Class Clown Antics That Backfired

Class Clown

Every class has them, the kids who always like to clown around and take things easy. But sometimes, they really push the boundary of what's acceptable in a classroom and take it too far.

Everyone loves a good love, especially in school, but some people don't know when to stop. Here are times when the class clown took things way too far, and their antics caused a stir that no one expected.

Just Wanting To Learn French

He would try to jump around, parkour-style, desk to desk, all class long. Sometimes would fall comically, breaking things and falling into people, trying to get a laugh. He was constantly redirected for trying to do run flips on the wall, telling horrible jokes, or balance large objects on himself. He always wanted attention; we just wanted to learn beginning French.

We all, including the teacher, took to ignoring him. One day he couldn't handle people not paying attention to him, so he tried to see if he, for the first time ever, could do a backflip. He hurt himself and was out of class for a long while.

Singing And Dancing

This girl in 4th or 5th grade just kept pushing the teacher until she finally just told the girl something like, "Fine! You want to run the class. Then it's the (girl's name) show. Go ahead!"

So the girl went up in front of the classroom and sang and danced and yelled for 15 minutes to get everyone's attention. The teacher just went to the back of the room and wrote her up.

Dog Whistle

Recruiting most of the class via text to download a dog whistle app, so whenever the teacher called him out and took his phone away, someone else could do it and emit a high pitched sound that was hard to tell where it was coming from, and his name would be cleared until he would do it again.

This ended with tears on the teacher's side and went on for almost a week as the teacher was too kind for discipline and eventually ended when the teacher left her job and chose a different field.

Danny DeVito Memes

At my school, the bathrooms have had teacher guards at the doors because someone is smuggling printed out Danny DeVito memes and taping them to the ceiling with inappropriate quotes.

They did the same thing for a lot of the hallways; people were putting posters up on the club walls for clubs that don't exist, like the "nerd" club. It got to a point where they had to have an assembly just to try and find out who did it.


It was like teacher review day (I can't remember the official name.), and he poured a flammable solvent on a workbench during chem class and set it on fire. The teacher freaked, put it out with a fire extinguisher.

Everyone ended up in the powder stuff that came out of it, and the teacher told us not to tell anyone. He didn't get reviewed when we were there, but apparently, he would be next period. Needless to say, the "Class Clown" got suspended. 

Mrs. Shostak

I had a study hall where 75 percent of my class was the class clown. We were watched by the librarian, who was known to have a short temper (Mrs. Shostak). It was essentially their goal to give her an aneurism for entertainment each class. They would always do something to piss her off, and before you knew it, half of the class was in the office.

One day they started playing "the Shostak game." By the end of it, kids were screaming SHOSTAK at the top of their lungs while she was shrieking "shut up" and throwing herself on the ground.

Keeping The Class Quiet

True Story. 8th Grade English. It was a long time ago, but I still remember it pretty clearly. The class clown convinced the teacher to leave him in charge while she walked down to the school office. She said he would get detention if we were not all completely quiet when she got back.

To keep us quiet, he shepherded us all to the corner of the room, threatening us with a stapler. No one in the class really felt threatened as we, for the most part, knew he was joking but let's just say it did not go well when she got back. His only response was, "You asked me to keep them quiet."


I chose to take history class during the summer to get it out of the way. This kid named hunter was the class clown, and it was amusing at first. Our teacher was also young, around the mid-20s, very easygoing.

They got into a joking, lighthearted argument during class, everyone was laughing, and Hunter threw his sharpened pencil across the room, hitting the teacher. Instant silence. He made the kid leave the room and talked to us for a long time about boundaries and respect. The kid barely spoke a word the rest of the summer…


I learned that you could sharpen pencils and toss them up straight and get them to stab into the drop ceiling and stay. Every time the teacher turned around long enough, one of us would send a pencil into the ceiling until, one time, someone's angle was off.

The pencil ended up bouncing onto the teacher's desk. I was sitting closest, so I said "oops" and grabbed it, and the teacher ignored it. No one got into detention, thankfully, but if she had, someone would have definitely gotten into trouble.

Too Far

Somehow, this really cute girl ended up in our science lab group with this other goofy guy and me. One day, she brings an overnight bag into class. She goes to the bathroom, and the goofy guy starts looking in her bag.

Before I had a chance to register what was happening, he was putting on a pair of her underwear over the top of his jeans. She comes back into class, and I run out the door. She and I were still friends after that, but she was never in our lab group again.

Noise Poppers

I was in the group of class clowns. One morning I decided to bring in noise poppers that sounded like small firecrackers. I handed them around to my friends, and one decided to set one off in morning recess.

The teachers freaked out and immediately started moving kids toward the building. My friends and I were laughing our asses off, so the teachers caught on pretty quick. We got called down and told how stupid we were, resulting in all of us getting suspended, and since I brought them in, I was almost expelled.

Chalk In Coffee

I was in a secondary/high school preparation class. The guy was a kind chemistry teacher. He told us a story because the class hadn't started yet. So a few years ago, he was writing something on the chalkboard, and he heard some girls giggling in the back. He told them to stop, and they did for some time.

After ten minutes, they started giggling again, but louder. He called them to the front and told them to stand there so he could keep an eye on them. Then they started giggling again. He told them to tell him what had happened. They didn't say anything. It turns out they put chalk in his coffee.

Injuring A Teacher

He got kept back in class over break as a punishment for being too annoying or something along the lines of that. The teacher then needed to leave the class to go and photocopy something, and he got up and started messing around at her desk.

When he saw her coming back into the room, he thought it would be funny to bolt over to the door and slam it. She injured two of her fingers in the door. He got suspended for two days, and the school tried to press charges against him.

Picking On A Girl

I've got one. Two guys in my AP Stats class were always goofing off. Usually pretty funny, no victims, etc. One day they (for some reason) decided to go in on a very smart, popular, relatively quiet girl.

Just roasting everything she said. She would not let up, no matter how many times the teacher or other students were like, "ok, chill." He didn't stop, and afterward, the whole class went silent. She ended up bursting into tears.