Top 26 Most Hilarious Yard Signs That Will Actually Make You Laugh

Everyone loves fresh ‘vaggies’

While someone tried to write ‘Fresh Veggies’, ‘Fresh Vaggies’ probably attracted more people than ‘Fresh Veggies’ would have.

We love typos, especially when the person who wrote it has no idea about it and proudly display it in front of their house. Keep reading because the next yard sign will make you laugh till you cry!

Jail sale!

Honesty is great, but in this case, it was a bit...too much. Just not necessary. This sale ensures everything must go—preferably before the seller’s court date. 

We’re not sure if people would actually want to take a look at this person’s sales, but any purchase might have just helped pay for a good lawyer! Keep reading to see some more epic sign sales-number 6 is just hilarious!

Nope, she didn’t bring it back!

Whoever did this, they’re genius. Not only did they humiliate the lady that stole their doormat, but wrote their own hilarious comment; ‘’You’re way too old for this sh*t’. Pure joy.

Next sign is just way too funny. You don’t want to miss it! 

Ex gotta go, just like his stuff!

Here, you don’t just get bargains; you get pieces from a love story-well, the end of one. This genius woman is taking decluttering to a whole new level. Not only is she trying to get rid of the cheater’s stuff, but she’s trying to give him away too. I mean... as she should!

Here's to hoping the sales are as final as the relationship! Next sign had us barely hold our laughs! 

Shut up and take my money!

If sales pitches were memes, this yard sale has it nailed! Using memes is a genius way to attract people’s attention and bond with them.

Let’s take a moment to appreciate the effort for this sign. Nothing’s funnier than the next yard sign! Click next to see it! 

We can’t say no to Batman’s order!

When Batman holds a yard sale, you know it can't go wrong! Imagine the treasures; perhaps a Batmobile manual or a slightly used cape. It can’t just be an ordinary event. 

Cheers to whoever came up with this; it’s brilliant! Next sign is even more genius- it had us laugh till we cried! 

Someone has fear of missing out!

When life doesn’t give you a sign, you need to make your own. This hilarious sign skips the classic yard sale, the political statement or any short of joke-meme, driving straight into a brilliantly humorous existential commentary.

It’s the perfect example of not taking things too seriously in life and just have fun no matter what! While this sign is funny enough, next one will just crack you up! You're not ready for this! 

Important days must be remembered!

People love history, and they like to know what happened and where. And that’s exactly what this sign is offering. 

People will take a moment to read it, only to realize they’re being pranked. Just genius! Let’s not forget the importance of days that absolutely nothing important happened! Keep reading for more brilliantly hilarious yard signs! Next one is probably the funniest of all in this list. 

Passive aggressive king!

That’s a real masterpiece of passive aggressiveness. Imagine the chuckles from drivers as they pass by. Probably they are the same ones ignoring the speed limit. 

Humor makes everything easier, so let’s hope that this person didn’t have to keep this sign in their yard for way too long. Next sign will not only make you laugh, but will melt your heart as well! Don’t miss this out-just keep reading!

Take a stick, leave a stick!

Welcome to the most inclusive library of the world- the Dog library! Why should humans have all the fun with literature?

Whoever came up with this is brilliant. People loved this idea and started making their own versions, adding balls and other dog toys! How wholesome!