These 20+ Celebrities Have Twins, and Some Might Surprise You

Twins. Some are identical, some are fraternal, some are different sexes, some are different colors. Either way, they are a crazy anomaly in human history that has always dumbfounded most. And guess what?

Celebrities can have twins too! Now some of these are pretty obvious, but some of the celebrities on this list might show you. Let's take a look at 20+ Celebrity Twins!

Joel and Benji Madden and famous for being in the pop-rock band “Good Charlotte” as lead singer and guitarist, respectively. These days, they are still touring with Good Charlotte, but are now judges for the Australian iteration of the hit TV show “The Voice”. Joel is currently married to Nicole Ritchie and Benji to Actress Cameron Diaz.

Talk about power couples! With 6 studio albums under their belt with “Good Charlotte” and 2 more with their “solo” project called “The Madden Brothers”, Joel and Benji are considered a mainstay and a pinnacle force for the 00’s pop-punk movement.

Those Ribisi twins! Raised a Scientologist with his twin sister Marissa, Giovanni Ribisi's impressive acting credits include 'Avatar', 'Gone in 60 Seconds', 'Friends', and more. Marissa has equally enjoyed a career in acting, with roles in movies like Dazed and Confused and Pleasantville.

She is married to musician Beck, while Giovanni wed British supermodel Agyness Deyn, his second wife, in June 2012. She's never been as big as her twin brother and has always lived in the major shadow of his megastar spotlight, but that's never come between them.

These two twins grew up with a famous older brother -- Nick Carter of the Backstreet Boys! Eventually, Aaron went on to pursue his own musical path to success while Angel embarked on a modeling career. In February 2014, the 26-year-old beauty married Corey Conrad in an intimate ceremony involving Aaron.

Nick was noticeably absent at the nuptials. Aaron and Angel have remained close over the years, but she's never been a star like either of her brothers which is why you may not have ever known she existed.

Dylan and Cole Sprouse are identical twins most recognized for their hijinks in the Disney Channel original show “The Suite Life of Zack and Cody” and the numerous spin-offs that followed. Most people don’t know this, but the boys actually got their start at the young age of 3 when they played the adopted child in Adam Sandler’s 1999 comedy “Big Daddy.” After disappearing for multiple years after “The Suite Life on Deck” went off the air, people were confused that the highest paid child actors of the 00’s turned up working day jobs in NYC. In 2011, the twins were accepted into NYU, and as an attempt to try new experiences and get out and socialize, Dylan took the job of a waiter at a high-end restaurant.

When asked about the decision, Dylan said that he wanted to try “working somewhat below the means I'm used to, as well as a way to socialize and get out of the house.” These days, the twins are now graduated from NYU and are spending their hard earned cash wisely. Dylan just announced that he is opening a Meadery in Brooklyn called All-Wise Meadery, set to open early 2018. Cole has stepped back into acting, taking the role of "Jughead" in the CW's new teen drama based off of the Archie comics called "Riverdale".

These two beauties are a powerhouse. Gisele might be arguably more well known than Patricia (she is Tom Brady’s wife and, well, a supermodel), but she probably could not pull off half the stuff she does without her sister. Here is the long and short of it. Gisele found success at 14 with Elite Model Management. She was walking the runway for New York’s fashion week as a teenager. Patricia tried to follow suit, without success. However, she serves as Gisele’s spokeswoman and manager. She also helped her twin sister retool her career a bit, too.

Instead of walking the catwalk, she nudged Gisele toward more print modeling gigs. It worked. In 2015, Gisele was the face of Stuart Weitzman. But don’t count Patricia out. She is equally beautiful. Scroll through their Instagram feed and you will find more than a few pictures of her and Gisele getting goofy and glam. These two are a marketing force with influence that stretches from the NFL to uber chic designer labels.

Remember Michelle from Full House? Actually, it’s more like Michelle's. That part, played by twins Mary-Kate and Ashley Olsen, launched them into fame. At one time they were some of the hottest stars in demand, but then a strange thing happened. They went to college and dropped off the radar for a while. They didn’t go anywhere by their own admission; they just switched sides.

