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This Woman Ate Nothing But KFC For 3 Years, This Is Her Now

Georgie Scotney knew she needed to change her eating habits, but it was easier said than done. Plus, it was cheaper than buying groceries. 

It was a win-win situation for her at first. But when the local community got wind of her story, reporters would be calling her phone 24/7 and pounding on her door. They were shocked when they saw the state she was in after eating KFC for three years straight. 

Georgie had always been a picky eater. Her parents hoped it would improve with age, but it had only gotten worse. 

She didn’t eat any fruits or vegetables. Her diet mainly consisted of just carbs. 

When people heard that the 21-year-old was only eating a small selection of foods like french fries and toast, they were baffled by her eating habits. 

But that wasn’t even the worst part. 

Georgie’s eating habits got worse when she turned 18. Instead of cooking fried chicken and fries at home, she would now order them at KFC. 

She refused to eat anything other than popcorn chicken and boneless chicken strips from KFC. But why?

Georgie tried ordering food from other fast food places, but she would feel sick to her stomach after eating it. It seemed like KFC was her only option. 

But then, her picky eating got completely out of control. 

Most people outgrow their picky eating habits, but Georgie never did. 

It turns out that she was suffering from a rare type of eating disorder that took over her life. Georgie had been an aspiring gymnast when she was little, and she even made it to the PSG Great Britain team when she was just eight years old. But what did this have to do with her eating habits?

She believes that training to be a gymnast at such a young age may have triggered her eating disorder. She would often skip meals while going on tours.

She would only eat if there were southern fried chicken or toast available. And if these foods weren’t available, she just wouldn’t eat. But what was wrong with her?

Georgie suffered from Avoidant/Restrictive Food Intake Disorder. Now, ARFID is classified as a mental disorder. 

When Georgie would try eating any other food, she would feel anxiety and fear. She had a paralyzed fear of eating. However, unlike other eating disorders, ARFID has nothing to do with a low self-image. But could Georgie still turn her life around?

Most people with ARFID suffered a traumatic incident as a child. So, they restrict their diet to “safe” foods. 

“Growing up, I’d always been really stubborn with what I’d eat, it started off as just southern fried chicken and chips, but it then got to the point where it’d only be chicken from KFC — I’d go there every day without fail,” Georgie recalls.  But what would she do if she couldn’t go to KFC?

Georgie wouldn’t eat anything if she didn’t have access to KFC. 

She always craved the KFC’s fried chicken and french fries and never got sick of eating the same meal every single day. 

“I was just never fed up with it, I loved to put loads of salt on it, too,” she recalls.  

”…which I now see wasn’t such a good idea — I do think that it had a lot to do with me being scared of a lot of foods, especially sauce, that was the worst fear of mine.” But did her diet cause any health issues?

Surprisingly, Georgie doesn’t have any health issues, and she isn’t overweight. 

Every day, she would eat just two slices of toast for breakfast and KFC fries and popcorn chicken or chicken strips for lunch. She didn’t eat anything for dinner. But her boyfriend wasn’t okay with it. And one day, he decided enough was enough. 

Dean Arnold suggested that Georgie try hypnotherapy. 

“My boyfriend was the one who put me forward for the session, and I was very skeptical, ” Georgie recalls. 

“I warned everyone that I was so headstrong and thought that I’d never be able to change.”

So, did it work?

To her surprise, it worked! Georgie can now eat different kinds of food, thanks to her caring boyfriend!

She still loves KFC, though.


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