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The US Spent Over $1 Billion On This Project

Even if someone is against war and the accompanying hardware, it’s hard to brush aside the fact that a lot of this stuff is pretty cool. 

There are advancements in weaponry, terrain dominance, and one particular vehicle that the US government spent a truckload of money developing. Oh, and can we say “corner shot?”

Openworks Engineering was pretty giddy to present their grenade launcher, The Skywall 100, to the US government. 

But this isn’t meant to be aimed at humans. It was built to target drones – and in a pretty amazing way. Instead of blowing them into pieces, the “grenade” releases a net and parachute to capture the drone instead.

No StarTrek here, just a really, REALLY big microwave – specifically a microwave energy weapon (MEW). 

In less than a second, it emits radio frequencies in a conical beam which will disrupt or destroy any circuitry. It’s one of three “brother technologies” meant to protect the airspace around valuable targets.

Maybe bringing drones down in a net might still be dangerous. The next stage would be bringing out the DGT. 

It sends out a powerful signal that mutes the antenna and forces the device to go into safety mode, recording stops, and it comes down in a gentle landing. Or it goes back to the owner – which the army can track.

The Micro Tactical Ground Robot is a lightweight, tactical vehicle that can go just about anywhere. 

Inside, outside, and over just about any kind of harsh terrain. Its repertoire is also impressive – surveillance and reconnaissance missions, explosive disposal, public safety, law enforcement, special weapons, and tactics, as well as chemical, biological, radiological, and nuclear missions.

The military isn’t only looking for the next new thing. Sometimes they want to improve what they already have. 

Helicopters are getting a makeover with optional remote control or human piloting systems. Next is to fit them out with either the best surveillance systems or weapons array. Extra points for making something noisy into something stealth.

Sadly there is still the use of nuclear weapons with the “mutual destruction” ace up the sleeve. 

But instead of big swaths of destruction, the government is trying to make them more tactical. They also want to find creative ways to improve their relationship with submarine delivery. 

Someone should get a promotion for the name alone. It’s something out of a sci-fi novel. It’s big, unmanned, and really fast.

 Also, instead of delivering destruction, the main idea of this vessel is to move supplies around the world as fast as possible. Planes have their place, but they come with a different set of problems.

This unmanned light tank is the fastest tracked military vehicle on the planet. It’s also nimble, agile, and cheap (as far as army costs go).

Yes, it might look like something you would buy in Toys R’ Us but this “little” guy would be pretty terrifying to see coming at you in real life.

It’s still only a prototype, but the US military sunk a billion into making it a reality. 

This mini-tank is the largest and most powerful combat drone in the world. Once it becomes something they can put on an assembly line, the idea is to send it into some of the worst conditions and let it do its thing (usually involving cannons).

First, it’s important to point out the company that makes this - Weyland Corp. Yes, Aliens here we come. 

The RT serious is a transport vehicle with a shape-memory alloy wheel system and nano-reinforced hard-composite treads that can resist temperatures up to 2000°F.

Mines or vehicle debris in the way? Bring out the Dok-ing! It can clear a path through dangerous territory while soldiers stay miles away and safe. 

It can even dig up buried metal that’s used for blockades. As if this wasn’t impressive enough, there’s an underground version for things like mine tunnels.

Yes! This is finally a thing! Sci-fi novels had had it in their pages forever. 

Yes, the user can literally bend the end and use the sighting to target something out of sight. No more peeking around corners or asking someone to cover you. It’s being using all over the world even now.

The “Ultra Heavy-Lift Amphibious Connector” might look ugly as heck as it comes out of the water, but it’s got huge range and an enormous cargo capacity. 

To put things into perspective, it could carry two big tanks into hot combat zones like it was an ant carrying a tiny feather.

Magneto Hydrodynamic Explosive Munition is a system that uses a magnetic flux generator to fire a projectile. 

How is this unique? Well, it means it can fire something without the traditional use of chemicals. The corresponding shells are made from molten metal and can penetrate armored vehicles. Yes, it’s a lava shooter.


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