They went from being actors and models in front of the camera to being behind it now. They own their own fashion line and stay busy. Oddly enough, they credit their early acting gigs to part of their success. In an interview with, Mary-Kate says that working hard comes naturally for them. That’s what it takes to run a fashion empire. The skill was learned pulling double duty when she and her sister pulled double duty as actresses/models and entrepreneurs.

What can we say about these two, other than they come from an atypical family? Mark Ronson is their three time Grammy winning brother, Stepdad is a rocker and mom is a socialite. The twins? Well Samantha is probably best known for converting Lindsay Lohan from liking guys to dating girls. She is also a DJ and part owner of the New York City hit club Plumm. Charlotte?

Well she is a bit more reserved. She is a fashion designer with her own line of designer clothes and a Manhattan store. These two have had brushes with Pearl Jam and Michael Jackson. Even with the bizarre family dynamic, you have to admit, the Ronson twins are gorgeous. According to Hamptons Magazine, Mark, Charlotte and Samantha keep family ties a priority despite their busy careers.

These two look absolutely beautiful now. They got their start on the Disney hit show, 'Sister Sister'. They went on to do a number of other things right after, but would come back to Disney to star in Twitches and the sequel, Twitches Too. From 2011-2013 they had their own reality show on the Lifestyle Network. The show ran for a total of three seasons. Tamera married notable journalist Adam Housely. The two went on to win the Cupcake Wars Challenge on Food Network in 2016.

Tia went on to host her own show on Food Network, At home with Tia Mowry. The two also started their own line of mommy products when they became mommies. The Need brand produced Milky! and Stretchy!, two products designed to help mothers produce breast milk and aid in the reduction of stretch marks. They also authored a two book series called Twintuition. It seems like these two do everything together, and look fantastic while they do it!

We are all familiar with Linda Hamilton. Her performance as Sarah Connor in the Terminator series is iconic. She went on to star in the 1987 television series Beauty and the Beast, the NBC hit show Chuck and a starring role in the horror movie Children of the Corn. However, her twin is another story altogether. Her working profession is a nurse, but she did not escape Hollywood totally.

She served as Linda’s body double in Terminator 2 and 3. Being a twin came in handy in those future meets past/present scenes. If you look closely you will notice Linda is the Sarah Connor in focus in those shots while Leslie is blurred out a bit in the background as the other Sarah. Ironically enough, the Hamilton’s father was a physician who died when the girls were only five years old. Linda also lives with bi-polar disorder and has permanent hearing loss after firing a gun without ear protection for one scene of Terminator 2: Judgment Day.

The Soska sisters, known as the “Twisted Twins”, are Canadian directors and writers. Probably best known for the reality television series “Hellevator” where contestants are scared out of their wits in the name of fun and harmless mayhem. You might be surprised to know they have actually been around for a while. Their first film, Hooker in a Dead Trunk which garnered praise from Hostel Director Eli Roth, was a smashing success. They have since gone on to receive mentions and head nods from industry greats like Clive Barker after their production of American Mary.

They have also produced a series of graphic novels with Deadpool legend Daniel Way. It seems like everything the Twisted Twins touch turns to gold. These ladies are the real deal. Known for breaking the industry rules and getting away with it, you never know what they will come up with next.

Known better as Nervo, Miriam and Olivia have been making waves in music since they were 18. At that time, they co-wrote When Love Takes Over, a Grammy Award winner. The song was performed by David Guetta and Kelly Rowland. Since then, Nervo has gone on to establish themselves with the distinction of being the highest paid women DJs in the business. They almost called it quits, too. Being dissatisfied with the menial level of success they had when paired with a major publisher, they had all but given up.

It was Fredrick Olsson who encouraged them to take another chance. They signed with his label and the hit song was born. Later, they leveled up to a Virgin EMI deal which would not only promote them, but artists they discovered as well. They also had the opportunity to serve as ambassadors at the L’Oreal Festival. Since then they have worked with renowned artists like Afrojack, and scripted tracks for popular films like Disney’s Tomorrowland.

Jenna and her sister may not look much alike, but they are twins. Fraternal twins. They were also the very first set of twins to call the White House home. If you want to get the full scoop on what they’ve been doing since the White House you can get their book, Sisters First. It delves deeper into stories behind the headlines, their Texas childhood and life in the White House.

