These Surprise Endings Had Us Shook

1. My Boyfriend Came Out As Gay

We all love surprises, but only if they are good for us. Now, imagine you accidentally found out that your parents aren’t actually your parents, but strangers who bought you on the internet?

Or that your best friend, whom you love so much, wants to kill you? These poor Redditors had been through hell and back. Scroll down to read some of the craziest stories that will keep you up at night!

Just happened a week ago. A guy I'd been dating for over a year and living with for 6 months, who worked INCESSANTLY to get me to agree to date him, came out as gay. Now I have to find a place to live and am single again.


2. The Cheater

My esthetician was giving a Brazilian wax to a new client. The new client goes on and on about this new guy she is dating and how he's a bartender at XYZ. The esthetician's boyfriend was the bartender.

Always fun to find out you are knee-deep waxing the vagina of the woman you are being cheated on with.


3. Not A Virgin

A coworker of mine bragged at work about losing his virginity on the night of his bachelor party. Obviously, not to his wife, who doesn’t have a clue.

 But the lie gets even bigger. She thinks they lost their virginity to each other on their wedding night. It’s a VERY big deal to her and it would most likely end in their divorce if she ever found out.


4. A Dark Secret

I always wonder if my cousin ever realized that her mom isn’t actually her biological parent. The reality is jaw-dropping. She is actually the product of an affair between her dad and their house cleaner.

She’s 42 now with kids, and her mother passed years ago, but there are few remaining people left in my family who know the truth. We all vowed to her real mom to keep it a secret from her.


5. The Twins

I was a Starbucks barista before the whole "names on cups" thing was big, or at least, it wasn't really practiced in my tiny store.

There was this very cute guy who came in maybe 4-6x a week. A little often, but nothing out of the ordinary. I flirted like mad. He flirted back. It was all great. Then he comes in with his fiance. I was betrayed and treated him coldly from then on.

A month later, two of them come in together, and I find out that they are twins and I'd shot down any chance I had with the single one.


6. An Undiagnosed Brain Tumor

I knew a woman who was going through divorce proceedings with her husband. He was always argumentative and borderline abusive towards her, certainly always shouting and demeaning.

Then, just as the divorce was entering its final stages, he very suddenly died.

His autopsy showed that he had a massive undiagnosed brain tumor that had been physically altering his personality. His wife felt all kinds of guilty afterwards and took it out on everyone she talked to and lost a lot of friends in the process.


7. A Secret Affair

A friend of mine has been cheating on his girlfriend of three years…with another guy! They have even been having threesomes on the regular. This would totally destroy his life because he both lives and works with his girlfriend, and she is his manager.

He’d be jobless and out on the streets if she ever found out. I wouldn’t be surprised if he gets burned at some point down the line.


8. Mike

I was adopted from South America to the US when I was a toddler, and have no memory of my birth parents. I had an older friend/mentor I met in college. I knew him as Mike.

When I learned that my birth mother passed away, I got a few of her belongings, including some pictures. Who was in these pictures? Mike. He was my birth father.


9. Nobody Knows It's My Friend's Fault

A co-worker of mine messed up the promotional posters of a well-known martial arts film by editing its Wikipedia article with incorrect character names before it came out.

The company in charge of the posters was incompetent enough to use Wikipedia as its source for the names of the characters, so the posters are all wrong.

Only I know it was my friend’s fault.


10. A Two-Day Relationship

While driving Lyft, two people had just gotten engaged. They were going back and forth about how much they loved and trusted each other. On and on. About 20 minutes into the ride, I found out that they met two days ago.


11. A Terrible Hospital Mistake

I used to work at a huge hospital that just coasts on regional reputation and prestige. The story behind the scenes, however, is completely different. The company is so messed up.

The worst secret I know about this hospital is that they once mislabeled a baby corpse. Because it was mislabeled, they lost it altogether. Only a few of us know the truth.


12. My Therapist Was Gay Too

I grew up Mormon, and when I realized I was gay, I did reparative therapy to help make me straight. Fast forward a few years to today, I'm out, and a happy gay man, and I see a pic on Facebook of my ex-therapist WITH HIS BOYFRIEND.



13. The End

My friend was seeing a guy she was crazy about. For years. They traveled together, spent most nights together, and were talking about starting a family.

One day he texted to say he and his other girlfriend were engaged so he couldn't see her anymore. Pretended that my friend knew about her all along and told her she was unreasonable for being upset.


14. The DNA Test Discovery

After my father passed, I decided to do one of those DNA tests because I thought it would be fun to find out more about my dad’s family. I didn’t really know that much about them.

But what I found out wasn’t fun at all. Instead of getting more information about my father, I got a 50% match with a man I’d never met.

The test was suggesting that he is actually my real father. I haven’t yet contacted him or confronted my mom. I don’t know what to do with this information.


15. The Matchmaker

My friend liked to match make. She invited me to dinner and said she invited someone her husband worked with she knew I would like. Well, he did not show, but his co-worker and my husband of now 18 years did. At our wedding, we got a card saying, "who knows what would have happened if I had showed up that night."


16. Women Belong In The Kitchen

Two days ago, I was at work when a senior coworker was cussing someone out. He usually did that sort of thing, so I wasn’t taken by surprise by his behavior.

Also, I was in no mood to deal with him that day, so I just focused on my work and tried to ignore him and get on with it. But then he revealed something about himself he could never take back.

In a loud voice, he said, “The world will be peaceful if women stay home. They should not be allowed to come out of the kitchen”. He then turned to me and said some nasty things about the supervisors.

Being an intern, I was scared that I would lose my position if I complained about his behavior, so I just let it go. But everything he said really hurt, even though he didn’t direct his words at me.

As a woman, I’ve worked my butt off to get to where I am now. I’ve had to overcome so many obstacles just to be able to work at this company. His misogynistic comments stirred up so much anger in me, and what’s worse is I felt like I couldn’t do anything about it.

If the bosses knew the truth about this guy, he’d probably get fired. At least, I hope.


17. My Mom Lied To Me About My Birth Father

My mom died in a car accident when I was really young, so I was raised by my grandma because my dad wasn't really in the picture. As it turns out, this guy isn't my dad like my mom had led everyone to believe.

She had told one person the truth, and he finally came forward after 20 years. My real dad was another guy who had also died in a car accident on the same road (close to the same location) about 1 year before she did.

No one knows why she kept this secret, but DNA testing confirmed it, and my family doubled in size that year.


18. A Legless Nigerian Ex-Felon

I work at a prison, and a lady flew all the way from Nigeria to visit her brother, who was supposed to be incarcerated at my unit.

She speaks a little English, but we tried to explain to her that the inmate was not in the system anymore. He must have been released. We call a supervisor, and it turns out he was released over five months before.

She walks away confused and comes back in with her husband, who speaks English much better. We tell him the scenario, and he asks, “Well, where did he go? He doesn’t have any friends or family in the US”.

