Twins Get Engaged To The Same Man, But There Is More To It Than Meets The Eye

Anna and Lucy had been awarded the title of  "most identical twins in the world," and they take this title very seriously. 

The two sisters wear matching clothes and have the same makeup and hair. And it turns out that they have the same taste in men, too. 


Anna and Lucy from Perth, Australia, have been dating the same man for years, and their mother fully supports them. 

The twins were born in 1985 and have been inseparable ever since. They are each other's best friends and do everything together. 

Strong Bond

Anna and Lucy even created their own language with its own grammar rules and vocabulary. 

The girls always wear matching outfits and hair in public. But no one could have predicted they would get engaged to the same man...

Always Together

While it's not uncommon for identical twins to act and think alike, dating the same person certainly is.

Anna and Lucy continued to dress alike well past their childhood and lived together in their mother's house as adults. They attended the same classes in high school and later got accepted into the same beauty school. Then, when they were in their 30's, their lives took an unexpected turn. 

Sharing Everything 

Years passed, and the twins' bond only grew stronger. They shared the same cellphone, bed, job, and even social media accounts. 

They refused to go anywhere without each other, which baffled other people. When the twins grew up into adults, they started exercising in the same way so they could be the same dress size. 

Cosmetic Surgery

They wanted to ensure no one could tell them apart and would eat the same meals daily. Then, when they were in their twenties, both Anna and Lucy got lip fillers. 

That's when their parents began to struggle to tell them apart. 

$250,000 Worth Of Cosmetic Surgery

The twins spent $250,000 on cosmetic surgery to get rid of any differences so that not even their family members could tell them apart. 

But things became even more complicated when the girls began dating. 

The Struggle 

At first, they dated different men, but their partners just couldn't accept their strange lifestyle and bond. 

“They wanted to separate us, and they wanted to take us out separately, and we were like, ‘No, we always want to be together.’ It just got too hard,” Lucy said.  

No More Relationships 

After a few years of failed relationships, Anna and Lucy decided they weren't going to date different people anymore. 

Then, one day, they met Ben Byrne on Facebook, and he swept them off their feet. 

Same Partner 

Ben was a mechanic who also had a twin brother. But Anna and Lucy weren't interested in dating different men anymore. 

The girls told their followers that they “shared” Ben. In 2014, Ben, Anna, and Lucy all went on their first date. 

The Announcement 

The twin sisters kept their relationship with Ben a secret at first. Then, after a few months of dating, they announced their relationship on Australian TV.

It didn't take long for their story to go viral, and soon, they made an appearance on several TV shows. 


People wanted to hear more about their controversial relationship with Ben and how the twin sisters made sharing one partner work. 

And, of course, everyone wanted to know how they coped with jealousy.

They Made It Work

The twin sisters said that Ben had never been in a relationship with two sisters before, but they made it work. 

They all share a king-sized bed, and Ben makes sure to give both of his girlfriends the same amount of food when he cooks for them. 

A Very "Lucky Man"

He considers himself a very "lucky man." After being in a relationship with Ben for five years, Anna and Lucy announced that they were engaged. 

They said they knew that he was "the one," and they "wanted to take their relationship to the next level."


“We finally found someone that we can really connect with," Anna said. 

However, the trio later found out that marrying three people was illegal in their country. Polygamy has been banned in Australia since 1961. “If we can change the law and the government, we’d love to marry Ben. I mean, love is love, we’re all adults. We should be able to marry the same man. We’re not hurting anyone, and this is what works for us," Anna said.