Twins Fall In Love With The Same Man, He Proposes To Both

These two twins did everything together and couldn't stand being separated for even a few minutes. Everyone has been calling them the closest-looking twins in the world, and for a good reason.

Twins Anna and Lucy met their future husband online and married him at the age of 34. So, how do they make their marriage work?


Anna, Lucy, and their boyfriend Ben had all been living in the twin's mother's house. The trio was in a long-term relationship and planned to get married when the twins turned 34. 

Their mother fully supported the relationship and even helped them plan a wedding. But little did she know, this was just the beginning. 

Strong Bond

Her daughters always had a strong bond and did everything together. Anna and Lucy even made up their own secret language so that no one else could know what they were talking about. 

Everyone thought it was just a phase, but they were wrong. 

Most Identical Twins In The World

In 2015, the twins participated in a Japanese game show and won the title of the "most identical twins in the world." While they were on the show, they finally talked about their mysterious relationship. 

Their story soon went viral, and Anna and Lucy became famous. But how did the twins keep up with their identical appearances? 

Keeping Up With The Looks

You see, Anna and Lucy did a few plastic surgeries to look more identical. They looked so similar that even their parents couldn't tell them apart.

The twins graduated from the same school and even got admitted to the same beauty school. But then something strange happened.

Never Ending Phase

Anna and Lucy never grew out of their phase, and the obsession over looking the same only got stronger. They even shared a phone number and social media accounts. 

The strangest thing, however, was that the girls shared one bed and had the same job at a nursing home, where they shared the same responsibilities. 

Same Size

The two women always made sure they were the same size so they could wear the exact same clothes. By that point, no one could tell them apart. 

The twins also had the same exercise routines at the gym and always checked their weight after their workouts. 

Plastic Surgeries

The twins later admitted they spent a quarter of a million dollars on cosmetic surgeries to ensure they looked identical. 

But when Anna and Lucy opened up about their love lives, things took an even stranger turn. 

It Didn't Work

The girls used to have different boyfriends in the past, but none of them could accept the fact that they wanted to look identical. Their partners wanted them to be separated, but that wasn't what Anna and Lucy wanted. 

So, they decided to try something different. 

New Boyfriend

After a few failed relationships, the twins decided that dating wasn't for them. But then, they met Ben, and he changed their lives. 

Ben worked as a mechanic and also had a twin on his own. But Anna and Lucy weren't interested in having different partners anymore.


The twins said that they both "shared" their new boyfriend, Ben. They went on dates together, and both Anna and Lucy had chemistry with Ben. 

The trio kept their relationship a secret at first because they didn't want people to judge them. 


Anna and Lucy's love story went viral, and soon they were invited to participate in several TV shows. Their social media accounts also gained thousands of followers. 

Everyone wanted to know how the twins made sharing one boyfriend work. 

First Time

Ben admitted he had never been in a relationship with two women before. But Ana and Lucy believe that he had adjusted well. The trio sleeps in a king-sized bed, and Ben remembers to give his girlfriends the same amount of food when he buys groceries for them.  

He considers himself a very "lucky man." 

Big Announcement 

After dating Anna and Lucy for five years, Ben proposed to them. Of course, the twins said yes! They both know that Ben is their soulmate and want to marry him. 

"We finally found someone that we can really connect with," Anna said. But were they legally allowed to marry the same man?


The twins soon realized they couldn't get married in Australia as polygamy has been banned since 1961. 

“If we can change the law and the government, we’d love to marry Ben. I mean, love is love, we’re all adults. We should be able to marry the same man. We’re not hurting anyone, and this is what works for us," Anna said.