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This Woman’s Husband Was Always Coming Home Late, His Clothes Revealed The Truth

Making It Official

Jonna Miller and her husband David were both in their 20s and first began dating in October of 2012. The following year during Thanksgiving, they became formally engaged. There was much to be thankful for. Jonna was 6 months pregnant. She gave birth to her daughter, Delanie in February 2014. Then in May 2015, David and Jonna made it official when they tied the knot.

Funny Lady

The Blunt Blonde Is Born

Jonna is better known by her social media name. She calls herself “The Blunt Blonde.” She explains in her Twitter intro, “People think I’m always joking but I’m not. I’m genuinely an unpleasant person and hate everyone equally.”

Amish Upbringing

Living Under Amish Rules

The Amish are a hardline Swiss-German religious sect. They have many strict rules that govern their lives including not using technology and living as simply as possible.

Adjustment Phase

The Blog

Besides this, in her blog Jonna includes stories about her life being married to David.

Becoming An Internet Celeb

Late Hours

David was working at an RV dealership. He had incredibly long hours. Jonna knew how hard her husband worked and said he often returned home late because of it. Jonna despite knowing this felt isolated and alone.

She Wrote About It

Being Honest

She bluntly stated, “I’m putting him in a lose-lose situation. He literally can’t win. If he doesn’t work late, we won’t get the new furniture set that I have to have. If he does work later, he comes home to a nagging wife who is desperate for his attention.” She continued to explain very honestly, “I am so selfish in our marriage and I know that. But, every once in a while, I’ll have my little ‘A-ha’ moment that gives me a sense of understanding.”

Home Late, Again

At Her Breaking Point

When the pair were together, Jonna’s mind was going into overtime. She couldn’t stop having bad thoughts and was about to erupt.

He’s Never There

Using The Blog As A Crutch

In order to help her deal with her emotions, she decided to write about what she was feeling in her blog. “Why does he not want to spend time with me? We’re newlyweds, aren’t we supposed to be in the honeymoon stage?”

The Realization

What Happened?

So, what happened? What exactly was this attitude shifting realization? Jonna wrote in her blog, “Why did my clothes look so vibrant, clean and new? His were dingy, stained and torn.”

But He’s Sacrificing For You

Feeling Guilty

She couldn’t get over the feelings of guilt. Her husband was buying her nice outfits while he bought nothing for himself. She couldn’t help how she felt about his absence but recognized without his earnings they would not have the life or lifestyle they did.

Conflicting Feelings


This caused her to take some time to reflect. It wasn’t only her husband’s clothing that was a result of all the hard work.

David Was Overworked And Exhausted

He Didn’t Seem To Mind Being Away From Home

Despite this, Jonna kept thinking he didn’t seem to mind all the late nights and hard work. She wrote, “His heart is full when he walks in the door and our daughter runs for him excitedly yelling, ‘Dada!’ His dreams have come true of being able to be a man and provide for his family. He has everything he has ever wanted in life.”

She Recognized Her Own Flaws

He’s Doing It All For Her

She explained in her blog, “Sure, I miss him and want to spend time with him throughout the week, but I have realized he is offering me the most beautiful form of love there is… He works to give our family everything we need. He works so his wife and daughter don’t go without, even though there are times I’m sure he does.”

If He Loves You…

An Amazing Reminder

While not every reader could connect to the laundry story, the overall message struck a chord with many people. One reader left a comment that what she said brought it all back home. She wrote, “This is an amazing reminder. I used to stay home with our daughters when they were little, and I used to feel horrible doing the same thing. This is an awesome perspective to carry.”

The Real Blunt Blonde

I’m Not Amish But My Husband Is

In one of her most popular posts titled, “I’m not Amish but my Husband is,” she discusses how she met David and was then introduced to his parents. She also discusses some misconceptions she had about the Amish before she got to know David and Amish culture more.

