Things Northerners Do That The South Finds Strange

Even living in the same country, people still find things quite unusual to them. Take the North and South, for example. They have different traditions, lexis, cultures, and even... the way they fry food!

One couldn't blame them for being different, but they are just some things that can be very strange. You too have noticed those differences, haven't you? Here is the list of what Northerners do that Southerners would refuse to do under any circumstances.

Northerners Avoid Speaking to Strangers

Southerners are the cheerful type! They would always like to greet each other when someone passes by them. On the other hand, Northerners prefer to not speak to strangers. Because of this, Southerners believe them to be quite rude.

However, the truth is that Northerners only want to mind their business, and they do not want to be rude. Meanwhile, People from the north believe that the Southerners' way of bringing up a conversation is very nosy.

Scorned Woman

People have never seen a wet hen. Thus, the phrase "madder than a wet hen" means that one shouldn't do things that would further enrage a scorned woman. If someone is madder than a wet hen, there's no telling what she's capable of doing when she is full of rage. 

With extreme disdain, this woman has all the ability to dislike and disrespect other people because her emotions drive her. So if one is in the presence of a woman like this, better steer clear!

Northern Cornbread

The traditional cornbread is made with cornmeal, butter or bacon grease, and buttermilk. Southerners do not put sugar in their cornbread, while Northerners do. For Southerners, sweet cornbread is already considered a cake. 

Moreover, when people from the north hear that cornbread has sugar, they may have a confused look on their faces. Overall, their taste for cornbread is almost the same but leave out the sugar next time.

The Way of the Drunkards

The phrase "three sheets to the wind" is applicable for those people who drink too much alcohol. A "sheet" is a rope that's unmoored and is flailing about wildly in the wind, just like a drunk person. 

When someone has already drunk too much but still insists on the idea that they are just fine when they're not, then indeed, they have had enough. The phrase reveals the way of how drunkards act when the alcohol has already intoxicated them. 

Common Answer to People

Southerners have always used "ma'am" or "sir" when they respond to other people. They believed that this standard answer to shows politeness. Moreover, this is also a reflection of being a good-mannered person. 

However, people from the north find this way of answering people as a weird one. It feels peculiar to the tongue when saying "ma'am" or "sir so better not say this in front of a northerner.

Describing Something Small

When Southerners tell a story and want to describe something small, they would usually say that "it was no bigger than a minnow in a fishing pond." Minnows are common species of small freshwater fish.

So saying that it was no bigger than a minnow in a fishing pond only means that the fish was way smaller than a minnow. When fishing, everyone wants to get a decent size of a fish, but it's unavoidable to get some minnows and other smaller fish.

Love for Football

As the Southerners are all out in their love and interest for football, Northerners do not share the same excitement when watching football. Southerners have always liked college football. Some Northerners are into it, but only a few attend their state college's games. 

The Southerners would always love to engage and participate in their college's games, unlike the Northerners. Many Southerners wonder why and what Northerners do during their free time while not watching games.

When Someone's Taking A Long Time

When someone's taking a long time and tells the other person that they will be right back, that person might wait till the cows come home. Deep down, that person will take a much longer time doing what they need to do.

The phrase "till the cows come home" means that someone might wait for too long before returning. Better ditch the person and find something else to do because one might be waiting a lengthy time.

Terms of Endearment

"Sweetie," "sugar," or "honey" are only some of the terms of endearment that the Southerners used to call other people. Only a few of the Northerners use these types of endearment. But according to the U.S Department of the Interior's Office of Civil Rights, calling someone "sweetie," "honey," or "dear" is unprofessional in the workplace. 

Thus, calling someone with these endearments is also considered to be prohibited. Even if someone does not intend to do harm by those terms, they can still tell their co-workers because they might feel uncomfortable.

Something is Sideways

Another common term that Southerners used is the word "cattywampus." When someone has a painting tilting a little to the right, someone might say that the painting is cattywampus. Cattywampus does not have any relations with the cat animals. 

It is a colloquial American word that means that something is sideways or out of sorts. The term might sound funny and ridiculous for the Northerners, but the Southerners considered this word to be lovely.   

Shopping Carts

People from the south like to use colorful words to refer to something. For their shopping adversaries, they call their shopping carts "buggies." Buggies might be a new word for the Northerners, and they might not know what this word means. 

As for the Northerners, they literally only call it shopping carts . If the two of them might have crossed paths in a grocery store, the other might be confused about what "shopping carts" or "buggies" are.

Assuming the Wrong Thing

When someone is assuming the wrong things, they might be barking up the wrong tree. The phrase "barking up the wrong tree" is famous for people who put themselves in situations like these. 

A person will not know that they are already barking up the wrong tree unless someone tells them so. Thus, one should never forget to not speak on a matter they are not too versed or familiar with to avoid misconceptions about something.

Fried Food

Northerners offer fewer fried foods in their food restaurants. As the American South is known for its delicious fried food, Southerners have always loved these recipes. For the former, fried food can only be seen as novelty items on a hipster menu. Fried catfish, okra, and pickles practically don't exist in their menus. 

