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This Group of Friends Made A Frightening Discovery After They Sneaked Into Michael Jackson’s Abandoned Mansion

Who doesn’t know the legendary Michael Jackson? Or also known as the King of Pop, who gave major contributions to the music industry. Millions of people adored him throughout different generations. Even kids today who never even been in the period of his existence knew all his dance moves and songs. However, these people who had a slight knowledge of Michael Jackson didn’t realize his sinister controversies sparked in the late 1980s. 

Influential people like Michael Jackson hid some truth about themselves – and some of these were too twisted. That was why a group of four people decided to sneak into Michael Jackson’s abandoned mansion with a mission to uncover his grim past. Unfortunately, this group was still caught off guard by the number of discoveries they made in one night.

Micheal Jackson’s ranch was located in Los Olivos, California. 2,700 acres of land that took him 15 years to build. The artist modified his home into a private amusement park with a zoo full of exotic animals, and called it the “Neverland Ranch”. But Michael Jackson made it exclusively for the children to be their dreamland, where they could only create fond memories. Was it really his real intention?

Neverland was a French country structure that had its own train station. The train would navigate you into different facilities such as a 50-seat movie theater, stone bridge, four-acre lake, five-foot waterfall, theme park rides, and of course, the zoo. It might seem like a total paradise for a kid, but the group who broke into his ranch later found out that it was actually the opposite. So here were the objects they found in Neverland that sent shivers ran down their spines!

The first thing that welcomed the group was this eerie door knocker attached to the old blue wooden doors. The design appeared to be two children (perhaps both male) that was about to touch their lips. This small item was probably a premonition on what you would about to see once you stepped into that door. 

The group saw unexplainable statues like an own life-sized cowboy kid holding a teddy bear or the demonic sculpture guarding a magazine which doodled like a devil. And it wasn’t hard for them to notice that realistic mannequins of children scattered around the property.

From the first look of this oil painting, you probably thought that it was a heartwarming scenario of Michael Jackson bringing joy to the children. But if you observed closely, Michael Jackson was leading a parade of children probably to his world of fun. And ‘fun’ meant something else for the artist…

Entering the Neverland wasn’t free for all. The group took a photo of an old cash register, which formerly used for adult ticketing. It had an intriguing image of Michael Jackson as an alien overlord. And we couldn’t hide the fact that the children who had Michael Jackson’s invitation were the only ones free of charge. Strange, isn’t it?

But the group almost flipped when their eyes landed on these incredibly realistic face masks displayed inside a glass box. The masks resembled none other than Michael Jackson’s face with three different expressions. Though as bizarre as it seemed, the measured value of these masks was over $600!

One member of the group picked up an item lying on the cold floor. In a matter of seconds, he immediately recognized the plastic object. “Moonwalker,” the member mumbled. It was a video game released in 1990. And oddly enough, the game’s objective was to help Michael Jackson save children from the evil antagonist called Mr. Big. The artist really loved any kind of concept about children, huh?

Michael Jackson was very verbal about being a huge fan of Home Alone. But it wasn’t the general movie because he particularly admired Macaulay Culkin, the leading child protagonist from the Home Alone. So it wasn’t a surprise when the group stumbled upon his collection of movie merchandise. It was pretty normal at first… However, the group unlocked his secret closet and discovered more items that were far from being an average fanboy.

When the group swung the closet door open, they immediately felt goosebumps all over their bodies. Because there was a framed photo of an 11-year old Macaulay and his painting found stashed inside the cabinet of Michael Jackson. 

Besides the realistic face masks, the group also came across a robotic head that looked like Michael Jackson. There was no doubt that the artist loved displaying his face everywhere. However, an amusement park wouldn’t be complete without the rides. So the group made sure to take photos of these spooky abandoned bumped cars and the iconic carousel.

Every kid loves dipping into the pool! And Michael Jackson knew it very well. Therefore, he never missed building a swimming pool, which was also perfect during the hot Californian weather. Rumored that the pool was the area where Michael would have close interactions with his guests.

Right after the group left the Neverland, the sceneries they saw were still playing in their heads. They couldn’t help but shivered as one member recalled the odd logo of Michael Jackson’s ranch. It was an image of a young boy in body tight pajama sitting on top of a moon. Unfortunately, there were creepier discoveries that weren’t taken by their lenses.

The group saw the menu displayed on the counters of the kitchen. Michael Jackson named it “Children of the World Menu,” which obviously meant for the kids. The food selection was written on a chalkboard with peanut butter and jelly sandwich designs. It was too enticing for the children not to grab a bite! But why did Michael Jackson intend his home only for the children?

They also bumped into strange mirrors. These glasses were around the mansion, and the group would usually find them next to a Roman statue. But it wasn’t just ordinary mirrors because these glasses were mounted on four-foot by four-foot platforms. Still, a mystery the group left unsolved.

From an interview, the group admitted that they felt uncomfortable not just because of the eerie atmosphere of the ranch, but also because they were aware that their group was breaking into someone’s property. “It was so compelling to do it; I couldn’t go in because the opportunity was there. But at the same time, it just felt wrong. It was this constant friction between fascination and, I’ve got to get out of here, I shouldn’t be in here,” stated by one of the members. Then the truth dawned on them when the group attempted to visit Michael Jackson’s bedroom.

Michael Jackson’s room was wide open. However, some doors were tightly locked. And according to one member, “One other interesting thing—we did go in Michael’s room, but both of the kids’ rooms were locked from the outside.” But they decided not to force a break in because their instincts were telling them that something wasn’t right about those secured rooms. And they were right! Because one year later, a documentary film surfaced, bringing all the answers and frightening discovery behind Michael Jackson’s Neverland.

A recent documentary film in 2019 called “Leaving Neverland” sparked the controversies of Michael Jackson once again but in a deeper context. The children who had been into his ranch claimed that there were actually secret rooms and one-way mirrors. However, no one could still confirm if all of these were true as the artist strongly denied all the allegations before he died in 2009.


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