Time Traveler From 2030 Reveals Crazy Facts About Our Future, Passes Lie Detector Test

You may have realized by now that there are a lot of crazy things on the internet, but what would your reaction be when you learn someone is a time traveler? A man from South America went viral after he claimed that he came from the future.

He even took a lie detector test to prove that he was serious!
Some things that he revealed about our future were quite reasonable, but there were some details that may not be to the U.S. citizen’s liking.

The internet went wild a few years ago when a video about a time traveler surfaced online.

It made crazy claims and this time traveler even showed up in the news, at TV Shows and made a lot of headlines around the world.
Then, months later, the time traveler from 2030 makes one final shocking statement… Let’s see what the future may hold.

The man nicknamed “Noah” talked to the world about his coming. He said he was from 2030 and that the government has sent him through a time travel program.
He also added that time traveling tech has been around since 2003 but it was made public in 2028.

He also had proof…

Noah didn’t just make crazy claims, he also had ways of proving he was right. He documented all his knowledge and agreed to be tested with a lie detector.
The time traveler was going to prove through various methods that he was the real deal.

So when he was connected to a lie detector, nobody thought this would happen…

In a show of good faith, Noah agreed to take a lie detector test while he was talking about the future. The test admin asked him various questions. 
This test would be proof of whether Noah was lying or not.

Was he really a time traveler? What predictions did he have for us, and were they real?

Until Noah showed up, there have been plenty of people claiming they came from the future. It was already a hobby for people to appear on TV and make several outrageous claims.
A lot of people dismissed them, knowing that these people were either trolling us or were missing a screw.

So what was the general reaction when Noah made those mind-blowing claims?

As soon as you say “time traveler,” most journalists writing about it will treat this subject as a funny ironic piece. “But as for Noah being a time traveler?

We're not so sure,” declared MSN’s Louis Staples.
Meanwhile, most outlets have written about Noah as being a “self-titled time traveler,” or just “supposed time traveler.” So, while nobody actually bought this anonymous man’s claims, everyone was curious to see what was he willing to share from the “future.”

With so many strange claims about the future, Noah became a phenomenon online, making headlines all around the world.
Some people that have seen these claims said they were utter nonsense and everything was a hoax. So was this Noah trolling everyone?

Here’s what theory says about time traveling.

According to Albert Einstein, time is relative and it’s an illusion. The theory of relativity says that depending on how fast something or someone moves relative to something else, time can slow down or speed up. So, the faster you go, the slower you experience time. If a clock on earth was compared to how a clock works aboard of a plane, the one in the airplane (going in the same direction of Earth’s rotation) is going to be slightly behind compared to the one on the ground.

This means, the clock on the airplane was “traveling slightly slower in time than 1 second per second,” explains NASA. But what does Noah has to say? Well, his version is a lot easier...

Is it too unbelievable for someone from the future to be able to come back into our present? According to science, yes.
But let’s not just slam this time traveler before hearing what he had to say.

Even the most skeptical people out there took their time to listen to his claims!

Noah showed up at Kyle and Jackie O, telling them some of the things that will happen in the next few years.
Let’s see what he claimed to happen in the future and why some people thought Noah may not be a fraud after all.

You won’t believe how this whole thing ends!

Noah claimed that in the future, cryptocurrency will still be relative. Bitcoin has made a lot of waves in 2018, as a volatile coin.
It’s safe to claim that the digital coin will probably impact the world throughout the next 10 years.

But some of his other claims were so wild, people just wished them to be true...

The time traveler focused on hot topics that were of great interest in 2018. All these claims may be grounded enough to be real…
However, the info was obvious enough to make Noah a fake.

Then, he revealed a few more details about the future, including technology and politics.

Noah also spoke about vehicles in the future. There will be more electric and driverless cars, all helping to reduce the use of fossil fuels.
Electric cars will have batteries that can last for up to 600 miles, which was double the current possibilities of electric cars in 2018.

That was a bold claim!

Of course, a driverless car could be manufactured in the future, considering technology keeps on advancing. But will this happen in the next 10 years?
For a driverless car, technology has to make significant advances so that we can lay back and relax while the car takes us to work.

Noah also talked about artificial intelligence.

One of Noah’s predictions was that in 2030, artificial intelligence will see a significant ascension. We are already improving our lives with the help of AI… So, it’s no wonder we will keep on researching about it and that it will definitely see an increase in use.

As he was making these claims, the lie detector was “taking notes.”

Noah answered to questions about who he was, where did he come from and some future events. The lie detector machine concluded that the responses were true.

