Top Ten Destinations Across The Globe That Will Heal Your Mind And Body

Everyone loves getting away, but it is especially rewarding to take a vacation that combines travel with healing. Many of us go in search of natural healing. It's about seeing places we've never been before, meeting people from various cultures, and eventually discovering a side of ourselves that has yet to be exposed. We return to our "real life" feeling revitalized.

Fortunately, there are many natural healing locations across the world, from therapeutic hot springs and mystical mountains to restorative monasteries and worldly wonders, where you may immerse yourself in whatever sort of healing you seek.

1. The Dead Sea, Israel

This isolated salt lake has long been lauded for its health-giving virtues, in addition to being breathtakingly beautiful. From exfoliating your skin and treating skin diseases like psoriasis to its purported natural ability to treat asthma, arthritis, osteoporosis, and other ailments, the body of water also has low pollen and other allergen concentration. 

Harmful UV radiation is filtered through an evaporation layer above the Dead Sea, the ozone layer, and an additional atmospheric layer at 400 meters below sea level. Sunbathers are claimed to be able to absorb the therapeutic benefits of vitamin D from the sun's rays without the risk of sunburn and resulting skin damage.

2. Medicinal Mayan Gardens, Belize

Belize is brimming with natural healing spots, including culinary gardens, luxury resorts, yoga retreats, and much more. Garcia Sisters, the home of many generations of Mayan natural healers, is one of the top destinations in the country for healing. 

You'll discover how to use brewed herbs to cure gastrointestinal problems, soursop leaves to treat the flu, and oregano leaves to reduce inflammation. There are several possibilities for meditation and spiritual healing here.

3. La Roche-Posay, France

One prevalent factor among those with skin conditions is a selenium deficit. The "velvet" water in this little French village is naturally rich in selenium. In addition to helping La Roche-Posay become well-known thanks to L'Oreal (several of their products use water from the region), the unusual water also contributed to the town's development as a wellness center thanks to the La-Roche-Posay Thermal Center. 

You can visit a treatment facility where doctors offer patients regimens that involve bathing and consuming local water, but you can also get your dose at a thermal spa.

4. Yakushima Island, Japan

This unique mountainous rainforest region, which encompasses one-fifth of the island, is a renowned "power spot" in Japan, revered for its healing properties. This magical forest is 35 miles south of Kyushu Island's southernmost tip. Each peak is revered as the abode of gods, and the island is dotted with religious temples. 

Jmon Sugi, a gigantic cedar tree estimated to be between 2,000 and 7,200 years old, lives here and is claimed to be the island's single oldest tree. Jmon Sugi, as well as a plethora of other millennia-old trees, are said to offer therapeutic capabilities. 

5. Grindavik, Iceland

Iceland's Blue Lagoon, famous for its mineral-rich geothermal saltwater, is natural therapy at its finest. The steaming blue lagoon, nestled in a stunning volcanic backdrop, promises to revitalize your skin and calm your body. The outdoor spa includes a comfortable bathrobe, slippers, and two mud masks that you apply to your skin in the water.

The exfoliation will give you a perceptible shine, but the internal radiance from a visit to the Blue Lagoon will last much, much longer.

6. Healings Springs, Budapest

Despite being buried in plain sight, Budapest's healing springs are one of Europe's best-kept secrets. Budapest has around 100 natural hot springs, with three of the largest spa complexes located directly in the city center. Széchenyi is the largest in Europe, and we highly recommend giving it a visit! 

You'll feel rejuvenated, energetic, and spiritually cleansed after soaking in these mineral-rich springs. And, as is customary in Hungary, the building is rich in history and character.

7. Marienbad, Czech Republic

Wellness enthusiasts can make use of this mountain town's spring water by swimming in and drinking from the pools. The therapeutic waters of Marienbad are supposed to aid in the treatment of illnesses such as heart disease, arthritis, and diabetes. The treatment is provided by eight distinct pools, each with unique mineral composition. 

This is an excellent getaway to kickstart a detox, and as an additional benefit, Marienbad is only a few hours drive from Prague and a half-day train ride from Vienna, Austria.

8. Salt Flats, Curacao

The spiritual buzz is nearly felt the instant you arrive on this Dutch-Caribbean island. The wild flamingos are beautiful, but they don't compare to the fabled changes that take place in these famous salt flats. 

Due to the high mineral content, people find it nearly difficult to sink to the bottom of these natural mineral pools. You can rejoice in these refreshing waters on the island's eastern extremity. Bathing in these salt flats helps reduce skin flare-ups, increase self-awareness, and cleanse you of any bad energy that has clung to you.

9. Mount Shasta, California

Mount Shasta, known as the meeting spot of heaven and earth, has long drawn spiritual seekers to Northern California. Native American stories and energy vortexes along the paths are cited by believers as proof that Mount Shasta is a holy spot for natural healing.

Weekend warriors go here in droves to climb the giant snow-capped stratovolcano, camp in miles of national forest, and drink from some of the state's cleanest water. Mount Shasta is shared by the Shasta, Wintu, Achumawi, Atsugewi, and Modoc tribes. Unsurprisingly, the majestic mountain appears in many tribal myths and folklore.

10. Ubud, Indonesia

Without including Bali, no list of the world's natural healing locations would be complete. The Indonesian island, known as "the Island of Gods," is the setting for centuries-old spiritual customs. While there are temples and healers everywhere, Ubud is renowned as the ideal location for a spiritual getaway because of its warm shamans, art workshops, yoga, and nutritious cuisine.

Ubud, also known as Bali's artistic and cultural center, is the ideal location to take in a variety of traditional performances, such as the infamous Kecak fire dance or neighborhood kids playing their gamelan in the town hall. You can see one of these performances anywhere, including restaurants and public spaces as well as the Royal Palace.