We told him we don’t know where he went, he was released and could be anywhere. The guy, obviously confused, says, “Well… he couldn’t have gone anywhere… because he doesn’t have any legs”.

So a legless Nigerian ex-felon with no ties is scooting around the US and no one knows where he is.


19. It's A Small World

I'm working at a retail store, and we get a new coworker. The coworker is super friendly and chatty. He starts to talk about his mom having attended Private Catholic High School.

The name rang a faint bell. Then I realized my dad went there. I inquired further about when she graduated. I asked my dad about it and when he graduated. Turns out, they dated in high school.


20. Can't Trust No One

Went traveling with my girlfriend of four years, we met an amazing person, all became best friends and, traveled with each other for four months, got matching tattoos as a souvenir of our amazing time.

Plot twist: girlfriend cheated on me with that person we had become best friends with every night in the last week…whilst I was in the same room, asleep. Found out through fixing her broken phone for her and the messages coming through.


21. The Husband Is The Enemy

My grandparents lived across the street from a very lovely couple who had their own successful business. The wife started to get sick.

The husband insisted on taking care of his wife and making sure she had her milk every evening. She kept getting sicker, and her sister comes to help take care of her. One day the husband up and leaves.

It turns out he had been poisoning his wife via the milk, in the garage, he had a voodoo doll of her with the eyes scratched out, he had another family, had forged her signature on multiple documents for the house, and had taken all the clients from their shared business. No one would have guessed the guy was capable of anything like this.


22. An Extra Set Of Nipples

For 17 years, I thought I had two birthmarks on my torso. That is until my girlfriend was curious about them and took a very close look at them.

Turns out I have an extra set of nipples. Tiny but fully formed with areolas and all.


23. Liar

My sister's boyfriend decided that he wanted to do more with his architecture skills, so he gave his two weeks' notice and moved to Haiti to help rebuild after the earthquake.

They stayed together. He had bad phone service, so they mostly kept in touch through emails. He would send her long emails with photos and stories of what they were doing. This went on for a couple of months.

One off-handed tip from a co-worker and a week of sleuthing later, and it turns out he never went to Haiti. He moved to Seattle to be with his fiance and partner of 9 years.


24. "Candy"

I’m an estate lawyer. I had a client who was a son who did not really talk to his father. Still, he wanted to make sure the father’s estate was wrapped up properly. They did not know if a will existed but knew that his dad had a safety deposit box.

So, we get a court order to open the box, and sure enough, a will was there. However, the will left a lion’s share of his estate…to a woman no one knew.

In with the will were also pictures of a naked woman and a stage name; something like “cinnamon” or “candy,” written on the back. Soon, the bizarre truth became obvious.

The father had left part of his estate to a dancer whom he enjoyed visiting in his older age. She had no idea and they had to track her down, which was a nightmare. They finally found her, and she came to the office for a check accompanied by a “male friend.”


25. We Got Lucky

Studying abroad in England, I planned a weekend trip to Barcelona with this girl. This is pre-cellphones.

I overslept. Got to the airport like three hours late. As soon as I arrive, there's the girl. At the exact same time, we both say, "I am SO sorry... Wait, what are you sorry for?"

Turns out she overslept too. British Airways changed our tickets for us, at no charge, and we got to Barcelona a few hours late.


26. Poop In The Ceiling

I’m a lawyer, and I had a case where a man refused to pay rent because his apartment smelled terrible, and it was making him sick.

So his landlord tried to evict him. A few days after I took on the case and just before his first hearing, the ceiling in the tenant’s bathroom just totally collapsed on him when he came home one day.

It revealed a disgusting truth. Turns out, some plumbing wasn’t connected, and his ceiling had been filling with poop for months. The landlord settled pretty quickly after that.


27. Crashing Into Your Dad's Bike

A friend of mine apparently was sneaking out for a trip outside the city with his friends since his parents didn’t let him go. They were on motorbikes, already on their way outside of the city suddenly, he got into an accident with another bike. It was his dad he crashed into.


28. A Total Nightmare

Happily married for 6 years. One day my wife's cat gets sick, and the vet says it has five days to live. Five days later, it dies, and she has a total breakdown.

Was always a little unstable, but this sent her so far over the edge there was no coming back. Became a different person with a different personality and quickly found a different man. For all intents and purposes, she died, except now I have to see her ghost walking around.


29. The Crazy Ex

My co-worker’s girlfriend filed for divorce a few weeks ago. That’s right, girlfriend. They aren’t married, and common-law doesn’t apply in my state. They lived together for five years. She has a job.

She isn’t on the mortgage. And she left him a few months ago. There are no kids involved. They were never engaged In the “divorce,” she wants him to leave his house, and she wants to be the one to move back in.

She also wants him to pay her $2,800 a month for some reason. I referred him to my divorce attorney, and now that attorney is probably going to represent him. The chick is nuts. She has already tried to get a restraining order against him that was dismissed.


30. My Uncle Saved Me

My abusive mother basically kept me in a basement, scared to talk to people or make any real friendships my whole life.

Forced me to take care of the house, guilted me out of taking piano and violin lessons discouraged my dreams of drawing, and gave me a nervous tick to stand up whenever I hear anything above me.

Thought she was some mastermind that kept the entire family in the dark. My uncle moved in with us for 3 weeks so he could attend some medical stuff in a town we lived nearby.

He was so appalled at how I was treated that I was out of the house 2 weeks after he arrived. Turned out the entire family knew the entire situation, but no one said or did anything to save me because they didn't want to upset my grandparents.

I'm now estranged and don't speak to anyone in the family but that uncle.


31. It All Happened Too Quickly

My maternal grandfather was wealthy. He divorced my maternal grandmother, remarried, and promptly suffered a heart attack.

He was only 48 and had no will, so everything went to his new wife, my mom’s stepmother. She was actually really nice and was planning on making sure that everything was “fair”…till she tragically passed in a car accident six months later.

She was a widow herself prior to marrying grandfather and had a now-orphaned 15-year-old son from a previous marriage. He got everything.

My mom and her siblings had to go to the auction at their childhood home and buy back as much of their heirlooms and memories as they could afford—and, truthfully, filched some of what they couldn’t.


32. A Cyber Bully

Someone I know anonymously spammed another person online with horrible threats, then later abandoned the platform.

She is now fairly successful on another social media app, but if her thousands of fans were ever to find out how much of a cyberbully she used to be, it would definitely destroy her internet fame.

I’d love to see someone “out” her, but it can’t be me for one very important reason. I won’t be able to deal with the drama. It would be like opening Pandora’s box.

If she was petty enough to do horrible things to someone before becoming internet famous, I don’t know what she’d do to me now that she has so much to lose. She’s very unstable mentally, so if I exposed her, the consequences could be dire.

Also, her fan base sucks up to her big time, so I’m not even sure if people would believe me.