Jenna went on to pursue a more public career afterward, serving as a frequent Today Show contributor. Her sister took an entirely different road. She serves as the Director of Planned Parenthood for the state of Texas and even voted for Hillary in 2016. She is not one to shy away about her party differences with family. However, she and Jenna share that special twin bond that can never be broken.

These two are known best for being American glamour models, Hugh Hefner dating Playboy Playmates and incredibly hot twins. It’s amazing what can come out of Ann Arbor, Michigan. It’s even more amazing what Hugh Hefner can do to people who come from Ann Arbor, Michigan. After his death, the twins were quoted as saying Hugh Hefner made them women. At least that’s the story they gave to People magazine. And by all accounts it seems like he might have done that very thing.

You see, the day after Hugh said he was considering the two girls to be his new “girlfriends”, news broke that they had arrest records. They had charges in St. Petersburg, Florida, felony aggravated assault involving a fight with two others at some sort of house party. Undeterred, he took them on anyway and their careers took off respectively. They modeled for the magazine and turned into model moguls in their own right.

Although best known for their appearance on The Bachelor, Emily and Haley Ferguson have appearing other various reality TV shows. Their first reality TV show appearance was the Dallas Cowboys Cheerleader Competition show. They also served as models and entertainers in their hometown of Las Vegas. If you think they look familiar, it might be because you have spotted them at Marquee in the Cosmopolitan. Both sisters worked as cocktail waitresses there.

Their appearance on the Bachelor made them a household name even though they didn’t win. So what have they been up to since then? The two of them run a blog, Blondesense. The focus is beauty and fashion, but they also talk food and travel. They run it with help from a friend and look stunning in every photo.

So Brittany prefers television and film acting, while her sister Cynthia is an actor and photographer. Similar, but not the same. Such is the case with twins, I guess. If you are having trouble placing them because they look familiar, but not familiar enough, think back to the 90s. A little show called Sweet Valley High featured the twins as main characters. Brittany went on to star in other roles, too.

She played David Spade’s love interest in Joe Dirt (no glow worms or sparklers needed). Currently, she is featured on the BET show The Game, but has been really close to her sister for a few years now after being diagnosed with Stage IV Non-Hodgkins Lymphoma. The former Doublemint Twins are weathering this one together, speaking at, and putting on, events that support the cause. It’s one way Cynthia can support Brittany and make a difference over all. We hope she beats it, too. We could not imagine a world without her.

Most of us know these twins from the WWE. They got their start on the reality TV show Meet My Folks. And while the show was not a hit, the Twins were. This opportunity brought Budweiser to their door. They were hired to be the World Cup Twins for the beer brewing giant and ultimately found themselves under contract with the WWE in 2007. They can thank their parents for their stunning looks. Mom is Mexican and dad is Italian. Brie and Nikki are the result! And both of them are champions. Brie took home the Divas title in 2011, while her sister snagged it in 2012.

Yet they don’t need the titles to snag the guys. Brie dated Poison guitarist Richie Kotzen before finding love with her current husband Daniel Bryan. Nikki? She was married for three years, and few people knew about it. That was the big reveal on the last season of Total Divas. It was a mistake to hear her tell it. She had it aned. She has been dating John Cena since 2012, and John Cena just recently proposed to her the only way Mr. Cena could… In the ring.

These two gorgeous ladies are known best for being Playboy models. Well at least they were until Sandy attracted the attention of Mark Yagalla. He was a financier. The only problem was he was also a con artist. After his Ponzi scheme was discovered, a judge ordered his assets to be recovered. This meant all of the lavish gifts Sandy had received from Mark had to be returned.

Included in this was about $1 million dollars worth of jewelry. She did manage to snag a brief part in Sex in the City when it first debuted in 1998. Her sister Amanda led a more quiet life. She starred in The Scorpion King in 2002 and made appearances in a couple of other Playboy movies with her sister (Playboy Mansion Parties Uncensored and Hef’s Spooktacular Halloween). Before this, Amanda worked as a waitress for a bit at TGI Friday’s in her hometown of Joliet, Illinois.