Fried food can be rarely seen in North America. With this, Southerners recognized the Northerners as bland because they do not share the same food interests.

Assuming Someone is a Northerner

Southerners call someone a "Yankee" if they assume that someone is not from the South. Previously, Yankee referred to the Union soldiers. It became a popular term in the South during the Civil War. 

If Southerners say that someone is a Yankee, they put confidence in the thought that they are a Northerner or act like one. Hence, the term "Yankee" does not have anything to do with the sports game baseball.   

Northern Sweet Tea

In making sweet tea, Southerners brew the tea, pour in sugar while it's still hot, and then serve it over ice. On the other hand, Northerners do the exact opposite of how the Southerners do it. Northerners will ice their tea first and then put sugar in it. 

Southerners believe that sugar would not dissolve in cold water, which would result in the sugar just sinking to the bottom. Consequently, Southerners reckoned that iced tea with sugar is not the same as sweet tea.

No Guarantees of Showing Up

If another person invites someone to attend their party, they know that no matter how badly they want to go, they can't guarantee their attendance. They might have to mention that "if the creek doesn't rise, I'll be there." 

This phrase is used when someone gives no guarantees of showing up. This phrase is applicable for people who have a busy schedule when invited to attend to other people's needs.

Making Coffee Differently

Many Southerners witness that the Northerners make their coffee differently. In South America, people are used to home-brewed pots of coffee. Instant and iced coffees are quite rare for them. 

Yet, Northerners are more used to iced coffees, which contrasts how Southerners make their coffees. Thus, Southerners do not understand why Northerners make their coffees like this, and vice versa.  

Simmering Down

When someone is in the moment of boiling up their anger or annoyance, they might be asked to hold their horses. This doesn't mean going to the barn and grabbing hold of a precious animal. It only means that someone is trying to tell that person to simmer down and wait. 

This phrase will help someone not be caught off guard of their actions. They are being requested kindly to hold their horses when they get anxious and become impatient.

Mexican BBQ Up North

Southerners are close to the Mexican border, so they get to become influenced by their food and cultures. With this, Southerners get to have the best tastes of Mexican cuisines and BBQs. 

However, in the North, Southerners are hard-pressed to find BBQ or Mexican food even close to that quality. People from the north have a different cooking style, their BBQs and sauces, which do not satisfy the Southerners' taste buds. 

Verge of Blowing Up

When someone is too full after eating a delicious meal, then they might be "as full as a tick." This phrase is used to describe when someone is on the verge of blowing up. 

Like ticks, when they are already satisfied with a healthy dose of blood, they can quickly balloon themselves up. It might not be the most inviting thing to visualize, but it's accurate. Like ticks, people also feel that they feel a balloon in their stomachs after eating so much.

Northerners Talk Quickly

Southerners cannot comprehend much of what the Northerners are talking about because they are known to be chatty. Employing this, a Southerner might ask a Northerner to say what the he or she is talking about for the second time around. Conversely, Northerners are also irritated by how slow paced the other is. 

Southern accents have drawn-out vowels and twangs, which is why they talk slowly, unlike the former. Even with the different linguistics stems, Southerners still find it weird for Northerners to speak too fast.

Thinking Too Highly of One’s Self

If someone might be getting ahead of themselves, that person might receive a phrase saying that "they are too big for their britches". This means that they are thinking too highly of themselves. 

When someone has this attitude, they might not want to accept other people's opinions because they already know everything. They are just too full of themselves, which is not a good thing at all.

Getting Rid of Grease

Southerners are used to saving their fat consumption, especially if it's bacon grease. They repurpose it for eggs, cornbread, black-eyed peas, biscuits, and green beans. They also use it for flavor and for sanitary purposes, to clean the pan. 

Meanwhile, Northerners limit their fat consumption by getting rid of grease. Northerners will toss the oil instead of repurposing it, which is why their food taste different from that of Southerners.

About to Do Something

Southerners have a neat phrase response when someone is telling them what they are about to do. This phrase is "fixin' to." If someone has said another person of something they have planned to do already, they will respond to the other person that they are fixin' to something. 

The phrase does not imply anything because it is just an expression the Southerners say when they're about to do something.

Dinner for Northerners

For Southerners, dinner is the meal that is served in the afternoon. For evening and nighttime meals, they call it supper. However, for Northerners, the midday meal is lunch, and dinner in the evening or nighttime meal. Therefore, Northerners might not know what supper is. 

Thus, the word "dinner" might have a different meaning depending on their location in the U.S. In some instances, if a Southerner and a Northerner have to take meals together at dinner time, they might have arrived at different times. 

Kids Throwing Temper Tantrums

Southerners have another handy phrase to describe a kid throwing temper tantrums after they've been denied that piece of candy. This two-word phrase is "hissy fit." A child crying wildly because they did not get what she wanted is a perfect example of a hissy fit. 