33. My Own Mother Stole My Identity

I went for a car loan and come to find out I had over 20K in debt. My identity was stolen, and I had no idea how it had happened.

A few months after, my mother was deported to Costa Rica, so for the next 2 years, I was helping with the transition. When she passed away in 2007, and we started gathering her things, that's when I saw it.

Credit Card bills, Loans, Leases, etc. My own mother had stolen my identity and had a party at my expense.


34. "I'm Gay"

My parents split when I was little. I came out to my mom and stepdad when I was 13, but I waited to tell my father because we didn’t have as emotionally close a relationship. I finally phoned my dad up when I was 16 because it was time I had to let him know. “Dad, I’ve got something to tell you.” “Whatever it is, I love you.” “I’m gay.”

“So am I”. “Whatt”?


35. Postpartum Depression

After my wife had our child, she fell deeply into postpartum depression and attacked me with a knife. After that, she ended up leaving my son and I so she could go pursue her dream of being homeless and on drugs.

Now I'm a single father and loving every moment of it. Being a single father is a lot of work but knowing I don't have anyone to nag at me to clean up or put the toilet seat down tends to make up for it.


36. Crazy And Rich

I had a rich uncle. He was really crazy…and not in a good way. He would come to visit us when we were kids, maybe once every ten years.

The last time that he visited, he brought us to a Denny’s.  When he arrived, he met my brother at the airport, was with us for an hour, and then he got on another plane and went home.

When he passed, he had no friends, and he had basically driven his wife to drink herself to the grave a few years prior.

In his will, he left his entire estate to an Elvis impersonator. Everything.


37. She Never Returned

I found out my girlfriend was cheating on me with a guy in France that she met on an exchange program. I had my suspicions and confronted her.

She admitted it, I broke up with her right before she left to go on vacation to visit him. I told her not to come back. She had a brain aneurysm the first night with him and passed away.


38. The Real Reason For Moving

I had to move from Mexico to the US around the age of 5. When I was 18, I found out it was because my dad had discovered a man was committing fraud in the company he worked for and told him to either turn himself in or be reported.

Turned out the man was a Narco and threatened to kill my parents, so we fled the country! My dad still works for the same company, they helped us get out/ we were able to return to Mexico a few years later.


39. Life Is A Sick Ride

Started dating a girl. Her single mom meets my single dad. They mingle. Hard. Girl sleeps with my best friend. Messy breakup. Now my ex-girlfriend is my stepsister. Life is a sick ride.


40. Everything Happens For A Reason

I was living with my parents when my mom passed away due to a horrible scuba diving accident. My father didn't know how to deal, he starts dating a lot of different people, blowing through life insurance money, and generally not making good choices, so I decided to move out.

I moved into an apartment complex, and that same day, a cute guy moves in across the courtyard. Now we are married, and I am pregnant with our first child.


41. Surprise!

Two sons of a really wealthy couple go to the family lawyer to have their recently deceased parents’ will read. The lawyer is super nervous because he has known them both since they were kids.

One son gets the entire inheritance, and the other gets nothing. The explanation was that it should be passed through to blood relatives only.

So that was the day he found out he was adopted.


42. My Teacher Lied To My Face

A few days before my graduation, my teacher told me I didn't make it because my grades were too bad. I had fought all year for good grades, and this shattered all my future plans.

Went home after and skipped my graduation party since I didn't want to see anyone and just lay down and cry.

5 days later, my mother comes from work and finds my graduation letter in the post. Turns out my teacher had lied, and I made it, after all, to graduate with pretty good grades.


43. It Was Brutal

My friend seemed to have it all. But there was one problem:  No matter what he said, his beautiful French wife refused to speak English when her family was over. Instead, they would just speak in French the entire time while he sat by, not understanding a word.

He started to get suspicious, so he recorded their conversation and got it translated—that tape was absolutely heartbreaking. The entire family was insulting him whenever they came over. It was absolutely brutal.


44. My Biological Father Is Insane

When I was old enough to start signing my own forms, I found out my last name wasn't my last name and that my biological dad had been deported for trying to kill my mom when she left him. He still sends death threats.


45. I'm Definitely Not The Father

My ex-wife is suing me for child support…but I don’t even have the “equipment.” I lost it when I was 14 due to a major health problem. I married a woman who, at the time, claimed to be asexual, however, eventually, she told me that she was pregnant with twins with a man she was sleeping with.

We divorced before the children were born. This is now four years later. So I received a letter in the mail that said I’m being sued for child support. The children are definitely not mine, and we divorced before they were even born.

I’m in a horrible situation, my health is very poor, and my finances are very, very limited. I’m barely affording to survive here.


46. A Lesbian

There was this girl I went to school with. Drop dead gorgeous. Really cool girl. We were friends, and I always had a crush on her.

One of my friends was her best friend as well. She said I genuinely have a chance with this awesome girl, but she kept rejecting me over the 2 or 3 years we went to school together.

I never really understood why because we clicked so well. Turns out she is a lesbian. Just came out of the closet last week, none of us had any idea.


47. At Least I'm Alive

Got off work on a normal day. Knowing I had the day off the next day, I picked up a burrito and a six-pack, planning to spend a relaxing night getting drunk and playing video games.

Pull up to my apartment surrounded by fire trucks and the Red Cross. Turns out my apartment was totally destroyed by the fire that afternoon.


48. We Got You Covered

On September 14th, 1986, my dad dropped me off at boarding school and gave me a five-dollar bill. I never heard from him again. He never paid my tuition bill.

So, from the age of 14, I took every job I could get and worked my way through. At $4 an hour, I didn’t even come close to paying off my entire bill, but the school let me stick around because I was a model student in and out of the classroom.

We get to graduation. I opened my little diploma thing expecting to see a bill in five figures. Instead, there was a note: “Congratulations on your graduation.

A group of us who believe in you and love you have taken care of your bill. We are proud to present you with your diploma.”

I later found out that one of my friend’s dad, a fairly well-off dentist, went fundraising among his golf buddies because he didn’t want to see me enter life at 18 under crushing debt.


49. A Very Weird Plan

This may get a little convoluted, but a girl I went to high school with had a boyfriend. After like 2 years, she found out that her boyfriend was being paid by a lesbian to go out with the girl so that the lesbian could pretend to be him online and talk to her.

I guess it was to make the girl fall in love with her or something.


50. A Suicide

A friend of mine went hunting with his brothers and uncles one day. There was this old farmer that had a lot of land and it had a ton of deer so they asked him if it was ok to hunt on his land.

He said, "Yeah, you can hunt on my land, but if you see a fox, shoot it because they're killing my chickens. If I see one, I'll surely shoot it." They were out all day and didn't get anything.

They headed back to the house and heard about 4 gunshots. His uncle was like, "Oh, he must have seen some foxes." They arrived at his house, and it turns out he killed himself and his entire family.