She Knew Nothing About Amish Life

Jonna & David Meet

So, how did a woman with no knowledge of Amish life end up marrying one? She explains, “I met my husband at our current home back in 2011. My sister was dating a J-O. This stands for jerked over, meaning he jumped the fence ditching his Amish lifestyle to live like the English. Yes, they refer to us as the English. It makes me feel like I’m from England and likely always will. “That’s a spiffing bonnet, old chap!”

Love At First Sight?

Meeting The Family!

After about six months of dating, everything was going great between Jonna and David. The couple decided it was time to introduce each other to their parents. Jonna was so nervous and wondered, “How would I fit in with Amish people? How am I going to flush the toilet without electricity? Are they going to throw Holy water at my face as soon as I walk in? I don’t have a dress that covers my ankles, what the hell am I supposed to wear?” How hilarious!

Amish Rules

Rules-Based In The Bible

You might be wondering the reason behind all of these strict rules. Well, they are all rooted in their Biblical beliefs. For example, the “no photograph” rule stems from the commandment against worshipping “graven images.” By not using electricity and the internet, it means they are observing the commandment to not put themselves above any others in their community.

Living A Modest Amish Life

No Buttons, Especially For Women

One shocking rule is no buttons. They are considered fancy, a luxury and not modest by the Amish. Women are not “supposed to fall into temptation” so buttons are especially forbidden. The logic behind it is that it is too easy to slip off an item of clothing if it is attached by a mere button. The risk it would pop open is too big! If someone is on a courtship date, they might be tempted to snap open the button and do things they shouldn’t until marriage.

An Amish Woman’s Sleeves Must Reach The Elbow

Would His Family Accept Her?

So, Jonna had no idea what to expect when she met David’s family. She was worried they might not accept her, or that she might accidentally do or say something offensive. Turns out, she had a great experience and was pleasantly surprised. Jonna stated, “They were sweet, accepting and holy shit they had lights on in their house. I thought to myself, “How? How do they have lights? How is that lighter igniting this contraption? Oh, it’s LP gas, okay.”

Absolutely Zero Make-Up

Women Cannot Adorn Themselves With Gold Or Pearls

Also according to the Biblical story of Timothy II, women cannot adorn or “decorate” themselves. This means absolutely no jewelry. Jewelry is viewed as showing off and trying to attract attention in the view of the Amish. They think it is a way of showing “I’m rich and you’re poor” and it is viewed as a waste of money. Why not feed your family or donate to charity if you have some extra money floating around?

Women Must Do The Cooking & Cleaning

They Totally Loved Her!

Jonna was a big hit with the family! After the initial meeting, she thought, “I got this in the bag. They love me. I’m the best English gal they’ve ever set their eyes upon and I too shall become a Miller.”

Surprise! Now I’m Pregnant!

And Now A Baby Out Of Wedlock??

Jonna returned to the USA when she was 6 months pregnant. Then, guess what happened? David proposed at Thanksgiving dinner in front of Jonna’s entire family!

Popping The Question

The Ring!

Really, the ring didn’t fit. Jonna forced it on her hand anyway. She joked she posted on Facebook, “I said YES!” “with a swollen finger eating my ring.” Despite the early pregnancy, David’s family was thrilled with the proposal! They would finally be a family.

Baby #1

The Big Day

The couple made it official on May 23, 2015. All of the groomsmen were Amish, so Jonna had a little trouble picking out ties for the men to wear. Her husband told her, “They can only wear bow-ties.” I stared. He explained, “Amish people cannot wear ties.” Jonna said she exploded. “What the Hell do you mean they can’t wear ties? A bow tie is a tie, that is tied in a damn bow! Are you kidding me?! That’s the stupidest shit I’ve heard all day!”

They Made It Official

Live Your Life

So, you can imagine this isn’t the ideal situation for a wedding. How did Jonna and David respond? They didn’t get upset. Their life philosophy is as follows: “We just don’t give a shit.”

Opposites Attract

“I’m Not Amish But My Husband Is”

No relationship is easy, especially when one half is Amish. Nonetheless, despite everything these two went through, they are still happily married and Jonna has a renewed appreciation for her very loving, committed Amish husband.


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