The Youngest and Most Impressive Prodigies of All Time

Childhood is a magical time when you can do anything you want and not feel guilty about it because there is no pressure. Although, there are some special kids that spent their entire childhoods mastering arts or sciences. While most of us were still playing with the ball or learning how to ride the bike, some kids were already memorizing complex languages and studying fields that we never even heard of before. These kids are prodigies and they went on to do amazing things with their lives.

With that being said, here are the 20 youngest and most impressive prodigies of all time. What better way to start off other than with the famous Mozart? At the age of only three, Mozart was already playing the harpsichord and when he was six, he had already written his first musical composition that was more complex than everything people heard before. It didn’t take long for Mozart to become a legendary composer and to showcase his musical talents in shows all over the world.

Learning a new language from scratch is not an easy task. You have lots of apps and books that can help you with that nowadays but William Rowan Hamilton did it all by himself back in 1805 by mastering Latin, Greek and Hebrew.

To make things even more impressive, he did it when he was five years old!

While Akiane Kramarik might look like a regular teenager, we assure you that this is not the case. The girl painted her first masterpiece named “The Prince of Peace” when she was only eight years old!

Thanks to her impressive talents, AKiane Kramarik ended up making an appearance as a guest on the Oprah Show at only ten years old.

Even though most kids love to doodle and draw on the walls, Aelita Andre took things to the next level and she already finished her first painting when she was two years old.

The painting was so amazing that it was displayed in galleries all over the world.

It’s difficult to choose a career path when you are in your twenties but Elisabeth Anisimow knew from an early age that she wanted to be a painter.

The girl mastered the art of the brush and is already selling art that costs more than $35,000 a pop.

Mikaila Ulmer was heartbroken when she found that the bees are dying in large numbers and she wanted to do something about it.

Despite being only eleven years old, Mikaila went on to start her own lemonade company and to donate money to save the bees.

Hasan Zafar is fifteen years old and his sister who is thirteen years old decided to help the homeless kids in Pakistan and they founded “The Street School”.

The siblings spend most of their time teaching homeless kids essential skills that they need in order to make it in life.

While Pablo Picasso might be one of the world’s most famous painters, many people don’t know that he started mastering his craft at an early age.

Pablo Picasso had already finished his first masterpiece at the young age of fifteen years old.

William James Sidis is commonly referred to as “the smartest man who ever lived” and this thanks to the fact that by eight years old, he had already developed a new logarithm table that is based on the number 12. He also gave a lecture at Harvard University one year later.

He also spoke eight languages and his IQ was estimated at 250-300!

Shakuntala Devi earned the “Hindu Mathematical Wizardess” nickname after proving her incredible mathematical skills at a young age. The woman could do amazing things such as extracting the 23rd root of a 201-digit number mentally!

She also found the cube root of 332,812,557 in only a couple of seconds.

Even though Carson Huey-You is not eligible to join high school because he is too young, he has already graduated from the Texas Christian University thanks to his smarts.

The prodigy kid plays piano, speaks fluent Mandarin Chinese and has also created an 8-step problem that solves structures in Quantum Physics.

While Rochelle Ballantyne might not look like your average chess master, she is one of the best players to ever live.

Rochelle became one of the top chess players in the world at the age of only seventeen!

There is a spark in this little kid’s eyes and no one can deny that!

He is super smart with an estimated IQ of 141 and he is also the youngest child to be invited to join the Mensa.

Sor Juana Ines de la Cruz was so outstanding when she was a little kid that she taught herself how to read when she was eight years old.

She went on to become a nun because she wanted to spend all her time reading and writing.

Yusra Mardini spent all her young years swimming and getting ready for the Rio Olympics.

She and her family were being evacuated from Syria and on the way, Yusra Mardini saved 20 lives by jumping in the water and pulling them out.

Robby Novak is known on YouTube as “Kid President” and despite suffering from a rare disease that puts his health in danger, he is still putting smiles on people’s faces with his videos which get millions of views.

This kid is a great example of how important it is to have a good outlook on life, no matter what.

Xiuzhezcatl Martinez is sixteen years old and while most teenager kids are spending their time having fun, he is spending his time in the music studio creating hip-hop songs.

Not just that, but the teenager also uses the attention his music is getting to address the UN on environmental policy.

Robert James Fischer is the greatest chess player to ever live and he won the famous “World Chess Championship” at the young age of fourteen and became a grandmaster at fifteen.

Arthur Rimbaud published his first masterpiece when he was only fifteen years old and went to create his most popular story called “The Drunken Boat” when he was sixteen.

Artists such as Jim Morrison and Bob Dylan are saying that Arthur Rimbaud inspired them.

We want to end our list with Praveen Kumar Gorakavi who is a math genius and former child prodigy.

When he was only thirteen years old, Praveen Kumar Gorakavi had already created a math formula for perpetual calendar calculation!