Top 30 Scariest Roads You Don’t Want To Drive On

Driving is an everyday activity we don’t really think twice about. We trust ourselves too much and, sometimes, not even wear a seat belt even though we know we should. But we are not the only ones driving, other people may be stressed, sleepy or in a hurry while driving which means car accidents can happen even if we are extremely careful. We can never predict other drivers’ behavior. Accidents happen even on the safest roads, but what happens when you drive on a dangerous road?

There are crazy roads all over the world that are very unsafe and scary that can literally put your life in danger... Would you drive on a 1,1-mile and 147-feet road over a lake? Eshima Ohashi Bridge in Japan is a terrifying road that makes you feel like you are driving up to the sky. Seems fun right? Well, even if you are an experienced driver this road will give you chills.

Driving on this road in India is like taking an adrenaline shot. It is basically a path along the top of rugged cliffs.

It’s one of the deadliest roads in the world and you need to have guts to drive there!

Another terrifying road in India is this one-way road on the top of the mountain. Cars from both directions have to fit in and drivers have to figure out themselves how this is going to happen.

It’s literally like driving on the edge of a mountain cliff with no protective fence or anything like that.

Driving in rain is hard right? Well, imagine driving in the rain on this road in Norway.

You better drive through this 5,2-mile road with windows closed because you never know when the ocean water will rise above your car.

For anyone going to drive on this road, do not eat before driving. This crazy route is almost like a roller-coaster ride.

Sounds fun but wait until you have to drive on this road for more than 10 minutes. You got to have a strong stomach!

Waterfalls are gorgeous and fun until you have to drive near them. This breath-taking road in New Zealand is out of this world.

Even though you have to deal with sharp turns and edge drops, this route will give you the opportunity to admire New Zealand’s gorgeous sceneries.

The road is literally built inside huge rocks but not in a tunnel.

And the worst part is that you don’t just drive through this narrow pathway for a few minutes but you can possibly get stuck in traffic for hours up there!

This road in Nepal turns into river sometimes when the waterfall overflows the route.

This extremely dangerous road is breathtaking and you should definitely have a 4x4 to drive through kind of safely.

The actual name of this road in Bolivia is ‘La Carretera de la Muerte’ which translates to ‘The road of death’.

Even though is one of the world’s most dangerous roads it draws about 25.000 tourists every year!

A quite challenging road is Transfăgărășan in Romania where you can easily lose control because of the unexpected twists.

It is only accessible in the summer months because in winter it all gets covered by snow!

New Zealand’s Skippers Canyon road is terrifying.

There are no barriers on the street and that’s why each year, hundreds of deaths are caused by vehicles plunging off the road while trying risky overtaking maneuvers.

Kolli Hills Road is also known as Kollimalai Ghat Road. What’s unique about it is that it has 70 continuous hairpin bends, making it one of the most dangerous roads in the world.

And it is 52 miles long!

Driving on frozen roads is never safe.

On Dalton Highway in Alaska, you may have to drive having zero visibility because of the fog and, in addition to that, you will have to go through several potholes.

The R217 Russian Road, also known as Caucasus Road, is a route that connects Georgia and Russia. You have to drive through lakes and mountains while praying to be safe.

However, the scenery is out of this world.

We are definitely having a heart attack over this one. Views may be fascinating but you are definitely taking a risk by driving through this road.

And again, there are no protective barriers to save you if anything goes wrong.

A drive on Hanna in Hawaii is a once in a lifetime experience. Waterfalls, greenery, and the oceans are only a few of the beautiful things you can see while driving.

But you should really not be focusing on anything other than the road if you wanna be safe.

When you are thinking of Greece you may be fantasizing about the clear blue waters and the amazing beaches. But that’s not all of Greece.

Patiopoulo-Perdikaki road is actually the most dangerous road in Greece where you can even experience rocks tumbling in front of you.

One of the scariest bridge roads is this one in Siberia. There have been over 30 years since they started to build this bridge but it is still under construction.

As a result, you are the one that has to take the risk while driving on the road.

Along dangerous cliffsides, Tianmen Shan Big Gate Road has a total of 99 sharp turns.

Driving on this road is very scary but its beauty is overwhelming and it will calm you through the ride.

Now, this is what we call a super crazy road. This one road in France literally disappears and goes underwater twice a day.

In fact, the road can be submerged under 13 feet of water!

Does this road look familiar to you? Well, this road was used for a Game of Thrones scene and that’s why it attracts a lot of tourists each year.

But is it safe enough? Not really.

Karnali Highway is a true adventure. This one definitely comes with a great number of scares while driving through.

Due to the big amount of hazardous accidents there, driving at night is not allowed.

Volcanos are cool until the moment you have to drive near them.

Well, people in Ecuador are familiar with that and, although having the constant fear of the volcano eruption, thousands of people drive on this road every day.

Driving on Kabul-Jalalabad Highway, Afghanistan has the risk of having rock drops in front of your eyes.

The 600m high mountain road is very unsafe to drive on but people in Afghanistan still use this route every day.

This one is full of countless twists and turns with no barriers to protect you from the sheer drop into the valley below. In some parts of the road, its only wide enough for one vehicle.

You have to be very skilled and confident as a driver to drive through this road.

El Caracol connects Argentina and Chile. This ‘snail’ road is as dangerous as it is spectacular.

You even get to reach the highest peak of South America, Aconcagua. Feeling nauseous and dizzy is very common after getting off the road.

The Kolyma Highway is also known as ‘The Bones Road’ and it is basically treated as a memorial for the people who died during the construction of the road.

Bears and other wildlife are also a hazard while driving on this road.

The road is so narrow that you can easily drop off the 2.000m cliff. But only experienced drivers get to use this road and they have a lot of courage and stamina.

To get off the dangerous part of the road you have to drive for more than 40 minutes!

With multiple sheer drops and hairpin turns, Central cross-island Highway is now closed due to an earthquake that damaged several parts of the route.

Thirty poor veterans even died while building this road.

Last but not least, we have a road on which you drive into a lake.

It can get very dangerous because of crocodiles and other lake animals and that’s why people are allowed to use this road only in the summer when the road dries out.