This Poor Dog Was Chained and Left To Die...What Happens Next Will Amaze You

When they went out and found him, he was chained up without food or water, had deformed legs, and a bad cough.

When members of Rudozem Street Dog Rescue were told about an abandoned dog in bad shape, their shelter was already full. They simply didn't have any more room. But they knew they couldn't just leave the pup to die. The only nutrition he was getting was from kind passersby who felt for him.

He was chained to a trailer, surviving for ten days on the occasional bread and water brought by passing strangers. This might be the best story you've ever seen, or maybe the worst, but you won't believe what happens with this dog. The ending to this tragic story is truly amazing.

Worse yet, the people who left him told others to stay away and let him die. They claimed he had a disease they could catch.

Alie explained that the dog had been tied up under a trailer for ten days, only surviving on the bread and water given to it by people passing by.  She said that the people who dumped him there claimed he had a disease which could be passed to humans.  Call it what you want, stupidity or ignorance – why on earth would you chain a dog up just to let it die?"

He had terribly deformed legs and a serious cough.

But now they knew surgery would be necessary to completely correct the issue.