51. When I Found Out I Had Cancer

I was 19 and casually seeing a girl. Then one day, I found a lump in one of my testicles while I was taking a shower.

Went to the doctor, and it turned out that it was cancer and that they would have to remove it. Oh, and I would have to have at least 2 rounds of the most intensive chemo out there if I wanted to not die.

There was also the very strong chance that I would be sterile for the rest of my life. Realizing that this was something that I might not survive, I ended things and dropped off the face of the planet for the girl I was seeing, as I didn't want to end up being the dead boyfriend.

She found out what was going on, though, and basically insisted that she be with me through it all. She came to every single 8-10 hour chemo session and helped me through recovery.

Fast forward 6 years, and we are happily married with 2 kids and our 3rd on the way.


52. It Was All A Lie

When I was about 19, I met a woman in the college bar I frequented. Long story short, we quickly move in together, sharing a bedroom, checking account, the whole deal.

Just after our first anniversary, while I was at work, she moved out without telling me. I found out about a month later that she moved out because she married her long-term boyfriend, who she was with for 5 years.

Her mom had never heard of me, and the older woman I met must have been an actor portraying her mom. Confused the hell out of me for years.


53. I Wish I Didn't Find Out The Truth

My parents divorced at 16, and I hated my mother for it because I thought it was her fault, and she just stopped loving my dad. Found out differently at 30 and wish I hadn't.

Turned out he was sleeping with every girl on every Air Force Base we lived on, including wives of his own best friends. The worst, though, was when I found out he slept with my babysitter when I was 5 multiple times, and she was 15 or 16.


54. My Friend Is Evil

My friend breeds rabbits, and when she really can’t find someone to buy her baby rabbits, she gives them to a man who eats them.

Also, when one rabbit is “overly inbred,” she kills them by smacking them hard onto the concrete floor and standing on them if they’re not dead yet. I wish she hadn’t told me


55. "Teddy B"

Ted Bundy might have partied multiple times on my property. We found an old journal of a hippie girl that used to live in my house, and she mentioned a "Teddy B" multiple times.

I know that some of his victims were found in the vicinity of my area, too. What if he did a crime on my property or found one of his victims at a party on my property?


56. A Crazy Aunt

I have an aunt I never heard about until I turned 20. Turns out she's a psycho who beat my grandmother and mother, robbed them repeatedly, and tried to stalk me at my senior homecoming game.

She's been in jail so many times that I don't even know how she can get out again. She knows me, and I'll never know her personally, but damn I wish I didn't have this nagging feeling like she could show up at any time and potentially ruin my family's life. Again.


57. Meet Mike And John

Worked at a small company during college. Two dudes that work there (Mike and John) are best friends since high school, and Mike is getting married to his high school sweetheart.

Nine months after the wedding, the girl has a baby. And it looks nothing like Mike but a lot like John. And she reveals that she had slept with John on her wedding day before she actually got married. She divorces Mike, marries John the next day, and Mike and John are not friends anymore.


58. Her Plan Backfired

My high school sweetheart's best friend let me know that my girlfriend cheated on me with multiple guys at a party. I broke things off with her that same day.

It was a very nasty breakup. Years and years later, I got a message on Facebook from her best friend. She explained to me that my high school sweetheart never cheated on me, she just wanted to break us up so that she could have me for herself because I seemed like the "perfect boyfriend."

Her plan backfired because I thought she was ugly inside and out, and as soon as I broke things off with my girlfriend, I wanted nothing to do with her.

Between her plan failing and the guilt of ruining an otherwise great relationship, she decided to keep her mouth shut. I don't know if she told her best friend, but I know that I never will.


59. A Dodged Bullet

Was seeing a guy for a few months, and then he told me he didn’t think he was ready for a serious relationship yet, fair enough. Then he posted about his new girlfriend 3 days later, and now they are expecting in November. Plot twist or dodged bullet?


60. We Didn't See This Coming

My friend in college was such a jock. Worked out constantly, total womanizer, had posters of women in swimsuits. Also pretty conservative politically.

A few years later, he's in a relationship with a black guy and also converted to Judaism. They adopted a baby girl from Korea.


61. His Ex Is My BFF Now

A week into my relationship with my first serious boyfriend, his ex messaged me. She was nice and didn’t hide who she was and subtly told me how much of a tool he was.

I’m a nice person, so I was friendly to her even though it was a little strange. Turns out he was a compulsive liar, constantly accused me of cheating on him, was messaging other girls at my school, and basically a douche-nozzle.

I continued talking to his ex after I left him for good, and now we are best friends. We met in person for the first time when we went to the same college.

Later, she talked me into applying for a position with her, and we still work together 7 and a half years later. Not all exes are crazy.


62. My Client's Cheating Fiancé.

I was telling a client about a guy I met where I spend my summers. A real piece of work who had a bad reputation in town because he was caught cheating on his wife more than once and flashed money around like he was rich.

He blew all his money trying to develop some property and now was running out of businesses in town who would work with him. She asked his name.

It was her fiancé. So now I'm on the phone with my client, who is crying because she was planning her wedding to a guy who had no money, but a wife. Did see that day coming. I'm too old for this drama.


63. A Tragic Ending

My brother-in-law had ruined his life by the time he was 36. He lost his kids, his girlfriend, his job, his car, his license, his family, etc.

At 38, he decides to get his life back together and really doubles down on getting a steady job and proving that he is over his drug addiction. Over the course of a year, he earned back everyone's trust and got promotions.

He had just met his children again for the first time in years. It was a real comeback story. The next day he is found dead in his room from a drug overdose.


64. Living My Best Life Now

Started dating a guy who was kind of shy, a little overweight, and who lived with his parents. I liked him because he was funny and really passionate about his career and technology, and thought my weird hobbies were interesting too.

Turns out that business did REALLY well, and twelve years down the road, he’s still funny and passionate about his business, but now sometimes we get to fly places in his plane, and I’ve gotten to travel more than I ever thought I would.

Was not expecting this turn of events in my early 20s, but it was a fun surprise!


65. Cheska

My high school friend started texting with a girl named Cheska, who said she got his number from a common friend.

The girl becomes super flirty, and he immediately falls for her without even meeting her. And this was a time before social media, so he didn't even know what she looked like.

They text for a month, and come October, she comes clean. Apparently, Cheska was actually a guy named Rudolph, and he was just trying to mess with my friend.

He got tired and just wanted to stop. I can't forget the scene of my friend crying on our school bench, listening to "wake me up when September ends," and me trying to balance consoling him and not laughing.


66. It's Too Late To Apologize

My friend was walking home late at night after work when he had a group of guys jump him and steal his stuff.

Part way through, one of the guys stops dead in his tracks. Turns out they were friends of my buddy's younger brother, and the guy that stopped had met my friend in passing a handful of times and recognized him.

