Twins Marry The Same Guy At 34

“The Most Identical Twins In The World”

These twins do many more things than just dress alike. People have been calling them the closest-looking twins in the world. They have the same hair, clothes, and can even finish each other's sentences.

Their names are Anna and Lucy who decided to tell the world about their interests. But this only shook things up.

Anna And Lucy

Anna and Lucy DeCinque were both born in Perth, Australia, and decided to make their feelings known about their longtime boyfriend, Ben. This would get the entire world interesting in their story.

The three of them had all been living in the twin's mother's house. But the strangest thing is the mother gave them all her support.

Unbreakable Bond

The twins were born in 1985 and always had an unspoken bond. The two of them were inseparable and did everything together.

The two even developed their own secret language, wore the same outfits and everyone thought it was a phase. But they would keep going further and further beyond everyone's expectations.

Media Frenzy

The two of them went onto a Japanese game show in 2015 where they won the title "most identical twins in the world". But they soon earned a lot more than just that title.

While the twins were on the show being watched by millions they decided to talk about their strange relationship. This went sensational around the world. But why were the twins in such an unorthodoxical place to begin with?

Merging Identities

Identical twins often share mannerisms and look very similar. Parents can even get them confused as they grow up. But it seemed that these twins had stayed similar all these years after others would have grown out of the phase.

But these two took it to another level. They went to the same school, graduated with the same subjects, and even enrolled in the same beauty school. But then things took an even weirder turn.

Sharing Is Caring

Over the years the obsession over being the same only got stronger. They even shared one social media account and one phone number.

Even weirder is that they had one bed that they shared and even just one job sharing the same responsibilites at a nursing home. But things would only keep escalating from there.

Completely Enmeshed

Once the twins grew into young adults their diets soon impacted their lives. Because the two wanted to be exactly the same that also meant that they wanted to wear the same clothes. This meant they needed to be the exact same size. 

This meant that they had to keep the exact same exercise routines. That was difficult because their motivations were different. But they would take even more drastic action to ensure that people couldn't tell who was who.

Cosmetic Surgery

The two girls decided that they would both get botox in their lips to make sure they looked exactly the same. Before now at least their parents could tell them apart. But now it was anyone's guess who was who.

After a quarter of a million dollars and a few cosmetic surgeries later they looked completely identical. Then when they opened their lives to romance things took an even stranger turn.

Double Dates

The twins had tried dating men in the past but none of them could ever handle their unorthodox lives. They knew they had to try a different approach.

The men wanted them to be separated but that was exactly the opposite of what they wanted. They always wanted to be together. So they tried something different.

Four’s A Crowd

After a few years of unsuccessful dating, Anna and Lucy realized that conventional dating just wasn’t going to work for them. But when they met Ben Byrne on Facebook, everything changed. 

Ben is a mechanic who also happens to have a twin of his own, but, surprisingly, Anna and Lucy weren’t interested in double dating.


The twins told their online fans that they “shared” Ben. In 2014, all three of them went on a date, and Anna and Lucy both felt “fireworks.” The rest is history. 

Anna, Lucy, and Ben kept their controversial relationship a secret for the first few months, then they made the announcement on Australian TV that made everyone’s jaws drop.


The shocking story quickly went viral, and soon the twins were invited to make appearances on multiple TV shows, and their shared social media pages exploded. 

Everyone wanted to know more about the unconventional trio and how Lucy and Anna made sharing one man work. And, of course, everyone wanted to know how Ben felt about it.

A “Lucky Man”

Ben had never been in a relationship like the one he has with Anna and Lucy before. But, the twins say that he’s adjusted well to his new lifestyle. 

The trio shares a king-sized bed, and Ben knows to give Anna and Lucy the exact same amount of food when he cooks for them. All in all, he considers himself a very “lucky man.” But it hasn’t always been smooth sailing for this unconventional trio.


After dating Ben for five years, the twins made an announcement that shocked and outraged the world: they knew that Ben was “the one,” and they wanted to take their relationship to the next level. 

Anna said that they had “finally found someone that we can really connect with.” But was marrying three people even legal?

A Huge Obstacle

After doing some digging, the trio found out that they could not get married in Australia. In their country, their marriage would be considered polygamy - something that has been banned in Australia since 1961. But they still have hope. 

Anna explained: “If we can change the law and the government, we’d love to marry Ben. I mean, love is love, we’re all adults. We should be able to marry the same man. We’re not hurting anyone, and this is what works for us.”