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These Stunning Celebrity Wives Are Some Of The Hottest In Hollywood

Christina Hendricks

Source: Pinterest We figured we’d start off with the best. Christina Hendricks is widely known for playing Joan Halloway on AMC’s Mad Men series. If you’re not a fan of the show (you NEED to get into it), chances are you don’t know who she is. She married Geoffrey Arend, a popular film, TV, and voice actor back in 2009, and they’ve very much enjoyed their time in holy matrimony ever since.

Elisha Cuthbert

Source: Ed B On Sports You’ll probably remember Elisha Cuthbert from the popular movie Girl Next Door, and we say remember because she hasn’t really been active for the past few years. That’s a shame because she’s an absolute dime. She’s married to popular hockey player Dion Phaneuf who plays for the Ottawa Senators, and they spend most of their time up in Canada together. We hope she makes it back to Hollywood soon.

Vanessa Laine Bryant

Source: EnStarz As a five-time NBA champion, Kobe Bryant needed a wife on a totally different level. He found that in the beautiful Vanessa Laine Bryant. She married Bryant when she was only 18, and together they’ve had three children. She’s been there through all the ups and downs of Kobe’s NBA Career, and she’s one of the most gorgeous women in LA, as far as we’re concerned. Speaking of hot NBA wives…

Adrienne Williams Bosh

Source: Twitter Adrienne Bosh won her first beauty pageant contest at seven years old. By 12 she was full-on modeling and moved to Los Angeles later to pursue it full-time. A competent businesswoman, Adrienne is currently the Vice President of Team Tomorrow, a nonprofit organization that supports community-based activities and outreach. Together they have four children, and they have been married for nearly six years.

Jenna Dewan

Source: Hollywood And Beyond Channing Tatum, you’re winning big time. Channing and Jenna met on the set of Step Up in 2005, and the rest is history. Before marrying Channing, however, Jenna dated people like Justin Timberlake and Shane West. Her father is Lebanese and Polish and her mother is German and English. We thank them.

Paulina Gretzky

Source: Mirmay Paulina Gretzky has been engaged to pro golfer Dustin Johnson for four years now. Since they also have two kids together, we figured it wouldn’t be a problem to put her in the countdown. Paulina is an American model and singer and ranked #59 on Ask Men’s 2014 list of most desirable women. We can see why.

Emily Blunt

Source: Sharenator If you’ve watched The Office, you know full well who Jim Halpert is, as well as the guy who plays him. Well, he’s (John Krasinski) married to Emily Blunt! Emily is best known for her roles in Sicario, Edge of Tomorrow, Looper, and Into The Woods, and she’s become one of Hollywood’s most sought-after actresses because of her incredible performances. Because she plays such tough characters, Emily doesn’t get many chances to show off how beautiful she really is. That’s a shame, but now you know!

Mariqueen Maandig

Source: Pinterest Mariqueen is a singer-songwriter from the band West Indian Girl, and she’s married to the founder and principal songwriter of Nine Inch Nails, Trent Reznor. She is Filipino-American, and quite possibly one of the baddest women on the planet. She’s so beautiful that a couple years ago she did a shoot with Playboy.

Alice Kim

Source: IGN Unlike many of the other celebrity wives on this list, Alice Kim was unknown before she met Nicolas Cage. He met his Korean bride at a restaurant in 2004 when she was just 19 years old. Cage said in a recent interview that it was an “uphill battle” winning over the mother of Alice, just because there was a twenty year age difference. They have one child together, and even though they separated for a short while last year, it’s largely been a successful marriage so far.

Jessica Biel

Source: Sizling People Jessica Biel is basically just as famous as her husband, Justin Timberlake. She hasn’t been in many major Hollywood movies for a while, but you probably remember her from The A-Team, which also starred Liam Neeson and Bradley Cooper. Mr. Timberlake could probably have his pick of whoever he wanted to settle down with, and we think he couldn’t have picked a better-looking spouse.

Blake Lively

Source: Elle UK You already know Deadpool HAS to have a smokin’ wife. Ryan Reynolds and Blake Lively met when they were filming Green Lantern together back in 2010, and they began dating more than a year later. Blake is best known for her roles in Sisterhood of The Traveling Pants and a more recent movie called The Shallows. Together Lively and Reynolds has two daughters, and have been married for almost five years. Here’s to hoping she shows up in a Deadpool movie.


Source: Players Wives Wiki Much has been made in the media about Ciara’s split from rapper Future and their fight for custody over their child. So much so that when Russel Wilson and Ciara linked up back in 2015, it kind of took a backseat. This power couple is going strong, though. They married back in 2016 and recently had their first child in April of 2016.

Camila Alves

Source: US Magazine Camila Alves is Brazilian. I don’t know about you, but she’s making me believe the women there are some of the most beautiful in the world. Matthew McConaughey met her in 2007, and they got married five years later on June 9, 2009, in Austin, Texas. At the age of 19 she moved to New York City to pursue a career as a fashion model, however, McConaughey met her at a nightclub in Los Angeles when she was 25. The rest is history.

Elsa Pataky

Source: Female First Chris Hemsworth is winning in pretty much every category. When he’s not playing Thor in the Marvel Universe, he gets to come home to his incredibly gorgeous wife, Elsa Pataky. A Spanish model, she’s best known for her role of Elena Neves in the Fast and The Furious franchise. They wed in 2010 and together they have three children.


Source: Huffington Post It’s easy to overlook Beyonce and Jay-Z just because they’ve been together for so long, but Beyonce is still one of the hottest (if not THE hottest) women in music right now. Together they have a daughter named Blue Ivy and have been married for nearly ten years. Together they have a net worth of $1 billion (yes, you read that right), and have been one of Hollywood’s favorite power couples for almost a decade.

Mila Kunis

Source: Life & Style Mila Kunis and Ashton Kutcher’s roots go way back to their time co-starring in That ’70’s Show. You might be surprised to hear that Kunis is from the Ukraine, and moved here with her Mom at the age of seven. Kutcher and Kunis started dating back in April of 2012 and married three years later. Together they have an older daughter and a younger son.

Gisele Bündchen

Source: The Style Gisele Bündchen and Tom Brady are one of America’s favorite couples. This is largely because of how downright nice Giselle is, and how they and their two children are basically the quintessential American family. Bündchen, a Brazilian model, gained original notoriety during her time as a Victoria Secret model in 2000. Her initial fame is what made the marriage between her and Brady such big news in the media.

Kim Kardashian

Source: Pop Sugar No matter what you think of her, we couldn’t leave Kim Kardashian off the list. Ever since she married Kanye West back in 2014 and had two kids, she’s remained stunning and deserves a spot amongst these other beautiful women. Word on the street is that Kanye and Kim have been having some trouble recently, though, but they’ve managed to stick it out and stay together through it all. Anyway, their children’s names are North West and Saint West, anybody has a good idea for what they could name their third child?

Leslie Mann

Source: Pinterest Leslie Mann has been in a lot of awesome movies. She starred in popular comedies like This Is 40, Knocked Up, and The Cable Guy, where she met her now-husband Judd Apatow. Judd is actually a big name in Hollywood, responsible for directing many of the films Leslie has starred in. Together they have two daughters, Iris and Maude. We think Leslie is gorgeous and hope she appears in more comedies down the road.

Emma Heming


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