As soon as they all realized what was up, the group returned his phone and wallet whilst profusely apologizing for beating him up.


67. He Was In Prison All This Time

Dated a guy a few years older than me when I was 16. We went on 3 dates, and things were going well. He texted me one night when I was at a school event, saying he was in love with me.

Being 16, I was like, “Oh uh I’m sorry I’m not there.... but I want to keep seeing you.” He didn’t respond. I figured he was really upset and didn’t know what to say.

But then he ignored my texts and calls for 2 weeks, and I just gave up. I was upset, but I got over him in a month.

Nearly 4 months after the night he stopped texting me, he called me. Turns out he was in prison for 3.5 months.

He knew he’d be serving time then, but didn’t tell me about the situation at all when we were dating because he “didn’t want to scare me off.”

That’s the main plot twist, but it also involves him stalking me at work and my manager hiding me in our break room.

I had to discuss the whole thing with my dad and threaten the guy with a restraining order as things escalated. He just requested me on Facebook earlier this week, 8 years later.


68. Leo

I used to play a game called Ragnarok Online on private servers. One of these servers was housed somewhere in Europe with a mostly Dutch population playing, but I met one guy named Leo, who was a native English speaker.

It turned out he lived in the same city as me, maybe 10 miles down the road, and knew some of my friends already. Wow, crazy!

Ten years later, when I get married, my wife mentions a guy off-hand who used to play Ragnarok Online a ton. I ask, and it turns out it was her best friend growing up. Well, that best friend happened to be Leo, this person I met on this far-off private server.


69. The Difficult Truth

My stepdaughter is incredibly beautiful and, growing up could have any guy she wanted but ended up having a series of bad relationships with guys.

She finally meets the love of her life, and they get married after about 3 years of dating but is a wreck on her wedding day. Her mom never told me why. After 2 years of marriage, she calls her mom crying and says she can't stay with him anymore.

Come to find out, she had an affair with a girl she works with and wants to be with her. Not only that, apparently, she's had lesbian relationships throughout her life, but because we live in a small southern town and a lot of her family are NOT at all supportive and understanding of things like that, she couldn't do it publicly. I never saw it coming.


70. Karma Is Real

I once saw a very, very overweight man who was sitting next to his sleeping wife on an airplane, putting cream cheese on his bagel.

He layered it on his bagel for like 4 minutes, and you could see the drool coming from his mouth, he was hungry.

And right as he went to bite into this bagel, it slipped out of his hands and fell cream cheese down onto the airplane's carpeted floor that looked like it hadn’t been cleaned in decades.

He picked it up, wiped it off, and really carefully swapped the bagel with the bagel that was in his sleeping wife’s lap.

As he’s mid-way through eating it, she looks at him and says, “Are you eating my bagel? I dropped that on the floor 20 minutes ago” his face was so disgusted he looked like he was going to puke.


71. The "Nice Guy'

My ex-husband had a whole group of bad friends that I hated but managed to find one friend who was a really nice guy.

Super polite, not a drinker or a partier. I would encourage him to spend more time with the guy because he was decent.

Anyway, a couple of years after I got divorced, my ex calls me out of the blue, very upset, and asks if I had seen the news because the friend was the main story. I asked him to elaborate, but he wouldn't tell me and hung up.

I pull up the news, and the friend was arrested for impersonating a police officer, "arresting" women, and assaulting them while filming it.


72. What Are The Odds?

My uncle was diagnosed with cancer at a very young age. Doctors said don’t waste any more money, he’s going to die regardless. Grandfather continued procedures and would not give up.

Uncle miraculously survived. Literal miracle. However, the doctors said he would not be able to have a baby due to the operations.

Aunt was around 70 to 80 stories up on the first World Trade Center. She was paralyzed from shock and couldn’t move. A co-worker physically escorted her down the stairs.

She survived and ran miles with her bare feet. Aunt and Uncle meet, get married, and end up having a healthy baby.


73. Two Separate Families

A patient was in a serious car accident. The family comes in a couple of hours later and is all loving and upset.

The next day a fight breaks out in the waiting room. Turns out the guy had two families and was keeping them secret from each other. The cops had notified one family after the accident.

The second found out after his employer called to check up on them since he wrecked a company vehicle. They were talking to each other in the waiting room when it became apparent that they were here for the same guy.


74. Deaf Coworkers

My mom had just moved home from Germany and got a job at a fairly large dry cleaner. She didn't know anyone there, but she didn't mind because she never struggles to make friends.

On breaks, she would walk up next to people who worked there, trying to make small talk, and just kept getting the cold shoulder.

No matter who she talked to, they just flat-out ignored her. One day she had enough and confided in another co-worker that she felt like she was an outcast because several of the other employees wouldn't even acknowledge her existence.

The co-worker immediately informed her that the people she was trying to communicate with were completely deaf.


75. Flying First Class

Got on a cross-country flight and found my seat. A young mom with her kid is seated next to me but split across the aisle, so she asks if I’ll switch seats. Sure, there’s an empty seat on her side of the aisle, too, so bonus for me. I assume all the passengers are on until the fattest person I’ve ever seen on a flight cruises down the aisle to find his seat and plops down, and pulls up the armrest so his rolls can overflow into my seat. The guy was an absolute unit, easy 350. 2 minutes later, the stewardess comes down and asks, “Who moved to let this woman sit with her daughter, you come on up to first class with me, sweetie.”


76. I'm Still Hurt

One of my best friends in college got engaged and married at the same time as me. We helped each other plan our weddings, look at houses, and constantly talked about when we would both have kids, the four of us got together all the time and were really close. After my wedding (a few months after hers), she told me she was pregnant.

We had lost touch for a couple of months, and I was thrilled and hoped this would bring us closer together again. Then she goes completely no contact for months, won’t return my phone calls, messages, nothing. I was heartbroken and felt I had lost a family member. Tracked her down years later, and around the time her baby was born, she divorced her husband and moved in with her girlfriend. They now raise her baby together. We were close friends for years but still did not see it coming.


77. Half-Sisters

My friend moved away for university and is randomly matched up as roommates with this other girl. They get to know each other for a few weeks and end up adding each other on Facebook. Turns out they're half-sisters, they have the same dad. Neither of them knew about each other. The sad part is he doesn't speak to or see my friend but is apparently a good dad to this other girl.


78. I'll Never Forget Debbie

My mom worked with this woman Debbie. She was nice and had no family herself, so she hung out with us a lot, she was with us on Thanksgiving.

One day, Debbie disappears. Turns out Debbie isn't even her real name, and everything she ever said was a lie, and she had done this several times, pretending to be different people and scamming them.

She took my mom's boss for about a half million, embezzling from his company. They found her months later after she killed herself. It was the craziest thing I've ever seen in real life.


79. A Sign From Above

When I was a teenager, my mom sent me shopping with her card. She gave me her card to pay, which had a 4-digit code.

