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Examples Of People Who Are The Absolute Worst

By Ashleigh / Jan 20, 2023

A Simple Fix

I had a job in the warehouse’s office area. Because one of the women I worked with was so sweet, we had lunch every day. When she opens the fridge to get her lunch one day, someone else’s lunch spills out. The food spills out when the container hits the ground, and the lid pops off. I was in disbelief. I was disgusted by what she did next.

She refilled the container, covered it, and moved the food inside the refrigerator. When I brought up the filth on that floor, she shrugged and said that they wouldn’t be offended because they weren’t aware of it. I told him what had transpired after finding out who owned the meal through some inquiries. I handed him some cash so he could go get something else to eat.

My friend said I was insane for caring.

Story Credit: Reddit/UnattractiveUnicorn

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I once had a career in retail sales. A man used to come to our store frequently. He was a veteran and had a caseworker with him at all times. He was also obviously suffering from dementia or PTSD. When he would enter to hunt for gifts for his mother, someone would always try to persuade him to open a credit account. Fortunately, his caretaker would watch out for him and convince him otherwise.

It was a Monday, and he usually visits the mall on Mondays, but one day he came in and said the program that paid for his case worker had been eliminated, and he now only had her two days a week instead of five. It was a tragedy waiting to happen. In addition to signing him up for credit, a salesperson maxed out his $5,000 balance while fully aware that he lacked the ability to pay the balance.

She achieved her sales target for the year, earning a trip to Florida. I told human resources about it, but nothing occurred. When our regional manager addressed the salesman, she claimed not to be aware of the circumstance, so I spoke with her about it. She did. Each Monday, this person showed up. We knew. She’s been a manager and top salesperson for more than 20 years, as well. She most certainly isn’t leaving.

Story Credit: Reddit/chillisprknglot


A Gross Encounter

I used to work for a significant US cell phone business many years ago. A woman once came in to talk about something related to her account. She wasn’t unfriendly in any way, but she was direct and didn’t engage in many talks. She does something that makes my jaw drop as I search for her details and chit-chatting with her.

She suddenly sticks her finger up her nose, moves it around, and yanks out a tiny booger. She didn’t attempt to conceal it in any way in front of everyone in the store. She takes a closer look at it on her finger, wipes it off on the counter, and then resumes chatting about her account as if nothing had occurred.

I immediately put an end to what I was doing and simply stood there staring at her, wondering whether I had actually just witnessed an adult person acting so repulsive. I tried to finish talking to her as quickly as possible while trying not to throw up, and then she went. I sprinted to the back, grabbed some cleaning supplies, and used a cleaning spray to wipe and sanitize the entire counter area where she was sitting.

I still feel a little queasy when I remember it. She had no sense of self-awareness.

Story Credit: Reddit/Atcmaybe


Faking It

My mother didn’t want me to date the person I was seeing when I was a high school student. She knew I would invite them over because I would have the house to myself, so she prepared a fictitious week-long trip that only lasted two days. It turned out that they arrived for the first time on the day my mother returned home.

As I left for a two-hour inventory assignment at work, I let them in so they could take a shower and prepare dinner. My mother surprised them while she was watching cartoons on the couch in the living room, and I was at work. They fled for my bedroom window on the other side of the house like any teenager caught by their parents.

My parents had the window nailed shut, but they didn’t know that.  Oh, but that wasn’t the most bizarre part. They were then kept in the bedroom by my mother, who also dialed 911. According to the complaint, she attempted to have them arrested for trespassing, burglary, and violence. They were taken in.

My significant other was detained for the full seven months and was forced to enter a guilty plea for trespassing. It could have been worse, but thankfully it was their first charge. Having to undergo background checks on a regular basis as a result of this occurrence severely damaged their adult lives.

After that, for the years that I lived with them, my mother would constantly gripe about how they couldn’t find a “decent job to support me.” Naturally, they were unable to get employment, and my mother was to blame. After getting married and dating for a long, we eventually broke up. I haven’t spoken to my mother in seven years.

It has been 12 years since the incident. It wasn’t even close to being the worst thing she had done. I’m sure my mother would say, “I was right about them, wasn’t I?” if we ever crossed paths again.

Story Credit: Reddit/astropop312


The New Bathroom

I once had a fantastic job that I cherished significantly. I was employed by a pub that was part of a larger complex that also included a number of dining and entertainment options. After their shifts, many employees from the other companies frequented my home for drinks because I got along well with almost everyone.

Across from me, there was a hostess who worked at a posh bowling alley/lounge. She had visited my pub at least a dozen times, and it had a fairly straightforward design. It resembled a huge square with bathrooms along one wall. Anyway, this bowling alley girl enters and immediately begins suggestively flirting with a few of the male servers from a nearby restaurant.

She was becoming drunk after the guys bought her a lot of drinks. Because I didn’t want anything horrible to happen to her, I had to discontinue our conversation. After that, a ton of clients entered, so I was overwhelmed because I was the only bartender working. I catch a glimpse of the door of our cold storage room opening in the corner of my eye.

No one on duty would have needed to enter because it is so clearly posted “Employees Only.” After assisting a customer, I quickly open the storage room. The bowling alley girl is sitting on something with her dress pushed up. I had a horrible realization at that point.

She had created a temporary lavatory for herself by removing the six packs from a case of brewskis and folding the cardboard flaps in. She peed all over the floor of the storage room. She claimed she was buddies with the man who owned the entire complex as I tossed her out and was going to have me fired for being so nasty by doing so.

