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These Must Be The Most Hilarious Wedding Day Photo Fails

Months of preparation and this happens? In just a second, these brides and grooms’ weddings were destroyed by some of the most hilarious fails. Whether they laughed with the guests or completely lost it, these photos only caught the exact moments when hell broke loose.

We know it is a terrible thing to see your wedding fail, but these funny photos are too good not to laugh out loud. We bet the newlyweds do not mind about it…

This is why you should just pay for a limo on your wedding day. Do that or face the consequences. Unfortunately for her dress, the bride knew a bit too much about cars! Meanwhile, the groom was now regretting his decision of not renting a car.

Imagine the groom being all confused about the hairy leg… While for him this moment was a total fail, the bride and the guests were surely laughing out loud, relishing the moment!

When you take your beloved pets with you at the wedding, get ready to see them photobomb a few precious photos. Spot here just had to go… And this is how you make new memories.

Don’t worry, this photo confuses us as much as it does you. There must be some sort of explanation for the bridal cow and the red bucket. Well, at least it is not naked bridesmaids…

Staging those perfect wedding shots where the newlyweds look happy and forever in love takes time and creativity. This bride was a bit too creative when she leaped for joy and somehow her legs disappeared under the short wedding dress. The photo is disturbing, but not as strange as the next one…

What’s the best face you can pull in a wedding shot? As a bride, you should definitely look bored and so fed up with your husband. As the groom, ignore her look and do this… What was the photographer thinking when he took the shot?

So you too have that one family member that insists on singing at your wedding? Unfortunately, this bride’s uncle had the accordion with him. She ended up all alone at the table, with the family running away before their ears started to bleed.

If you ever thought “there’s no such thing as perfectly-timed photos,” then this is proof that there is! Just when the cake was ready to topple over, the photographer snapped this photo. They’ll surely never forget not having cake at the wedding!

If you think swans are gentle, elegant and romantic, then make sure you’re keeping your distance. This massive bird can be aggressive and it seems the bouquet is looking a bit too tasty! Here’s another ferocious beast in the next photo.

Yes, we are pretty sure the bride and groom have realized the unfortunate message they sent through this photo. Why not change to ‘M & S’, instead of ‘S & M’? Were they really into bondage? Who knows?

You’d expect newlyweds would hold hands throughout the day or at least after they essential moments of the day. That should also include when you walk down the stairs, mostly for the bride’s safety since they all wear uncomfortable shoes…

The tiny dogs do all the yapping and growling, so don’t be amazed to see them attacking everything that’s large and suspicious, like the bride’s gown! The other dog is so chill and even a bit confused about the whole situation.

What you never want to see is a bride grimacing at the ring she is about to wear for the rest of her life. Or until she gets a divorce! Looking at her disappointed look, it’s as if she saw a spider in the ring box!

She’s stunning, walking towards you, her father taking her down the aisle. Then, she makes a face you’ve never seen before as her clumsy dad rips her hair out. Thanks, dad.

What could go wrong if you have your wedding at a farm? Well… spring is getting hotter in this photo, and we are not talking about the bridal couple.

And here is how you are sending the groom a clear message. This is a pissing contest, and the clueless bride will soon realize where that smell is coming from…

Who said brides must carry a bouquet? Why not match your groom’s assault rifle with… well another automatic assault rifle? Yes, it seems the two are bonding over their recent kill, which is laying in the background.

Nothing is better than some cooling off during a stressful day. And by cooling off, we mean falling into the lake and ruining your clothes. Of course, it’s time to panic!

All those Bigfoot sightings and nobody added this photo? On a more serious note, maybe the bride’s dress got stained, which is obviously something to ruin your perfect day.

This photo was staged to make a statement about who is the man of the house. Unfortunately, it is not exactly the right kind of photo you would want to take at your wedding.

Having a bar at your wedding means doing shots with the guests. However, this bride isn’t exactly happy with this specialty drink. Does it taste like Nyquil? Her reaction was worth to be immortalized!

When you want your wedding photoshoot to look mysterious and all that, make sure you don’t invite a mermaid… It’s not quite romantic or fit for a wedding photo!

We do not know how many kids are curious to see what’s under a bride’s skirt, but this boy is one of those kids. His parents should have a talk about it…

Ok, you love each other a lot and the location of your wedding reception is the least of your concerns? However, make sure the groom and his best men come dressed …and that they don’t perform a strip-tease act for you.

When you have the moves like Jagger, but your dance partner decides to raise the bar. We know you are having a great time, but please do not try to use your dance partner as a mop!

When you have 4 or five bridesmaids, it’s clear at least one of them will hate the dress chosen by the bride for them. So what did these bridesmaids do? They chose to ditch the gowns as a sign of protest.

They said cut the cake, not the bride! This is definitely an uninspired move from the groom who took the joke a bit too far. Just stick with the classic “face into the cake” trick, guys!

It’s ok, smile and you have a great photo for the bridal couple. Of course we can crop out the pair in the background. We will also keep the original for the lols.

Cats don’t care about your wedding, but at least they’re not pooping in the middle of your photoshoots. They just photobomb your shot like this cat did.

Yes, we bet Robbi has been dying to see her groom’s pink boxers. She was also very happy to see her name on one of his butt cheeks. Just look at her excitement.

Don’t you hate it when instead of grabbing someone by the waist, you put your hands on their breasts? The bride nearly makes an eye roll, hoping the photographer didn’t take the shot.

Brides have always had the opportunity to see how the world looks behind a veil, but who says men cannot try it too? It looks like it’s good enough to keep the mosquitos away!

So it’s safe to say the dogs are ready for the wedding night and they’re a bit too ready… Nice way to photobomb your humans photo, doggos!

That moment when you realize that the office of the bureau of marriage is in the same building as the mental health department… It is then when you realize the two may be connected!

It was supposed to be a great shot. Everything was planned, the groom would be seen in the background while the focus was on the beautiful bride. Then, the squirrel attacked!

When you are doing it for the show, this is what you get. Champagne all over the cake, table, floor, guests… The bride’s dress is definitely compromised as well.

Before getting married, many couples are already co-parenting a fur-baby. And of course, everyone expected Fido to take a poop right in the middle of a photoshoot. Talking about dogs…

We all know those dogs that would not stop from munching everything they catch in sight. Bouquet, I present you hungry doggo!

When the minister said kiss the bride… and the groom decides to kiss one of the best men! Meanwhile, the other groomsmen were ready to catch the bride in case she fainted.


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