10 Things You Didn't Know About Laila Ali

She's 37 and Already Retired

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When she was only 18, she made it her public mission to become a professional boxer like her father, and announced her decision first to Diane Sawyer when she did an interview for Good Morning America. Her first match was very public. The world wanted to see how Laila Ali, daughter of one of the most famous boxers in the world, would do in the ring. Since her days boxing, however, Ali has really made a name for herself.

She's Credited with Saving Hulk Hogan's Life

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It’s not a big secret that wrestler Hulk Hogan’s life is in turmoil.

His son drove a car that killed his friend. His wife left him for a man about half his age, some of his former girlfriends are younger than his daughter and his life is a mess. He says that there was a time in which he was so depressed that he was suicidal, but Ali called him and saved his life. It’s not something she has ever discussed with anyone in her life.

She's a Mother of Five

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With her second husband, Laila Ali has two biological children and three step-children, including twins. She and her husband, who is a former NFL star, are both athletes and sports are a big part of their house and their life with their kids. With six kids at home, there is a lot of activity on the sports field for this family.

Her Father Didn't Want Her to Box

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When she told Mohammad Ali that she would become a professional boxer, her father told her no. He did not want her in the ring, and he did not want her fighting.

She likes to tell the world that she told her father that she wanted to do this and that boxing was in her blood. She is her father’s daughter, after all. And then she had to point out to her father that she would not be boxing men, she would be boxing women. That seemed to do the trick and he began to feel a little more kindly for her fondness for the sport.

She's the 8th of 9 Children

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Laila Ali is the youngest girl in the family and the 8th of nine children fathered by her famous father. No wonder she learned to box!

She's Never Lost

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Laila Ali’s boxing career is stellar. I mean, it’s pretty perfect. She was in 24 fights throughout her career. She won all of them.

Literally, all 24 fights are hers for the win, and she won 21 of those by knocking out her opponent. She has never lost in the ring. Perhaps that was part of her decision to retire. It’s always a good idea to go out on top, and she certainly did that in her career. We can’t say that we blame her for retiring when she was at the top of her game.

She Always Has Fresh Fruit on Hand

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There is never a time in which Laila Ali does not have fresh fruit in her home. She loves it, loves that her kids love it and she’s certain that it’s something you cannot live without. On this parenting obsession, I agree. My kids always have to have grapes, apples and strawberries in the house. They cannot seem to live without these things at breakfast and snack time, and I’m perfectly okay with that.

She Used to be a Manicurist

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Laila Ali is a driven and motivated young woman. She decided to become a famous boxer when she was 18, but she already had a job before that. She was a manicurist. She began doing this as a career when she was only 16-years-old, which is quite young for a woman to have already had a career. She decided that is what she wanted to do at the time, so she did it.