I was a very forgetful kid, so my mom told me the code three times, very slowly. Of course, by the time I was standing in line at the cash desk, I had forgotten the combination.

 I was ready to take out my phone and grudgingly call my mom when I looked at the cash total displayed at the register for the person in front of me. It was my mom's code, just backwards. I got weird looks for shouting, «Woah.»


80. Dead But Alive

Early this school year, one of my fellow classmates went into brain surgery and didn't make it due to complications.

An email was sent out to parents, people were posting on social media, there were flowers placed in front of the sign to the school, etc. Well, today, I learned from a friend that he's alive.

I have no idea how this mistake was made, but he fell into a comma after complications but made it out okay. I'm baffled and can't believe I went almost a year thinking he was dead.


81. A Dead Girl

A geeky colleague of my friend always talked about his girlfriend. When he saw something in the store, he would get it as a gift and say how much his girl would love it.

And he always bragged about how in love he and his girlfriend were. And then, one day, my friend accidentally found his colleague’s Instagram account, and apparently, his Instagram profile was full of posts about his girlfriend.

Until he reached the bottom of the posts and found a picture of the graveyard captioned “hanging out with my girl :).”


82. A Bomb Scare

We had a bomb scare in high school. We all had to stay in different corners of the school while the bomb squad showed up to check out a suspicious package a teacher found.

It took hours, and the teachers were all freaking out. Then suddenly, they all calmed down, and we could go back to class. They wouldn’t tell us what happened.

Then someone in my class got suspended for a week, and we found out it was because he cut a 2-liter soda bottle in half, put an orange in it, and duct taped it shut for some reason. Not to make a bomb, he was just a weird and bored kid. But that’s what all the fuss was about.


83. None Of Us Were Planned

Several years ago, my sister and I found out that my mother was pregnant a good 4 months before she and dad told us because we had been snooping around on the Amazon account trying to figure out what they got us for Christmas.

She had ordered a pregnancy test a week after their anniversary and then pregnancy books a week after that. I was 16, my sister was 14, and they tried to claim it was planned.

I gave my doubts about that fact for a while until my dad finally said, “Well, it’s not exactly like the two of you were entirely intentional, either.

Now, I love my parents, and they love us too, but knowing none of us were planned shook me a bit.


84. I Wish I Didn't See That Note

My parents had a seemingly happy marriage while I was growing up. Unfortunately, my mother passed away when I was in high school, and my dad remarried.

I found a note my dad made to my stepmother a few years back saying that he had never loved another woman before her.


85. Quitting Twice

There's this guy I used to work with years ago let's call him Aaron. Aaron would always whine and complain about everything. It was really annoying.

Granted, the company I work for was terrible, but seriously it's not the worst, and if you don't like it, just pack up and leave. Well, after a year, that's exactly what he did.

He phoned in sick for a couple of days and then called again and said he was quitting. Never even handed in his 2-week notice.

Apparently, he got a job from another smaller but similar company that was just starting out and was offered a slightly better salary and, so I heard, an easier workload.

Fast forward 2 years, and our entire company was called in for a meeting by the administrator. He announced that we have acquired this smaller company and will be taking over it in the next couple of months.

Turns out it was the same company that Aaron left us for. The previous owner bit off more than he can chew and decided to bail out.

Aaron was offered the same compensation as the others who worked the same job as him, but I guess he was too proud and just quit again.


86. Brother From Another Father

In grade 10, a new guy showed up at school. But it was super weird because he looked incredibly similar to a couple of guys (brothers) that were a few years older than me that I had grown up with.

The unbelievable part was that they all had the same last name...But yet, they had no idea who the hell one another were. My buddy, who was cousins with the brothers, went home that night to his parents and told them about this huge "coincidence."

His parents found the coincidence a little bit hard to believe, and sure enough, after a little digging, the truth came out.

He was, in fact, their half-brother and the result of an affair from way in the past. Everyone was obviously fairly shocked to hear this news (aside from the new guy's mother, I suppose).

But him getting enrolled at the same school was a total coincidence, and it obviously opened up some huge skeletons in the closet for that whole family.


87. Bad Move

A guy I knew in high school got a full ride to a very prestigious, expensive private university for basketball. The summer before his freshman year at uni, he was caught breaking into a car.

That car happened to belong to the dean of the university he was going to be attending. The scholarship was pulled, he was expelled from the school, and now he works full-time at Harris Teeter.


88. Not The Ending We'd Hoped For

I went to high school with this guy, let's call him Joe. Joe was really weird. In grade 10, he would walk around school saying "Hail Hitler" and telling people Hitler was his uncle.

Very strange. But he was incredibly smart. He was a history wiz. He knew everything. Anyway, in grade 11, he started changing. He started going to church and dressing better.

He started acting more normal and made some friends. He eventually befriended me and my best friend. He would share poems that he wrote that were actually quite beautiful.

We all thought that maybe Joe was done with all the nonsense. Then one day, we came to school and found out that Joe killed his mom and burned his house down.


89. The Secret Kid

I have a cousin who knew his father but was never allowed to go to his house and meet his sisters because he was a secret kid.

When he turned 20 years old, he met his brothers and sisters after they had found out about him through a case search and saw that he had child support delinquency charges.

His wife left him immediately. His daughter was so mad at him that she quit talking to him for years. We just found out 6 months ago that the daughter took a 23andMe test and found out that her father was indeed not hers.

Plot twist this guy tried to keep my cousin a secret to "protect" his daughters, that weren't his, to begin with.


90. It's A Small World

I dated a guy for a couple of months, only to find out that he already had a girlfriend all along. Fast forward 2 years: I move to another city that is around a 2 hours drive away.

I'm dating another man, and it's pretty serious. He talks to me about his new apartment and his new roommate. I ask him if he has any pictures of his roommate because everything he tells me about him (full name, age, the city he's from) corresponds to the first guy I talked about.

He shows me a picture, and yep, he was living with the other cheating guy.


91. A Pedophile

My mom was dating this guy for a long time when she found out that he had cheated on her with her friend, who was a single mom.

The friend and the guy who cheated on her ended up getting married. She reconciled with that friend years later on Facebook and found out the guy ended up being a pedophile and had molested her children.


92. He's A She

I had a friend in kindergarten that i played with every day. We both had the same interests like pokemon, playing with toy cars and playing cops & robbers.

Just normal "boy" activities. One day, maybe half a year after becoming friends, the kindergarten arranged a dress-up party.

It was after lunch, so we had to bring the costumes with us, wearing normal clothes up until then. I put on my turtle costume and went to check on my friend because I couldn't wait.

I peeped the dressing room only to find my friend dressing up as a princess in a pink dress. This absolutely blew my 5-year-old mind.

Boys don't dress up as a princess? After asking the nanny why he was dressing up as a princess, I find out he was a she.


