but maybe they were triplets.

As soon as Amy got back to her dorm room, she called John to let him know what she had seen. Surely he needed to know. This could be a long-lost family member. She had to let him know.

The Dinner Date


That evening, Amy invited John to dinner for dinner. They were good friends, and people often assumed that they were dating.

Amy and John went to a nice Italian restaurant downtown. They talked about a lot of things and didn’t waste any time talking. Finally, Amy brought up the topic of the stranger she saw.

Something Of Importance


While Amy felt uneasy about revealing who she saw, there was no turning back. This had to be done. It might be crucial.

Amy told John she saw someone who looked exactly like him at another college when she visited her cousin. She thought John should know. However, John’s response surprised Amy.

Unexpected Reaction


Suddenly, John burst into fits of laughter. Was he all right? Amy glanced at him in confusion.

He couldn’t believe what Amy said, it was impossible. Of course there are people who look like you, but someone who looks exactly like you? That wasn’t possible. He had a twin. He was tired of this drama.



She wasn’t trying to make him uncomfortable, nor was she trying to cause any drama, but she saw what she saw.

After that, she told him she would prove it. However, he had to come with her to the college, and they would then look for the guy. He declined.

A Compromise


In spite of John’s assurances that Amy was wrong, Amy insisted that he go see for himself.

In his opinion, it was crazy. He wasn’t going to drive all the way to another college for nothing. He needed proof first. So, he asked Amy to get a photo of the guy.

Plan Of Action


It would be hard, but Amy knew there was no other option. She had to convince John that this guy was John’s twin.

Amy contacted her cousin for help. She asked her cousin to please take a clear picture of her classmate. It would prove difficult and weird for the cousin, but Amy would eventually succeed in getting what she wanted.

The Photos


After a busy day, Amy had just settled down with a book to relax in bed when her phone buzzed erratically.

After seeing who it was, Amy smiled. It was her cousin and she sent photos of her classmate. This was it. Amy clicked on the photos, and they were perfect.

The Reveal


Having finally gotten the proof John had requested, Amy waited outside on a bench for him.

As John approached her, she could see he was hesitant to see the photos. She handed him the phone. John was speechless. He looked like a carbon copy of himself.

Secret Research

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It was unbelievable. How could this be? Who was this guy who looked exactly like him? John needed an explanation.

After thanking Amy, he asked her to send him the pictures to his phone. He decided to do some research on his own, but in secret. It was too risky to tell his brother Jim about it just yet.

Meet And Greet


In an effort to solve this mystery, he arranged to meet with Amy again the next day.

John asked Amy to accompany him to her cousin’s college. When they arrived, he felt his heart racing. He was going to meet this guy, and he had no idea what to say.

Where Could He Be


She asked her cousin if she had seen her classmate today, and when she said no, John felt a little anxious. He didn’t want to delay any more. He needed to see him now.

After searching high and low, they couldn’t find him. Then, just before they were about to leave, Amy spotted him on the grass reading.


Reader’s Digest

He didn’t look up as they approached. He kept reading. John thought it was a normal thing for him to do. Then suddenly, he looked directly at him.

There was a strange connection between them, like they had known each other forever. Danny got up, and all he did was hug John.

Could They Be Related

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It was obvious to both of them that they were related. John knew this was his twin brother. There was no doubt in his mind.

Then John remembered Jim. He showed Danny a photo of his twin brother and Danny couldn’t believe it. He also had a twin brother and showed John his brother David. They were both at a loss for words.

The Scandal

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After meeting each other a few weeks later, John and Danny made a disturbing discovery. Both sets of twins were swapped at birth. Their discovery made headlines around the world.

As a result, the hospital in question came under scrutiny. Both brothers came together to share their stories with the world. Jim had been right all along. He was happy to have found his twin brother, but John was still his real brother to him.

Brothers For Life

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There was a lot to catch up on and they promised to stay in each other’s lives forever. It was a bonus that they lived just two blocks away from each other.

Another person he had to thank for this revelation was his good friend Amy. Without her, he would never have found his other brothers.

In order to protect the privacy of those depicted, some names, locations, and identifying characteristics have been changed and are products of the author’s imagination. Any resemblances to actual events or places or persons, living or dead, are entirely coincidental.


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