Top 20 "First Day Of School" Photos That Will Make You Cry From Laughter!

The first day at school is a very important day for every kid. It's the day that many children will start going to school for the very first time, or reunite with their friends after a long summer. But, what happens at that very first day? Thankfully, some parents managed to capture the cutest before and after pictures of their children and share it with the world!

Make sure not to miss #14, #12 and #9! You won't stop laughing!  It seems that this little girl had so much fun on her first day of school that wasn't bothered by wearing her shoes properly. She was too focused on having fun with her friends and what she said to her mother who asked her about the shoes, melted everyone's heart! “But I had a great day today mummy,” the adorable girl said to her mom. Click next to see another very funny first day at school picture!

So this cute girl didn't care much about her pretty yellow bow and her hair. The most important thing for her was to have fun and if the bow bothered her, the bow had to go!

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These two didn't take the first day at school very well.

At the beginning of the day, they looked so happy and full of energy, but after their long day at school, not even their favorite meal doesn't seem to cheer them up.

So, here is another case of a little boy that didn't enjoy its day very much. He seems like he has already given up and that he won't want to go back the next day.

Look at how sad and tired he is. Maybe, the next days will be better!

This girl started her day happy and ready to go back to school and have a lot of fun with her classmates.

On the first pictures, all her clothes along with her hair are perfect and very neat, but when she came home from school she had a whole new look.

At first, Sophia seems so excited for her first day of school. She is wearing her hot pink bow and she is ready to have a great and fun day.

However, when her mom picked her up, Sophia wasn't so thrilled anymore. She said that Pre-K was difficult and she wasn't excited that she had to go again tomorrow.

The sweet girl of the photo got so tired of her exciting first day at school that wasn't able to wait for her mother to pick her up and she had to improvise.

She found the perfect place to take a nap, hidden from her teachers that would probably disturb her sleep.

At first, everything seems to be pretty normal. This kid started his day by having his breakfast, getting dressed and heading off to school.

However, when he returned from school he couldn't even make it to his door from exhaustion. So, he took off his shoes and just laid down to rest.

Oh, no! This girl was so excited for her first day at Kindergarten and we are sure that she had a lot of fun.

But when she returned home, she was so tired that she couldn't keep her eyes open and she fell immediately asleep.

She looks so pretty with all of her butterflies and we are sure that she is ready to have a great day with her classmates at school. But, what happened that made her look so exhausted and even wear different clothes.

This might have been the best or the worst day of this girl's life!

Oh, no! This poor kid started his day with a huge smile, ready to have a lot of fun.

However, fun came with a cost that he wasn't aware of. After his awesome day at school, the boy was really exhausted and he just wanted to go home and relax.

So, here is Jill that was really excited to wear her new outfit for the first day of school. However, no one will ever know how she ended up like this!

“She absolutely loves school and this was her first day in P2 so she absolutely loved having her new things on,” the mother said. The funniest part is that Jill didn't want her mother to take her picture after she had messed up her outfit and the mother had to do it secretly!

It seems that this little girl with the cute yellow bow wasn't able to resist the urge of taking a nap, as she was very tired after a long first day at school.

In fact, she was so tired that she slept on the floor before her mother come and pick her up!

This little girl named Padme seems to have had the day of her life. She looks even better on the second picture as her smile is so big that can't hide the awsome day she had!

And everything seems to be pretty in place. So it's a win-win situation.

“I’m Emerson and it’s my first day of First Grade,” the little girl said. “I’ll tell you how it goes.” For Emerson, this was a big day as it was her first day ever going to school.

We are pretty sure that she had a lot of fun, as when she came home, she was so exhausted that she went straight to take a nap.

After a very full first day at school, Thatcher was so exhausted that he couldn't keep his eyes open. The only thing he wanted was to eat some food and take a nap. He had no time for his mother's questions about his day.

Just look at him trying not to fall asleep. He is so cute!

This girl's mother spent an entire morning preparing her daughter's hair in order to be perfect on her first day at school and some days after that. However, the little child decided to take it off ruining the whole beautiful hairstyle.

When her mother asked about it, her answer was so pure that no one could be angry at her. “It was itching, so I took it out,” the adorable girl admitted.

Charlie had a wonderful summer and it seemed that she was pretty ready to go back to school and see her friends again. However, the after picture of her says otherwise.

She wasn't ready to return...

So, that's the best way to make your child happy after a long and exhausting day of school. Moreover, it doesn't mean that the summer has ended because school started, And a yummy treat will help your kid believe that.

However, the little girl seems very happy in both pictures and she is really cute!

Oh no! It seems that little Isaiah started rebelling after his first day at school.

He now listens to rock music and eats dessert before the meal!