Hissy fit means that someone is in an angry outburst, just like how a child is acting when they throw a tantrum. Other folks in the east and west also use this phrase.

Northerners’ Coke

For Southerners, the word "coke" means any soda. When they say coke in a restaurant, they will be asked what type of soda they want. As for the Northerners, the word "coke" initially means Coca-Cola alone. Other types of soda are called "pop" for them. 

Hence, saying the word "coke" in the U.S will receive a different response. This is why Southerners find it strange when they go to Northerners' restaurants and order a coke. Then the Northerners will give them a Coca-Cola.

Complimenting a Girl

When a woman might look dashing to the eye, and she hears a Southerner say that she looks pretty as a peach, that woman shouldn't be alarmed. The phrase "pretty as a peach" only means a short and sweet way of saying to a girl how nice she looks. 

The expression shouldn't be taken literally as it is only a different phrase for Southerners to compliment a girl for being beautiful as she is.

Northerners are Always in a Hurry

Southerners see Northerners be always in a hurry. But for Northerners, only wanted to use their time efficiently. They wanted to move quickly because their lives were busy and everything was close by. 

They tried to get everything done before they ran out of time. When the Southerners get frustrated with how Northerners are moving so fast, Northerners are also obstructed by how Southerners move slowly in the South.

Acting Unacceptably

If someone is acting unacceptably, some people might call them "being ugly" the phrase "being ugly" does not mean that someone is unattractive. This is the way that the Southerners say to someone for them to switch up their attitude. 

Thus, when saying this, someone should remember not to be rough enough in stating this so that they will not offend other people whom they are around. 

Eating Catfish

Eating catfish is not known to Northerners. Therefore, they never tried eating one because they think that eating catfish is gross. As for the Southerners, catfish is a prevalent food dish. 

Southerners are reminded of their childhood when they get a taste of fried “chuckleheads” or “mudcats” “polliwogs.” Southerners believed that the Northerners were missing out on a childhood delight because they hadn’t tried it, and they were refusing to eat one.

Hot Days

During hot days, most Americans feel like they’re roasting in a volcanic pit. Then, someone will tell you that you are “sweating more than a sinner in church.” This phrase implies the feelings of those who do no good when they feel the heat as they go to church. 

On hot days like these, Southerners feel like the air conditioner doesn’t work when they need it the most. Hence, they’re practically sweating worse than a sinner in the church.

Most Disagreeable Thing

Northerners tend to make fun of the Southerners’ accent, and so, for the Southerners, this is the most disagreeable thing that Northerners are doing. Upon visiting the North, Southerners have experienced some horrible treatment from the locals of the North because of their accents. 

Even though Southerners do not like Northerners to make fun of their accents, they still find Northerners kind. Regardless of how Northerners speak, they still have compassion for their fellow Americans.

Little Too Revealing

When someone, especially a woman, is wearing something a little too revealing, she might have been told by the other person that she can “see to Christmas.” Someone uses this phrase if they get slightly offended at the length of a woman’s skirt. 

Even when a woman thinks that her outfit is lovely, the other person might still judge her based on how revealing her clothes are. Thus, a woman should always wear clothes that would reflect her modesty.

Brash in Social Interactions

Southerners see the Northerners be a bit brasher in social interactions. They seem to be arrogant and rude by the kind of interaction that they are showing off. But in a true sense, they are not. 

This is the reason why the Southerners are grumping about the Northerners. Even if Northerners sound quite reckless, they are still good-natured people who would gladly show kindness to their fellow Americans.

Kicking Off Their Spiel

When two Southerners are having a conversation, if the other is in all-out of speaking up their thoughts and opinions, the other person might want to chime in. Upon chiming in, the other person might have to say that they will have to “reckon.” 

The word “reckon” means that another person wants to kick off their spiel. Additionally, to reckon also means to start by speaking up one’s ideas and thoughts.

Northerners Do Not Know Okra

Southerners have always loved to include okra in their meals. In the South, okra is a staple to any meal. Okra is a flowering plant known for its edible seed pods. 

When the Southerners enjoy eating okra and celebrate an annual event called “Okra Strut Festival,” Northerners do not know what okra is. Northerners do not know things about okra. But for the Southerners, they have always eaten an abundance of the green plant and especially love it when it’s deep-fried. 

Loaded with Sarcasm

If someone is doing something questionable, a Southerner might say to them the phrase, “aren’t you precious?”. This might sound appealing, but it is not. This phrase is loaded with sarcasm, and it only means that someone has been offended by the other person. 

Southerners love being polite and will disguise insults as compliments. The phrase “aren’t you precious?” also represents a way of telling someone that if they don’t have something nice to say, then they better not say a word at all.

The Difference

The United States is so huge that people from different parts of the country have unique cultures. Despite having unique experiences, the Southerners and the Northerners are meeting the values of respect and consideration. 

Things may vary between these two groups of people, but these situations will not hinder them from building camaraderie with each other. With proper addressing of issues, people can be of great harmony in living with each other.