The test results, however, were in the form of a green icon stating true, and not traditional polygraph results. So, if we’re to trust these results, then we’ll see quite a lot of Donald Trump in the future… Read on to see other predictions.

The time traveler said that Trump will be the U.S. President until 2024, meaning that there will be a second term.

Noah didn’t say who was his opponent, though. When asked whether Oprah will be a candidate for the elections, Noah said that she won’t win in 2024, but a descendant of hers will become Vice President around 2030.

Oprah has no children, so who was Noah referring to? Talking about America, Noah also said there will be a major war. Noah said that North Korea will be one of the countries that will be in a major war.

However, it will not be a World War III. The countries involved in the showdown will be the Korean peninsula, China and the U.S. Now let's move on to the space race.

One of Noah’s claims is that there will be a space race. The Mars travel race will rapidly develop over the next decade. It seems that space travel technology will have such a quick advance that we will be able to have a one-way expedition to Mars.

Well, Elon Musk has been working on that for a while... But Noah had more information on our future!

Private tourism to Mars will be a thing in 2030. The only worrying part is the “one-way expedition” detail about this journey. Noah will be there in 2030 to witness the first journey to Mars.

However, he has some issues going back in his time. Here's what he said about that part...

When asked in the interview how he’s going back home, Noah’s voice shifted. He seemed distraught, so he explained that he couldn’t… Apparently, he got fired and the time-traveling program was no longer available. He is stuck in this time and will have to wait a decade until 2030.

Read on to see what else he has to say about the future. He even makes another shocking statement at the end!

It seems going back in 2030 is more difficult than coming into the past. Noah doesn’t have a machine time to go back in his present.

So, stuck with us, he had enough time to share even more knowledge from the future. Take for instance this strange black goo that he calls "nanothechnology."

The time traveler revealed in a different video that he brought proof with him. Holding a jar of black goo, he said “It’s quite the sight to see.

What I’ll be showing you guys is actually nanotechnology.” “It does not look like anything at first but this liquid-looking substance that looks a little gooey, that is dark, is actually many, tiny robotic molecules all combining together to make a liquid that you can control with 6G internet,” he explained. Finally, we even get to learn who the anonymous time traveler is!

In an interview with an Australian broadcaster, Noah revealed that he has an implant in his hand to allow him to time travel. However, since his mission went wrong and he was fired, he was no longer able to go back to his time: “We all got fired on the spot by the government mid-way through a time we were not meant to be in.” This time traveler was all over the news!

And months later after various interviews were posted online, Noah revealed one last shocking fact.

The time traveler’s last video was when he finally revealed who he was. In the videos up until summer 2019, his face was blurred and his voice was synthesized. But now, in this video, the man decides to speak out.

So he posted a video on a personal YouTube account. Here’s what he said in the long video.

Noah was now looking at his viewers without anything blurring his face. The YouTuber came clean about the whole time traveling story. "I can't do this stupid character anymore," he said in his video, explaining that it was all a hoax.

YouTuber Denis Bel was 16 years old last summer, when he claimed he was Noah. What he said next was terrible…

“I have to get rid of this looming that's above me that keeps making me scared of being exposed," explained Noah. ApexTV was behind this story and they tried to convince him and his parent to sign an NDA so he would never reveal his identity.

But then, Bel received death threats!

"I know ApexTV is going to be flipping once he sees this video because he knows I'm revealing everything," he said in the video. The outlandish claims about the future made these videos so viral, with millions of views and comments from all over the world.

But this exposure also made people look for the real person behind the blurred face.

In other videos with him as Noah, he made claims that he had photos of dinosaurs from 66 million years ago. He also showed a map of the US, claiming that the east and west coasts will be underwater by 2030.

To prove he was Noah, Bel revealed part of the videos with his face de-blurred.

In his video, he showed part of the original and uncensored video taken by ApexTV. It all started when he was 14 years old.

He was approached by the channel, and they offered him money to make this video.

The channel takes paranormal and mysterious videos, so coming up with the time traveler story wasn’t very strange. Nobody anticipated how viral the first video would become, so Denis was paid for more videos.

Until he received death threats from people claiming they knew who he really was…

People realized who he was and Denis was so scared that he deleted one of his YouTube channels where he had used his real identities.

People on the internet were mad about the hoax and threatened the 14-year-old teen.

Denis apologized for the fake videos, saying that he couldn’t believe that these clips got so many views and were showing up on the news all over the world.

He said that he only wanted to be a normal YouTuber and that he didn’t like the idea behind the time traveler stories, which were too crazy to be real in the first place.

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