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These Are The Most Expensive Box Office Flops Hollywood Ever Produced

When you think of Hollywood, you probably think of huge screens, the stars on the famed Hollywood Walk of Fame, and of course the big Hollywood sign that sits atop the green hills. Maybe you’ve taken a tour to see your favorite celebrities house from the gates of their driveway, or maybe you’ve seen a movie premier or two occur before your very eyes. When you think of Hollywood, you probably also think of all the amazing movies that make up it’s existence. Did you know that there is about 600 movies made every single year in Hollywood? With that in mind, you probably also know that while some movies flourish and make it to the big screens, there are also some that did the opposite and kind’ve just flop. Making a movie is pretty expensive, and normally a good movie makes back it’s cost in the box office, while others just don’t seem to make enough money to cover their expenses. Here are some of the biggest box office flops in Hollywood.

Titan A.E: Loss of $100 Million

20th Century Fox has a great reputation for bringing magical animated movies to life on the big screen. Due to this reputation, many people were incredibly disheartened to see that film “Titan A.E” that they produced, completely flop. With an all-star cast like Drew Barrymore and Matt Damon, critics and audiences alike expected to see this animated adventure take off on the silver screen. Unfortunately, although the film costed $90 million, not including marketing and promotion fees, it only racked up $37 million in the box-office. This means it makes it’s way onto this list with a $100 million loss.

The Adventures of Pluto Nash: Loss of $96 Million

This light-hearted sci-fi comedy starring Eddie Murphy tells the story of Eddie’s character going on a mission against his enemies in an epic battle after they steal his lunar nightclub. Warner Bros. truly believed the movie would be a huge hit, and so they believed that in the end, their $100 million budget was certainly worth it. However, their excitement quickly wavered after the film only made $7 million in the box-office. Luckily enough for Eddie Murphy, this flop didn’t effect his career in the least, and he went on to score his iconic role in the family animation series, “Shrek.”

Jack The Giant Slayer: Loss of $125 Million

Back in 2013, New Line Cinema decided to bring a brand new fairytale to the big screen called “Jack The Giant Slayer.” The company was convinced that this tale would warm the hearts of audiences across the world. The film starred former child star and X-Men mutant, Nicholas Hoult, as Jack from Jack the Beanstalk, and Stanley Tucci took on the role as Jack’s enemy. Despite what would seem like an amazing cast, the film itself turned out to be a surprising flop. Of it’s $200 production budget plus more for promotion, they ended up losing $125 million.

47 Ronin-Loss of $98 Million

It’s not likely for big production companies to put all there eggs into one basket, especially when it comes to up and coming directors. This is why it was such a big deal when Universal Pictures hired Carl Rinsch to direct their newest drama/fantasy, 47 Ronin. Unfortunately, even Keanu Reeves and his Samurai friends couldn’t save this move from being a complete box-office flop in the United States, Japan, and the rest of the world. In fact, the film was such a flop in the commercial and critical senses of the word and racked up a big loss of $98 million. Yikes.

Pan: Loss of $130-$150 Million

Peter Pan is a very popular story amongst adults and children alike. We all remember the fantastic take Disney did on the story, and the “Hook” movie starring Robin Williams that was very popular with families. Unfortunately, Warner Bros. decided to put a lot of their money into this reboot and greenly the production of a Peter Pan prequel entitled “Pan.” The company itself spent $200-$275 on the production of this movie, and had very high hopes that it would be a box-office success. They basically needed to make more than $400 million in box-office revenue in order to get their profit back on the film. Unfortunately, they made just $150 million.

The BFG: Loss of $100 Million

Steven Spielberg is a Hollywood legend, and many people think that whatever film he touches immediately becomes a box-office success. Sadly, that’s not always the case. Despite the success of adventure movies such as Jurassic Park and ET: The Extra Terrestrial, all eyes were on Spielberg to recreate the Roald Dahl book, entitles The B.F.G. But, it looks like Steven just couldn’t get it down pat, as his $140 million couldn’t compete with other films that were out at the time.

