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Stranger Sees Couple Arguing, Boyfriend Has No Idea His Reaction Is Being Broadcast To The World

Stacy was a looker. She had blonde hair, small waist, wide hips and super model legs. She’s worked as an assistant in a big corporate office for a couple of years and has always been available for dates if she ever was asked to one. She would never go for second dates though. She’s always been picky. 

The great thing about Stacy is her personality. She’s not the needy type of woman and she’s easy to get along with. There’s just something else that’s missing that’s she’s not ready to admit.

After years of being single, she decided to take her life seriously. She wasn’t getting older. She sees her married friends and feels something in the pit of her stomach. Somehow, she sensed that she could have it too.

Maybe it’s time to find a partner that would meet her special demands, someone to hold her hand while they’d be walking out on the street and someone to hold the door when she gets out of the car.

The next thing Stacy knew, she was on her phone, installing a dating app. The only way to meet a man now is use the internet, so why not do it too?

After an hour of browsing, she found a match. The guy had brown hair, soft eyes and a sexy smile too. Maybe she could give it a try, maybe not.

Stacy sent a simple “Hi”. He replied with a smiley. The next few days flew by with texts flooding their inboxes. It would start early in the morning and end late at night.

He was sending her love quotes and all romantic emojis. She was falling for all the sweet nothings. She didn’t notice that they had been talking over texts for over a month now.

Stacy and Frank became a couple through all those texts and calls. They were miles away from each other but it seemed that he was just next door.

The distance had been killing them so they decided to finally meet face to face. It was time they get together. 

He set up a date in her favorite restaurant. He promised to drive through the city and meet with her. She was so excited she couldn’t decide what to wear. 

Would she show up or just stand him up? this could be her last chance. If she meets with him it means there’s no turning back, she won’t be the happy go lucky single lady again.

It was time for her to finally meet Frank in the flesh. She wore a little black dress and high heels. She hasn’t felt giddy like this before. It was like going to her prom.

When she got to the restaurant, she instantly recognized him in his gray jacket. He looked so handsome that she couldn’t resist giving him a kiss right away. 

They had the specials for that night. The restaurant was fancy, so the wine was expensive but he ordered just that. Maybe he was trying to get her drunk, but she didn’t care. 

They hit it off immediately. They talked as if they were dating for a year and caught up with things they missed talking about on the phone. 

Frank was checked into a hotel nearby, but because they had so much fun Stacy offered him to stay the night. He was her boyfriend after all. 

It seemed they couldn’t get enough of each other. The rest as they say was history.

Over the next couple of weeks, they missed each other more and more each day when they were apart. Frank would come over the weekends and sometimes Stacy would too. 

The months were flying by and little did they know they were seeing each other almost a year.

It was only a matter of time that the two of them decided they should live closer to each other. Frank went into a couple of job interviews and got lucky. 

He found a place a lot closer to Stacy that they could see each other almost every day after work now.

The move had made them closer to each other. Frank would sometimes stay over or even Stacy. They’d have toothbrushes in each other’s place just in case they had to have breakfast together. 

They were like on a honeymoon. They love sleeping in on weekends without a care in the world. 

But something seemed to have been bothering Frank. Stacy noticed this after a tense call, he suddenly got all worked up. Stacy kept asking him who it was and he just snapped at her. 

That was their first fight. Stacy packed up her stuff and left that night. That was probably the last time they’d see each other.

A few days passed and Stacy got a dozen roses on her desk that Monday morning. It was Frank’s way of apologizing. 

There was not much they fought about and since this was the first time, she forgave him. There was no doubt that he needed to make up for it.

It was bound to happen. Frank said he wanted to ask Stacy something important that night. He dropped by on her front step with a box in his hand. 

Stacy’s jaw dropped. She thought it was what she thought it was. When he opened it, it was a golden key inside. Frank was asking her to move in with him?

Stacy thought it was too fast but that’s always what she wanted wasn’t it? She loved spending time with Frank. Frank had been a good guy all the times they had been together. 

What’s there to lose? She was so shocked by seeing what was inside the box that she forgot she never gave an answer.

With the look on Frank’s eyes, Stacy knew she had to say yes. Frank made sure to make it hard for Stacy to resist his charms. All she thought was the money she could save on rent by moving in with Frank. 

She was in love with him anyway. There’s no way she’d ever want to stay away from him.

