Top 10 Wedding Trends To Expect In 2022

Biggest Wedding Trends This Year

Want to know what the biggest wedding trends for 2022 are? The wedding season is here and couples are getting set to celebrate their weddings like never before. While there are still certain constraints, weddings are beginning to resemble what they once were, with bigger guest lists, destination weddings, and major design moments.
From internet series inspired to sustainable, we have tailored a list of the upcoming wedding trends that we might see in 2022.

1. Bridgerton-Inspired Wedding
The UK-based show has stolen millions of hearts across the globe and it shouldn’t come as a surprise that it will most likely inspire a lot of weddings, especially with its new season out. The latest season was all about the Regency period and the color blue. This Regency period obsession will make its way gently into weddings, with literary-inspired accents and splashes of Regency Blue - a distinctive tint from the era that utilized the newly produced Prussian Blue pigment. And not just that but after laying low for so long puff sleeves will again make an appearance thanks to the show.
2. Pearlcore "Pearlcore" follows in the footsteps of regency core. Pearls are trendy for 2022, thanks to their bright shine and countless possibilities. Pearls will be seen everywhere during weddings, from accessories to gowns. Wedding cakes, décor, capes and veils, gowns, shoes, and even manicures are all examples.
3. Street Style Meets Wedding Elegance We love the trend of mixing street style with wedding clothing because it's simply so great. Moreover, you'll feel more comfortable on your wedding day. Couples are now wearing their favorite shoe with their formal wedding outfit.
4. Sustainable Weddings We are completely enamored with the trend of sustainability. Sustainability is the way of the future, and while we still have a long way to go, we're glad to see more couples opting for environmentally friendly weddings. That could mean buying gifts locally, renting a wedding gown, avoiding single-use items in favor of rented items, using biodegradable confetti, sourcing local and seasonal food and flowers, recycling waste, and using cleaner hair and makeup products.
5. Woodland Vibes The use of earthy tones for suits and embroidered greenery for gowns and veils to bring the motif to life might increase. Beginning with the invites and finishing with the wedding cake, the accessories will help to create a wonderful woods celebration. You will feel like a fairy walking down the aisle. The finest thing about a forest wedding will be the breathtaking natural scenery, so make the most of the towering trees and mossy forest floor with a photoshoot that will leave you speechless.
6. Outdoor Weddings Couples are more enthusiastic than ever at the thought of an outdoor wedding – and going back to nature – after spending so much time at home during the epidemic. In 2022, couples will move their dance floors and celebrations outside. Dancing beneath the stars will be a big attraction, especially with alfresco midnight food. 
7. Adding Entertainment In The Wedding The days of your guests listening to a DJ are long gone; instead, live bands, live saxophonists, steel drums, and even silent discos are becoming increasingly popular. Pietas, adult playgrounds with beer pong, bouncy castles, petting zoos, circus performers, Ibiza-themed entertainment, and more are among the latest trends.
8. Digital Weddings Given the uncertainty of arranging a wedding during a pandemic, it's hardly surprising that more couples are opting to send their guests digital invitations rather than buying a whole suite of printed stationery. The benefit is that if details alter as a result of, for example, a sly lockout, the appropriate information may be updated and re-sent to visitors without incurring the cost of a whole reprint.
9. Destination Weddings The popularity of destination weddings is expected to increase in 2022. Even though a getaway wedding comes with the added cost of travel, getting married in your chosen location may be well worth it. Having a destination wedding also allows you to avoid some local competitors.
10. Nature-Inspired Color Palettes The color pallet is shifting away from the whites and pastels of the past and toward earthy, natural hues. Choosing white, cream, or taupe as your foundation color for a fresh spring effect. Earthy textures with terracotta pots, driftwood, and linen napkins on your table, with honeyed neutral colors and pops of brighter rust, amber, and coral tones will be embraced.