How Do You Know: Loss of $85-$118 Million

In order to secure the A-list cast needed to make this film a hit, Sony Pictures shelled out $100 million for actors like Reese Witherspoon, Jack Nicholson and Paul Rudd for this 2010 rom-com entitled “How Do You Know.” Obviously Sony Pictures believed this movie would be a good one. Yet, it seems that all the movie did was flop right out of the theaters, proving that even though you have a good cast, it doesn’t always mean the film itself will do well. After making only $50 million in the box office, these guys still had to deal with a $85-118 receipt afterwards.

Green Lantern: Loss of $98 Million

It seems that these days, people flood to the theaters to see the latest superhero movies. Throw Ryan Reynolds in the mix, and that’s sure to get the numbers going. But, just because we love superhero films, there are some that just don’t make the same numbers as others, and “Green Lantern” was one of them. With a cast like Ryan Reynolds and Blake Lovely, there were very high hopes for this DC classic. After realizing that they needed to make about $500 million in profits in the box-office, the hopes for this film quickly diminished. The studio earned a loss of $98 million, but at least they gave us one of the best Hollywood couples in existence. So we’ll forgive them for right now.

The Lone Ranger: Loss of $100 Million

When not even Johnny Depp can save a movie, you know that you might have a bad egg on your hands. However, it seems like the action/adventure movie was seemingly doomed right from the start, as the filming was constantly pushed back due to injured stuntmen and cast members. Eventually, Walt Disney Pictures decided to cancel the production, before taking the risk and finishing it completely. This little risk came with a $100 million loss.

Jupiter Ascending: Loss of $90-$110 Million

In 1999, Lilly and Lana Wachowski proved that they were capable of creating a blockbuster hit after creating “The Matrix.” They tried to reinsure themselves to create a movie entitled Jupiter Ascending in 2015, with cast members like Channing Tatum and Mila Kunis and top CGI talents. It seems this movie couldn’t quite (ascend) from the theater screen, since it left it’s creators with $90-$110 million loss to deal with after the film.

Monster Trucks: Loss Of $120 Million

Many film fanatics went to the theaters to see this comedy movie in 2016, but it seems the critics had many negative things to say about the film overall. Critics called it a flop, which argued with audience’s opinion that considered it a fantastic day out, but in the end it was the numbers who had the real say. After the film spent millions of dollars creating and promoting the movie, Paramount Pictures only managed to get $65 million back into their pockets, meaning they had to pay out for their $120 million loss.

Deepwater Horizon: Loss of $60 Million

Mark Wahlberg has had his name attached to a plethora of blockbuster hits over the past few years. However, every actor is bound to have a role or two they would probably want forgotten, and it seems this is the case with Mark Wahlberg’s role in “Deepwater Horizon.” “Deepwater Horizon” lost ultimately around $60 million, and many critics claimed that this was because the movie was released during the peak of the Oscar season! Many have said that it is during this time that action movies tend to fall behind dramas and comedies. Sorry Marky Mark!

Basic Instinct 2: Loss of $32 Million

When you decide to take on an already hugely famous movie, creating a sequel is certainly a risky move. There’s two completely different ways it could go, it could either be successful and pay off in the long run, or it could completely ruin the reputation of the first movie. Unfortunately, the latter was what happened with “Basic Instinct 2.” After the success of the original thriller, production bosses really wanted to cash in on this opportunity…..BUT it took about 15 years to put their plans into action. It’s because of this, and the new storyline that fans weren’t fans of, that the movie made a loss of $32 million.

Delgo: Loss of $39 Million

Delgo is actually one of the most successful movies on this whole list, but it’s because this movie is actually the lowest grossing animated movie ever. This adventure movie with high-profile actors such as Jennifer Love Hewitt and Freddie Prinze Jr. was created on a budget of just $40 million, and didn’t really make much upon it’s premiere. Delgo racked up just $1 million in the box-office….We won’t be surprised if some people asked for a refund.

R.I.P.D: Loss of $100-$120 Million

You may think that Ryan Reynolds and Jeff Bridges might be a match made in Hollywood heaven, but  it seems this zombie tale wasn’t a hit with either the critics or the customers. With apparently awkward jokes, poor special effects, poor CGI and a storyline that just couldn’t really capture audiences, this film was a flop. Universal Pictures lost between $100-$120 million in the box-office, which is a pretty big chunk of money. Luckily, this has not stopped Ryan Reynolds from going on to play Deadpool.

