This Pit Bull Refused to Give Birth But Something Else Made Things More Complicated

As the vet looked at the ultrasound she was sure her eyes were playing tricks on her. What she was looking at seemed an impossibility. However, as much as she was sure that it would, nothing about the ultrasound changed no matter how long she looked at the screen. What this meant was that what she was looking at was true despite her being totally amazed with the sight. It was now time for her to speak with the owners. What the vet needed to tell them would change everything for them. So what exactly happened?

The pregnant pit bull was lying on the ground. She was pregnant and ready to deliver her litter. However, this pit had other plans and refused to give birth. Initially, the vet was thinking there was just a simple complication, but when she took the ultrasound and went to research a little bit more, she found a much greater complication than the dog let on. Pit bulls are a notoriously misunderstood breed of dog and have been thought to be violent and untamable. In reality, they are loving and loyal, obedient and timid at times. This mother pit bull was no exception, she was not about to let something bad happen. However, this pit bull did not understand at first that the vet was there to help her as well; they were on the same side. 

Decision Time

When it came time to look for a dog, Chris and Mariesa went to their local dog shelter to see if there was a dog there that they would fall in love with. Rescue shelters are the perfect place to find your new furry best friend. 

The couple went to the shelter and saw an array of adorable dogs, it was so hard to choose just one! The dogs were looking at the couple with their large eyes just asking to be taken home. It was in that moment that Mariesa saw a one dog in particular that called to her above all the others. 

Pregnant Dog

The sweet dog walked up to Chris and Mariesa and began to lick their hands. The pit bull was heavily pregnant with her own litter of puppies. It seemed as though she wanted safe home to deliver her babies in. 

As soon as Mariesa saw the dog she knew that she was the one for them. They wanted to take her home with them. However, they soon learned something that made them stop and think hard if this was the dog for them after all. What could have been said to them to make them pause? 

Her Sad Story

What Chris and Mariesa did not know was that this specific pit bull had a sadder story than they thought. When Mariesa heard what happened to the dog she felt like crying for her. The beautiful pit bull's name was Storie. Storie was previously owned by a backyard breeder. 

So how did she end up at this shelter? It seems that the old owner thought it was too much hard work to care for Storie as well as her unborn puppies. He decided to drop her off at the shelter alone and leave her there. 

New Loving Home

Chris and Mariesa knew what this pit bull needed - a loving home filled with love, comfort, and safety. They were so sad to hear how Storie ended up in the shelter to begin with, but there was even more to this tale than they thought. 

They were stunned to learn another little detail about Storie. This was not at all what they expected when they walked into the shelter looking to expand their family with a furry best friend. However, they were going to find out sooner or later. 

Pit Bull Fans

Chris and Mariesa were not at all against or unfamiliar with pit bulls like many others. They had not only loved them but already welcomed several other dogs from the same breed into their family already! 

To be a little more specific, the couple had no less than ten pit bulls at home at the time that they went to the shelter and met Storie. This photo shows eight of their fur babies all together for a nice family photo. They were without a doubt fans of the pit bull breed! 

A Bed For All 

Taking care of so many dogs at the same time is a serious undertaking, but it was one that Chris and Mariesa did without any hesitation. Their home does not scream "dogs everywhere" as they take such good care of their home and their dogs. One way that they do so is through their "megabed". 

Chris told TODAY, “At nighttime all of the dogs want to sleep on the bed and sometimes it becomes too cluttered, and we end up being pushed off of the bed or sleeping on the couch. So we built the megabed.” It is 14 feet long and 7 feet wide! 

Love of Dogs

What brought Chris and Mariesa together in the first place was their love of dogs. They loved each other very much, and together they loved their fur babies even more. Mariesa even said that she once broke up with a guy she was seeing because he did not understand just how much she loved dogs and other animals. 

All Mariesa wanted was a house full of dogs. Chris understood that from day one, making them a perfect match for one another. 

Chris Was Different

Just by looking at this photo you can see that Chris is a huge dog lover, just look at how the dogs are resting on him in such a trusting and loving manner. Mariesa knew she had found the one when she and Chris got to talking about dogs. 

They shared the same passion for animals, which was not the usual love of dogs, it is a calling for them to care for these four-legged animals and make sure they are safe and happy. Storie was another member to be added, and they were not about to let her be in danger. 

Sweet Faces in the Shelter

The unfortunate truth of the matter is that shelters all over the country have too many animals to keep up with. They do not get enough funding to take all of the animals that come their way either. 

Another thing that Chris and Mariesa specifically noticed, was that there were more pit bulls in the shelter than any other breed. At the time, the couple had no idea why this was or that one pit bull named Storie was going to change their lives.