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This Woman Saw People Lined Up Outside A House. Then A Man Came Out Clutching A Mysterious Bag

Her Husband

St. James married her husband Ari Werba in 2010, but the couple wasn’t able to stay in North America. The couple moved to Cuenca, Ecuador, which is a significantly poorer country than the U.S. In fact, about 25 percent of the population were below the poverty line, and the couple only had to take a look out of their window to understand that.

Out Of Their Window

The Video

At first, the video begins with an older man on the street. You can see him on the camera standing in a doorway wearing a jacket and a flat cap. However, it is what he does next that is the most heartwarming moment. You can hear the amazement in St. James’ voice.

Clear Plastic Bag

A Package

Next in the video, a woman walks towards the man in the doorway. As she gets closer, the man extends his hand and hands her a food package. The woman then turns back and goes back the way she came. Just then, two more women gather around the man. Although it was clear to see that his bag of food supplies was running low, he hands the last item to one of the women. She then embraces him and the two share a hug on the street.

Feeding People

Forming A Line

Once there were more than five people crowded around, he gets them to form an orderly line along the pavement. Then, once seven people are standing in the line, the man returns inside to grab something from his hallway.

Grabbing Something

More People

In only a few seconds, more and more people begin to approach the man handing out supplies. St. James explains tearfully, “Oh my God, people are running to get food” as other local people rush towards the line. St.James then says, “This is the gift of waking up early in the morning-to see this.” She said that she felt totally humbled from what she witnessed across the street. At least 20 people flocked towards the man hanging out food until he runs out entirely.


Faith In Humanity

St. James wrote under the video, “For those of you who have lost faith in humanity, this morning my husband and I had the honor of witnissing one of the most beautiful acts of kindness we have ever seen.” With the man’s heart-warming gesture locked in her brain, she had some words of wisdowm for the viewers.

Words Of Wisdom


St.James then wrote, “So here is some perspective for you today. Lead from your heart. Be of service. Love thy neighbor.” One viewer who saw the video agreed fully. They said they were bruoght to tears by the man’s kindness and commented that society needs more “angels” like him.


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