The old “If you’ve seen one supermodel you have seen them all” does not apply to these two. Becky and Jessie are as talented as they are beautiful. How, you ask? Becky was a semifinalist on American Idol Season 5. Her sister would have performed, but did not due to recent throat surgery.

They both appeared on the infomercial for Wen hair care products, played the twins “Darla” and “Donna” in I Now Pronounce You Chuck and Larry and an episode of Fear Factor (They were eliminated during the first stunt). And if you ever found yourself strangely attracted to Siri for no reason, you can thank Becky. She played her voice in an episode of the Big Bang Theory named “The Beta Test Initiation.” Raj was the lucky man who fell in love with the voice of Becky emanating from his new iPhone 4s. How times have changed.

These two gorgeous twins happen to love the same profession, racing. They made NASCAR history in 2010 by being the first set of twins to compete in one of the top three circuits. Their love for the sport goes back to childhood. The two raced go karts when they were nine. By the time they were fifteen, they started racing stock cars (yes, this is before they had legal driver’s licenses). The only problem for these two is they lived in the state of Washington.

If they wanted to find NASCAR success they would have to get out of the state. They decided to move to Charlotte, NC where they trained under their uncle, Derrick Cope. If that name sounds familiar, it should. Derrick won the Indy 500 in 1990. The twins have racing in their blood, so to speak. They sure have come a long way since their 27 year old debut at the truck race in Martinsville several years back.

The Indiggo Band twins are stunning. They are the only Romanian/American singer/songwriter duos we know of. So it should come as no surprise that their latest project, Wicked Clone, involves Vampires. There is a twist though. In this version, the vampire is bitten by a human and learns of things like love and true immortality.

The Broadway play is based off of their best selling Barnes and Noble fiction work. Of course, they perform and choreograph all music in the play (think gypsy themed music with royal garb), which oddly enough is not far from the music they produced early in their careers. These two have come a long way since America’s Got Talent, and they have come an even longer way from Transylvania. That reminds us of a certain silent movie now that we think about it. Probably just a coincidence.

What do the following places have in common? San Francisco, Munich, Hong Kong and Philadelphia. They are all places that have evoked critical acclaim for the Naughton sisters after their hands graced some piano keys on one of their concert halls. These Juilliard grads receive nothing but praise every time they perform. A couple of remarkable things about them. Initially they performed separate.

However, at the age of 18 they were paired together for a performance in 2010. They were heralded as “perfectly paired.” A year later they established themselves abroad with their Munich performance. They continue to play venues all across the US, From St. Louis to San Diego; with performances abroad in places like Spain, Brazil and Belgium. Now you wish you followed through on all of those times your mother forced you to practice piano, don’t you?

These two beautiful twins hail from the Czech Republic. They also happen to be accomplished tennis stars. How accomplished, you ask? Well how about beating Serena Williams. Most considered Venus and Serena to be unstoppable, until Karolina put a chink in the armor at the US Open in September of 2016. Her twin sister, Kristyna, has her own set of laurels to be proud of. She won the Jr. Wimbledon competition in 2012. And while they are both from the small town of Louny in Prague, Karolina now lives in Monte Carlo along with her sister.

It’s not for reasons you might think. The twins are not fashionista shopaholics. Nope, this is where they train for upcoming events. It seems to have worked. In 2013 they became the first pair of twins to win the WTA. If you want to find out more about these beautiful phenoms, check out their Instagram page. They snap selfies in Dubai, London, Paris and anywhere else they might find themselves. Plus, the images overcome the language barrier. You don’t need to speak Czech (the twins are not native English speakers).

Twins have this uncanny ability to be each other’s biggest rival and supporter. And so is the tale of Leona and Lisa Maguire. Both of them play golf, but Lisa put away her clubs to caddy for her sister at the Women’s Marathon in 2016. Interestingly enough, there were two sets of twins from Germany and North Korea, as well as a set of triplets from Estonia.

Leona is widely regarded as the best amateur golfer in the world, and the marathon was a chance for her sister to show support. However, don’t expect that to carry over the next time the games are played in four years. Lisa says that while her sister strikes the ball better, she is a much better putter. Looking at both of them, we wouldn’t mind who is caddying for who as long as we can see them both.