Frank originally wanted something else to be in that box but he had to put it off a couple more months. He just wanted to show Stacy that he was a straight up guy. He’d be lucky to have a girl like Stacy, who doesn’t seem to mind him keeping secrets from her.

The next question would have to come with a fancier box. He was sure this time he’d get a yes right away.

It had just been three months since they moved in together. It was a month of unpacking. She had just finishing unboxing the last box when she noticed a receipt under one of Frank’s drawers. 

It was for an expensive ring. Could he be planning to ask her the question? She never thought what she would answer if he did.

Stacy thought hard about the year that had passed. She wanted to have a man so bad that there seemed to be nothing in the way of that.

All she wanted on the checklist was there in Frank. But maybe he’s hiding something that she doesn’t know yet. She had to be sure he was the one before he asks her to marry him.

Stacy remembered the night Frank snapped at her. It was the only time he did in all the months they were together. That phone call really got him worked up.

She’d been curious who would have called him that would make him lose his cool. Maybe that was the secret he had been hiding from her that she had to know about. 

They were out for dinner when Stacy thought of bringing that time up. She had to know before he asked her to marry him.

She had a plan, but she never thought that Frank was about to tell her something bigger than the question first.

Stacy was quick to notice a photo on Frank’s phone. It was a picture of a boy with a familiar gaze. It was probably an old photo since the quality wasn’t too good. Somebody must have taken a shot of a picture and sent it to him. 

Stacy felt something in her gut as Frank started getting quiet. It wasn’t like him. In the next few minutes she was about to find out why. 

She then asked, “Who’s the boy in your phone?” Startled, Frank seemed to have no choice but to tell her. “He’s my son.”

Stacy never expected something to ever come between them. She’d known Frank hasn’t been married, but a son? How could she be so blindsided? Is he married? “You never told me you had a child!” It seemed that their conversation was loud enough for someone behind them to start listening intently. They had no idea twitter was getting the first dibs of their fight. 

She knew she had to pry even more. ““How did you decide not to mention you have a child?” He says it didn’t matter, he was just a little boy. “How old is he”, “umm, twelve.” Twelve isn’t exactly just a little boy, that’s practically a teen.

“Are you married?” He didn’t answer for a while. He shook his head and held her hand. “No, the mother’s crazy. How could I be married to her?” his tone of voice was starting to get defensive.

There was something behind Frank’s replies that made Stacy look back at all the times they were together. It seemed like it had been too good to be true. He’d been so polite and collected all t he times they were together.

Apparently, this time, he wasn’t. he babbled most of the dinner. It was like he was showing his true colors for the first time. Was it all a game? Could he have just manipulated her to falling for his good looks.

Stacy pried even more. She wanted to know if he’s supported the boy all this time, “Do you send money?” Frank could only say that the boy didn’t want him in his life and that there was no point. “That would just make it more complicated” says Frank.

That seemed to shock her even more as Frank had a steady job and would always take her out on fancy dates. It was the most absurd reason he could ever come up with. The next minutes got even more tense. By then their fight was already getting retweeted over the the internet. 

Stacy was getting emotional, saying how could he have kept things from her. The night was unfolding to become one night they would never forget and people were starting to look their direction.

Frank’s now accusing Stacy of being unexpectedly judgemental. He suggested she might have PMS, accused her of reacting unfairly, and complained that she didn’t respect him. Could this tactic really work? Stacy was prepared to end it all if she felt it wasn’t going to work out with this now 5-year old man in front of her. But he had an excuse for everything.

In Frank’s defense, he says she made it difficult for him to share secrets with her. Being a strong, independent woman that Stacy was, he says she didn’t give him the time to be more open with her. 

The tables are now getting turned. The woman behind their table looked like she was eavesdropping with delight and sending updates in her phone to her twitter account. By the end of the night, the whole conversation was already tweeted to the woman’s followers. He had no idea they were the subject of a tweet.

It seemed like everything was about to be over between Frank and Stacy. The next thing she remembers was them walking out the door arm in arm. She decided to forgive him.

For whatever it’s worth, she’s already invested so much time in this relationship that she was too tired getting into a new one and she’s prepared to forgive Frank and forget all about it. Looks like it was a bad case of gaslighting that she just fell prey to. Now she just had to stay in it for the long haul.


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