93. My Boss Is My Next-Door Neighbor

Had been working at a new office for about 4 months, and me and my boss are in a car with another co-worker getting a lift home from an office party thing.

We get to my house, and I say goodbye and get out. My boss also gets out, which weirded me out. Then she walks to my next-door neighbor's house (we share a connected house) and goes inside. Wtf?!

Turns out she was my next-door neighbor. Had been for around 10 years. I honestly had no clue.


94. She Was Right About Us Getting Along

In 2003, my friend bursts into my dorm room and excitedly gushes about this guy she's been crushing on. He finally asked her out, and they're a thing.

"I can't wait for you to meet him!!" she says. "I think you'd be really good friends. You have a lot in common, and you'd really hit it off." A few weeks later, my friend withdraws from school and disappears in the middle of the night.

She dropped contact with all her friends, including me and the guy, who she never got around to introducing me to.

Flash forward to right now: the guy and I are on our honeymoon after meeting on an online dating site in 2014.


95. Wrong Impression

My best friend in high school's mom left him in the middle of our senior year, so my family took him in. This same friend was also close friends with another guy who I wasn't particularly fond of.

He didn't seem like a bad guy but was kinda a dick. Well, fast forward a few months, and we find out that my best friend has been stealing from us.

We actually found out because he told his friend (the one I didn't like), who then told us. Turns out he was actually a really good guy who came off as a dick because he was super socially awkward.

He and I have been super close ever since, and I haven't talked to my "best friend" in many years.


96. A Miracle

In my last year of university, a friend's boyfriend, whom I'd only met once, decided to refer me for a vacancy at his job, even though I had no relevant experience and hardly any relevant professional knowledge.

But he's just a very sweet nice guy and somehow genuinely thought I'd qualify, and I didn't want to disappoint him by rejecting the idea completely. So, I sent over the (near-empty) CV.

Got a call the next day inviting me for an interview (had to check twice whether it was a scam). Figured it'd be very painful when they realized how unqualified I am, but interview experience is valuable, so I went.

I told them I had no idea what that particular position was about, so we just chatted about maths and stuff and said our goodbyes. Got a call the next day asking whether I could start next month. Figured it would end at the trial period, but who am I to decline?

That was almost 9 years ago, I'm a senior analyst at that same company and love my job.


97. I'm Pregnant With His Child

I found out my partner of several years was being unfaithful, so I left him and moved back in with my parents two states away.

After a little over a month, I was able to get a job, a place to live, and an internship at a prominent foundation in the city.

Things were looking really hopeful until I realized I missed my menstrual cycle and was pregnant with his child.


98. My Mom Is Messed Up

A long time ago, back when I was still in middle school, my mom’s best friend passed on. She wouldn’t tell me how it happened.

Only that it was sudden. When I asked why we weren’t going to the funeral, she told me that there wouldn’t be one because “her body was being donated to science.”

I didn’t ask any more questions. That was the last time we ever talked about her.

Well, five months ago, my mom handed me her phone to find the number for Domino’s, and as I’m scrolling through her contacts, I come across the phone number of the dead best friend.

Biggest WTF moment of my life. The next day I called it from a pay phone at Waffle House, and she picked up. I instantly recognized the voice and accent.

She’s not dead. Turns out, my mom had been lying all these years about her BEST FRIEND BEING DEAD. It was beyond messed up.


99. She Hurt Me Deeply

I was with this girl for just shy of two years. Holidays, festivals, discussions of marriage, the lot.

Claimed she lived at home with her mum, who had terminal cancer, and as a result, her mum didn’t want to bring anyone new into her life, as the pain of knowing she would soon leave them was too much.

Therefore, we spent all our time at mine, and I never met her family or mom. I received a message from a guy one night asking how I knew her. I explained the whole story. What he told me made my blood run cold.

Turns out her mom was fine, and she had been engaged to this guy and living with him the entire time…they were due to get married in two weeks. It still blows my mind that she managed to play us both so well the entire time.

(So technically, I guess he kind of ended it by revealing the truth, lol. I just wished him the best of luck and cut all ties immediately. I didn’t give her the satisfaction of letting her know she had hurt me).


100. A Scary Phone Call

My uncle works for dispatch in my town, and he recently told my family of the weirdest call he’s ever gotten.

He says that he had received a call from a landline one night, and when he answered it, there was only static on the other end.

This happened two more times. Finally, he calls a squad to go check out the address from the caller ID.

When the authorities got there and walked into the house, they immediately saw that there was a dead body.

The person had been dead for five months. The craziest part about it was that there was no electricity or any other utility working.

So there is no way they should have been able to get those calls into dispatch. But if they hadn’t, who knows how long that person’s body would have stayed there.


101. Sweet Revenge

Wife cheats on her husband during his frequent travels for work. She files for divorce and gets to keep the house.

Months elapsed, and the husband is still rightfully ticked off about the unfairness of it all but has no recourse. Then he has an epiphany: “I wonder if she changed the password to the Nest Thermostat?” She did not.

For the next year, he continues to mess with the thermostat. In the middle of summer, when they’re sleeping in HIS bed, he turns the heat on to 90 degrees at 3 a.m.

Middle of winter? Time to shut off the heat and hope the pipes freeze. Away on vacation? Turn the air conditioning down to 55 and let it run 24/7 for a nice surprise bill when they get home.


102. Poop In The Bag

My husband has been an officer for over 20 years. One night, he was patrolling the downtown area when he noticed a purse that someone had left behind.

He opened the bag to check for an ID, and instead, he found poop. That’s right, some lady had taken a huge dump in her own handbag and then left it behind.

He’ll talk freely about crazy stuff like autopsies and burnt bodies—but this particular story, he definitely wishes he could forget…


103. Family Secrets

I always knew that my parents had some kind of “family secret.” Various mutterings amended streams of consciousness, etc., in my childhood.

From the sound of it, I was under the impression that I had an older sibling. I am the oldest sibling of four, so I was fixated on the few little details, but as I grew older, I assumed it was a very morbid kind of imaginary friend delusion I had.

When I was in high school, I was talking to my mother when she slipped, saying something about her early relationship with my dad.

I pushed her on it and found out that she had stayed with my dad after they had a child at age 15. She went on to tell me that I’d had not one but three older siblings that were lost in some kind of accident.

My mom broke down. I didn’t push for details and never have. That day, I went from being the oldest of four to the middle of seven. Probably my frame of reference for the concept of “trauma.”

Every obsession, every worry, and character flaw of my teenage self at that time burned into my character like scars.


104. More Than Just Cheating

Private investigator here. One woman I was hired to investigate was married to a guy who made a decent living. He wasn’t mega-rich, but he likely made around $250K a year.

He started to suspect his wife was cheating on him, so we tailed her for the weekend. It was only one weekend, but we quickly discovered that she was selling herself on Craigslist and Backpage.

We caught over 13 men coming in and out of her motel room that weekend and found her ads online.


