They Heard An Adult's Cry For Help, But The Officers Found A Toddler Instead Trapped Alive

Unexplainable Occurrence

Police officers witnessed something that they are still unable to explain. In any case, it brought them to a helpless baby in dire need of help. They hoped they weren't too late.

The majority of us go about our everyday lives, completely used to the reality we see, smell, touch, taste, and, of course, hear on a regular basis. However, in a few rare instances, some of us have encountered an unexplainable occurrence.


In 2015, some police officers came across something similar and something strange. An incidence they could have never imagined. What they found was astonishing and came with several unanswered questions.

One question stood out from others, was it real or not?

Car In River

In the same year in Utah, a fisherman found something strange in the Spanish Fork River. He immediately called the police who on reaching the spot came across the strangest incident ever. 

There was a car idle in the river, half sunk.

911 Call

There were two calls made by the same person. The first call for help was made to a non-emergency line, with the caller saying: 'Are you guys aware there's a car in the river on the south end of Spanish Fork, Main Street, over the bridge?

Then four minutes later, the same caller dials 911 directly saying: 'There's a car in the river. It's upside down off of Main Street and there is a person inside. I can see a hand.'

Woman Found

Firefighters and four police officers rushed to the scene as swiftly as they could, jumping into the freezing water and suffering hypothermia as a result.

When they arrived at the red Dodge vehicle, they discovered a woman later identified as Lynn Jennifer Groesbeck, a 25-year-old mother.

Help Me

The cops reported they all heard a calm adult voice coming from the car. But Groesbeck had already passed away. This wasn't making any sense. "Someone said, 'help me,' inside that car," one of the policemen, Tyler Beddoes, recalled.

But this wasn't the only strange thing among the series of strange occurrences.


They were all hearing the voice at the same time. But where was it coming from? The guys were allegedly directed by this voice to push the car upright.

They did as the voice instructed and turned the car with improbable superhuman power. What they found next was even more shocking.

A Small Baby

In the backseat, they discovered the woman's unconscious infant daughter. Even after being trapped there for more than 14 hours with nothing to eat or drink, she was still alive.

She had also been hanging upside down for the whole time, wearing nothing but a flannel onesie.


Ice water poured right below her head through damaged car windows as she dangled from the Dodge Caliber, which was perched on the bank and rocks.  Throughout the night and into the morning, the temperature was around freezing.

Officers formed a line in the river and passed the freezing child from one officer to the next until she was on the shoreline and in the arms of rescue personnel. They hurried her to the hospital and did CPR on her.

The Accident

The accident happened around 50 miles south of Salt Lake City near Spanish Fork. After visiting her folks in Salem, Groesbeck was traveling to her house in Springville.

The police speculate that at roughly 10:30 p.m., Friday, Groesbeck's car hit a cement barrier on a bridge and tumbled into the river, where it stayed upside down until a fisherman found the crash at around 12:20 p.m. Saturday and called 911.

Strange Voices

Beddoes was concerned that he could have been hearing things because of what he had just witnessed. He questioned his fellow policemen on the scene if they had had similar experiences, and they all responded yes.

"[It] wasn't just in our heads. To me, it was plain as day. I remember hearing a voice that didn't sound like a child, just saying 'help me.'"


Beddoes stated he hadn't slept in two nights because he was so upset by what had transpired. Instead, he used that time to try to figure out what they'd said. 

He described it as a miracle occurrence and speculated that it could only be an angel.

Speedy Recovery

According to the young girl's father, 34-year-old Deven Trafny, the 18-month-old Lily Groesbeck was injured but made a miraculous recovery.

The dad said, "I'm just really blessed, and I'm glad to have my daughter here with me. I'm overwhelmed with joy right now. She's just a miracle to me."

Ignorance Is A Bliss

Lily was released into the hands of her late mother's parents after a speedy recovery. At this moment, she was already singing nursery rhymes. 

She was completely ignorant of the bittersweet and inexplicable incident that had just occurred.

Nothing Short Of A Miracle

Could it be that, rather than an angel, a mother's love might go from one realm to another, inspiring men to do seemingly impossible feats?

Miracles don't have to come from a world other than where we are today, whether they come from an angel or a mother, whether they're paranormal or not. While the mother's death is tragic, Lily's survival is nothing short of a miracle.