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This 100-Year-Old Rwandan Hairstyle Looks Like Nothing You’ve Seen Before

There are lots of interesting traditions all around the world but the Rwandan hairstyle has to be one of the coolest ones. Even though you might think that your hairstyle is great, the pictures that you are going to see today will show you that the traditional Rwandan hairstyle known as “Amasunzu” is way cooler than any haircut your local barber can do. To make things even better, this hairstyle has special meaning and only men and unmarried women could wear it.

This is the Amasunzu style. As you can clearly see, it looks quite amazing. This style was developed and traditionally worn by Rwandan men and unmarried women who are were older than 18-20 years. The style shows that they are of marriageable age.

If there is something that we all can agree about when it comes to the Amasunzu hairstyles, then it has to be the fact that they are super creative. The interesting thing about these hairstyles is that each one of them had a different meaning.

As previously noted, the first meaning of the Amasunzu hairstyle is that the person wearing it was of marriageable age. However, this is the same hairstyle that Rwandan warriors wore to show off their strength and might in combat.

The Amasunzu looks so amazing that if we didn’t know it was created by the Rwandan men and women, we might think that it’s a hairstyle of the future, something that you can only see in movies such as Star Trek and Star Wars.

As you can clearly imagine, getting such a hairstyle was no easy task. First off, you would need to be of the right age and only after that, you could cut it sideways, towards the middle and then wait for it to grow big.

Another impressive thing about the Amasunzu hairstyle that Rwandan men and women wore in their younger years is that there are multiple ways to wear it. In fact, there are more than 30 different ways and each one of them is unique and eye-catching.

The most amazing thing about the Amasunzu is that this not just a hairstyle, it’s a tradition. It’s been more than 100 years since this hairstyle was invented and Rwandan men and women are still wearing it to this day.

Since the Amasunzu is such an old tradition, wearing a hairstyle such as this one is much more than about looking cool. It’s also about paying homage to the elders and keeping the culture alive.

Getting the Amasunzu hairstyle to look the way it should was no easy task. This type of hairstyle required lots of maintenance work and the Rwandan people needed to help out each other.

The spirit of community is much bigger with nations such as Rwanda and people who wore this type of hairstyle shared a strong bond with each other. They all loved and praised their own culture.

As you can clearly imagine, the Amasunzu hairstyle made the Rwandan warriors look fierce. Nothing would stand in their way, especially when they had big spears resting on their shoulders.

Nowadays, artists with deep African roots love to pay homage to their elders by rocking the Amasunzu hairstyle. This is not about looking cool to them, it’s more about being showing their love for Africa instead.

This is the famous actress Lupita Nyong’O’ and she wore the Amasunzu hairstyle with pride at her Academy Awards nomination for the highly popular “Black Panther” movie.

The fact that a famous African actress such as Lupita wore the Amasunzu at the 90th Academy Awards ceremony made the style popular with the young people once again. She has brought back to life a tradition that was almost gone!

After Lupita wore the Amasunzu hairstyle, more and more young women from all over the world started getting similar haircuts. Isn’t it amazing how the famous actress managed to start a new trend and encourage African women to take pride in who they are?

Even though studying history is not usually such a fun activity, we think that this is not the case for the Rwandan people. They have such an amazing culture and the Amasunzu is the perfect example of that.

The hairstyles that turned the most heads are the bigger ones. These show that people are true to the Amasunzu tradition and that they are willing to wait for a couple of years for their hair to grow out.

Even though this hairstyle might look funny to some people, the only thing that really matters is that this is a powerful tradition and that it helps Rwandan men and women stick true to their roots.

Now that we’ve seen more than 18 ways to wear the Amasunzu hairstyle, the question that we want to ask is if you would ever consider getting something like this?

We hope that you enjoyed seeing these amazing and eye-catching Amasunzu hairstyles and learning more about the Rwandan culture. 


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