105. Misleading Pictures

I met a guy online, and in all of his pictures, he had a tight-lipped smile. When we met in real life, I couldn’t believe my eyes. He had not one whole tooth.

What teeth he had were yellow stumps. He also did not have all of his fingers. It was a rather traumatic experience because I was caught off guard and didn’t know how to respond.

If he had been upfront about it, I would have felt way less awkward. I am not in a hurry to get back online.


106. Her Organs Were Sticking Out

Heard this from an emergency doctor friend of mine a while ago. A female patient comes in complaining of severe abdominal pain, nurses take vitals, ask questions, etc.

Eventually, my friend sees her, and after a few questions, he has her lift her shirt. What he saw almost made him throw up. Turns out, the “severe abdominal pain” on the chart was, in fact, due to a gash so severe that part of her intestines were sticking out of her.

No one had noticed, and she hadn’t thought to mention that her organs had started leaking out. In fact, she seemed just as surprised as he was.


107. Case Dismissed

I was in an accident a few years ago. The guy who hit me got a ticket for an unsafe left turn, and I got a ticket because I wasn’t wearing my seatbelt.

In the section on the ticket, the cop inadvertently wrote, “Did wear a seatbelt while operating the motor vehicle” instead of “did not.” When I got to court, the judge asked how I wanted to plead.

I asked the judge if I could clarify something first, and he said, “Sure.” I stated that “The ticket says I did wear my seatbelt while operating my motor vehicle. If that’s the case, I want to plead guilty.” The judge looks down at the ticket, looks back at me, and says, “Case dismissed! Have a good day!”


108. False Hope

I traveled to Barcelona for a vacation with a friend. We met another girl from our city staying in the other room of our Airbnb.

We are from a very large, populated city. Completely random that we happened to be in the same place. We partied with her for one or two nights and then never saw or heard from her again.

One full year later, she gets hired at my work for the position I was trying so hard to get promoted to. Obviously, my managers were giving me false hope for the opportunity.

I also couldn't bare working with her knowing the ridiculous circumstances. I quit the next day.


109. No More Meetings Outside The School

My mom's a teacher, and in order to talk to a parent about a child that was struggling due to the school environment, she arranged to meet at the parents' house.

Keep in mind this was scheduled in advance with a set time. The dad answered the door 100% naked and tried to have the meeting with him naked on the front porch.

My mom doesn't do anything outside the school anymore.


110. No Shame

Staff raised money to get an 8-year-old girl a winter coat (lives in rural Canada). The girl came to school the next day in a t-shirt in the dead of winter, her mom wearing the brand new, child-sized jacket.


111. Brainwashed Kids

My neighbor brainwashed her kids to think their father had done horrible things to them when the marriage started going south. So every time he came to get his kids, they would make it hard, like running around the car.

Well, one day, I came home early from college and found out that the son shot his dad in his car. Ten years old did this to his dad.

They found out that mom was supplying the son with Prozac, and she was brainwashing him. They still live next door, and the kid got out at 21, I think.


112. Busted

My then-boyfriend had let me use his iPad to watch a movie on Netflix. He had his messenger account linked to both his tablet and his phone, and messages kept popping up on it while I was watching without him realizing I could see.

I got to watch in real-time as he got his best friend’s wife to agree to sleep with him over the coming holiday weekend; with the promise that he’d get rid of me for that weekend so they could get intimate in our bed.


113. A Smart Guy

A friend of mine in high school worked at a pizza place. One of the delivery drivers was just ridiculously smart when I talked to him.

Later I found out that he use to be a nuclear physicist. His wife was also a nuclear physicist but left him for her lawyer.

He got screwed out of his kids and most of the assets and had to pay a lot towards alimony/child support. He did the math and figured out the tips he didn't get taxed on, plus his minimum wage delivering pizza was more than keeping his job as a nuclear physicist.

Plus, he got a little satisfaction from not having to pay her as much. The guy was really nice. I always felt bad for him.


114. She Lost The Case

My brother was on a jury back in the days of MySpace. A woman had been hit by a big rig during some foggy weather, and she was suing for a back injury.

On the last day of the trial, they asked her if she had a MySpace account and then brought up her site for the jury to see, as I think all profiles were open to the public back then.

There was a picture of her dancing on the hood of a car, and right next to it was a text exchange of her saying that she shouldn’t go out too much because her lawyer says that she has to look injured. Needless to say, she lost that case.


115. Nice Work

I’m a lawyer, and my client was accused of not leaving this woman alone when she wanted no contact with him. He swore that they were dating, and she’d call the authorities when she got mad.

She swore she wanted nothing to do with him. She had a photo on her phone of him sitting on her porch to prove that he’d come around without her consent.

I asked permission from the judge to look at the photos before and after to get context. Lo and behold, she had hundreds of photos of him. Eating dinner with her, sitting on her couch—even wearing her undergarments. It was a glorious moment.


116. Dirty Secrets

My grandmother has all the dirty little secrets, but she’s too proper to spill anything. Until this one night when she told me about my grandfather’s (her husband’s) family.

Essentially, they were poor, living off the streets and trying to earn money during Australia’s gold rush. The family had too many kids and not enough money, so they sold one of their kids to a Chinese businessman.

He would’ve been my grandfather’s great uncle I suppose. No one knew, and she hasn’t said boo of it since then.


117. Basically, We All Got Fired

I reported a coworker for harassing a minor. My manager fired me for making the accusation against her friend. She got fired, and then the district manager got fired when he, too, was caught in a bathroom with a minor.


118. The Milk Is For The Husband

I saw a patient who was concerned because she was still lactating, despite the fact that she stopped breastfeeding her twins two years ago. I asked her some routine questions, but I was completely unprepared for her answer.

She said: “Sometimes I wake up in the middle of the night and find my husband sucking on my breasts. He says he’s trying to drain the milk for me.”

I had to explain to her that breastfeeding her husband will lead to continued Lactation.


119. I'm Taking This Secret To The Grave

My wife and I absolutely adore our son. It’s been amazing to watch him grow up—but neither of them know the painful secret that I’ve had to keep from them ever since the day my wife went into labor.

She nearly died while giving birth, and the labor was so difficult that she fell into a coma afterward for days. When she woke up cradling our son in her arms, she had no idea about the sin I’d committed.

I secretly bought my son from a human trafficker after my wife had lost our biological child during the birth process. This is quite easy to do in my country, considering that there are a lot of very poor parents willing to give their children away.


1. The Kid Still Doesn't Know

Years ago, a friend of mine had an unexpected pregnancy.

It would have been terminated if not for one major reason. Her sister and her husband had been trying to have a baby for years, but they both had infertility issues. She agreed to have the baby, and my sister and her husband promised to adopt it.

The kid doesn’t know that his aunt is his biological mother, but he’s still loved and happy. He turns 16 years old today.