Fantastic Four: Loss of $80-$100

Sure, some reboots are good just as long as the reboot is on the same level as the original. When Fox decided to reboot “Fantastic Four” in 2015, it was certainly not on the same level as the original. Fox offered a new cast that it seems fans couldn’t really get behind since they were pretty much unknown in Hollywood. Fox struggled to make a profit with this film, and made a $80-$100 million loss. Guess the “Fantastic Four” turned into the Fantastic Flop.

Tomorrowland: Loss of $80-$155 Million

When audiences realized that George Clooney would be teaming up with Disney to create a brand new adventure movie, everyone waited on baited breath to see this film that would surely be a hit. However, it seems as though this film couldn’t really get launched off the ground, and the trailers and campaigns for the film didn’t really push people to go to the theaters to see this film. Due to this little hiccup, “Tomorrrowland” made a loss of around $80-$155 million. As you can guess, this didn’t really put a dent in Clooney’s career.

Ben-Hur: Loss of $76-$120 Million

Some production companies seem to think that putting a newbie in a star role will sometimes give a film a little bit of a kick for audiences to go to the theaters. This is exactly what they tried to do by putting Jack Huston into the biblical remake of Ben-Her. Huston seemed to catch the unlucky bug seeing as the film was often delayed due to set issues and production problems. Even though Morgan Freeman played a big role in the film, even he couldn’t help Ben-Our from selling tickets and made a loss of $76-$120 million.

King Arthur: Legend of the Sword: Loss of $150 Million

Looking at the script, it looked like “King Arthur: Legend of the Sword” was going to be a Hollywood hit. Director Guy Ritchie was going to direct, while Sons of Anarchy star, Charlie Hunnam, would be taking the lead. With a $175 million budget backing them, the fantasy drama movie was set up for success. However, King Arthur during it’s release was competing with other blockbuster hits like Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 2. Due to this, the film lost around 4150 million.

Sahara (2005): Loss of $78-$105 Million

Many times, movie adaptations of famous books turn out to be big successes, since many fans of the books turn up at the theaters to see their favorite characters on the big screen. This didn’t exactly happen for this action adventure film “Sahara” regardless of how many A-listers were incorporated into the script, how many live tours were used to promote the film, or how many different movie trailers were created. This big budget allowed the filmmakers to get Penelope Cruz and Matthew McConaughey onboard, and so the studio ended up making a loss of $78-$105 million.

John Carter: Loss of $200 Million

There’s a good chance you haven’t seen this film, and it’s probably because it didn’t even appear on Hollywood’s map. Even though Taylor Kitsch took the lead role, this fantasy/sci-fi film just couldn’t win an audience over. The director, Andrew Stanton ended up having a fall out with the top Disney executives, so that basically means there was no gas for this film to run on. Due to this, the film only grossed around $250 million to date, and is around $200 million off-budget.

Sinbad: Legend of The Seven Seas: Loss of $125 Million

Looking back over the past few years, animated movies seem to do extremely well in theaters, thanks to the families who like to go to the movies on a rainy day. However, it looks like Dreamworks just couldn’t create the perfect potion by reimagining “Sinbad: Legend of the Seven Seas.” While there are some fans who approved of the storyline and the production of it, many others seemed to be cringing in their seats the whole time. It didn’t really take long for it to flop out of theaters, losing a whopping $125 million.

Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles: Out of the Shadows: Loss of $75 Million

Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles have been around for a while, and have been a popular form of entertainment for youngsters around the world. There’s a good chance if you walk into a toy store, you won’t be able to go down an aisle without their faces in doll form. You can play with them on video consoles, and you can watch their show on television. We’re so used to seeing these guys in animated form, that it seems fans were a little uneasy about seeing these guys’ realistic bodies on the big screen in the 2016 remake. Ultimately, the film made a loss of $75 million.

Power Rangers: Loss of $76 Million

Much like Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles, Power Rangers have a nostalgic vibe to them as well. It’s a classic 90s television show, and it seems every little kid growing up had there favorite color Power Ranger. This show was so popular because it was unrealistic and audiences knew exactly what they were getting. When Lionsgate Films created a live-action adaptation of the Power Rangers story in 2017, fans surprisingly weren’t all that impressed. The movie got a big critical response and it only made $142 million in the worldwide box-office.

Mars Needs Moms: Loss of $100-$144 Million


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