I merely told her to enjoy her night and that I had banned her. I didn’t raise a fuss, but apparently word reached her employer, who stopped over to speak with me about it. He claimed that he gave her the choice of coming by and making amends to me or losing her job. She never did apologize to me.

Story Credit: Reddit/frozenmoses


She Didn’t Care

In my medical terminology class, there was a terrible woman who was notorious for being cruel without cause. She was also harsh and petty. When miscarriages were brought up during a discussion on the female reproductive system, my teacher shared her own personal experience with one and how painful it was.

The vile woman asked the most inappropriate question without even raising her hand: “What did they do with it?” She was referring to the infant’s dead body. ” Do they simply discard it”? The teacher and all the other girls in my class looked at her in complete horror.

She didn’t even acknowledge or care about how terrible her questions were.

Story Credit: Reddit/Mharvey194


A Sick Joke

I spend the summer working at a gas station.  Due to the low traffic that evening, I was working the front registers while my coworker restocked the cooler in the back. This guy walks in and seems perfectly normal. He’s got a plastic bag in his hand, but that’s very common in my hometown.

He stands in the doorway and simply looks at me. I say a phrase akin to “Hello, Sir.” This guy is simply looking at me with a furious expression in his eyes. “You have three minutes to give me everything in the registers,” he continues. The man appears to be going to pull something out as he slides his free hand back.

I’m trying to think of ways to open the register quickly and possibly try to hit the silent alarm covertly since I’m genuinely going to have a heart attack. The guy tells me it was a joke and starts laughing uncontrollably. My expression must have shown him that I did take him seriously.

He continues to look around the shop, and when a familiar face enters, he is already at the cashier. He begins making fun of the fact that I almost lost it after hearing a joke directly in front of me. Later, I discussed this with my ex-police officer father. He claimed that making robbery threats against a business is illegal and that if the alarm had gone off, he might have been apprehended.

Story Credit: Reddit/J5lelman


Polluting The Park

I was traveling to Lake Louise in Banff, Canada, and taking one of the well-traveled hiking trails that ascended to an overlook of another miniature lake. The park is protected, and the route was lovely, spotless, and well-maintained. I was horrified to see a tourist commit the unspeakable.

He placed a bundle of filthy Kleenex into a plastic water bottle and shoved it into a gap in a tree immediately on the path in front of me. I instructed him to remove his trash off the tree.I couldn’t believe it. His wife was puzzled by my issue and remarked that finding rubbish and cleaning it up was probably someone else’s responsibility in any case.

In the end, they took it back, but I suspect they just threw it away after they were some distance away from me. Ugh.

Story Credit: Reddit/picouticout


Holier Than Thou

I’m from the South. In my twenties, I held two jobs: one as a cashier at a retail store and the other as a waitress at a small restaurant. The worst days to work were Sundays. We used to have what was known as a Blue Law on Sundays where I used to reside. This limited the hours that the majority of retailers and eateries may be open to 12 noon to 6 pm. When the church crowd would enter on those days, I would shudder. This is why.

As a waitress on Sundays, I had to put up with pushy and impatient customers. Never once did these people leave a generous tip. It was distinct from being a cashier. Rude customers talked down to me and took joy in telling me that Sunday was a sacred day and that I should get a “real job” so that I could take the day off work and attend church.

Once, after hearing that three times in one day, I had had enough. I responded to the fourth member of the church that insulted me, “Well, sir, if I wasn’t working today, who would sell you what you needed? If you were a Christian, you would refuse to work on a Sunday.” Why aren’t you at your prayer room or at home with your family if Sunday is only for worship and family? See, who would prepare your post-church meal and provide you with toilet paper if we all stayed home on Sunday?”

I continued by stating that I am a Christian. But unlike the majority of the popular church population, I don’t look down on individuals who work on Sundays to support themselves or walk up to strangers and brag about being a Christian because I’d rather express my Christianity by being kind and loving to others. He quickly gathered his belongings, including his toilet paper, and fled.

Story Credit: Reddit/Tigerlilly31698


The Worst Cashier Ever

There was a simple-looking man attempting to make a few grocery shop purchases. He appeared to be from a remote location. But he soon discovered he lacked the necessary funds. The cashier rolled her eyes and clicked her tongue as he looked for his card. He could have done without her lamenting; the guy was obviously embarrassed and concerned due to the large line of people waiting behind him.

He eventually handed the credit card to the cashier, which indicated that he had just received it and was unfamiliar with how it operated. Of course, she just orders him to put his card in front of the screen while giving him a look that suggests he is the most foolish person ever. Since this was just a short time after the “contactless” payment method was created, it is now obvious that he is completely lost.

Even though he followed instructions properly and his hand was trembling, nothing happened. No beep signaling the payment of the bill was heard. The cashier aggressively rips the card out of his hands so she can finish the task herself while sighing loudly as though it were the hardest thing in the world for her even to stand close to him.

When the device still doesn’t work, she discovers that the card doesn’t support contactless payments. Then she starts screaming in a high pitch, “The card is not a contactless one!” The card is then almost thrown back at him by her. He picks up his card as the clerk once more rolls her eyes and massages her temples, suggesting a migraine. When he stands back up, she yells, “How can you be so stupid!?” once more.

Thank goodness, the person in line behind him began screaming at the clerk, “How can you be so disrespectful!” She shouted back, “Oh my gosh, look at him!” after being instructed to stop. She eventually stopped because, in my opinion, she recognized that she might still be reported. For her, yelling at a stranger who is older than you and, on top of that, your customer who is merely having some problem was completely normal.

If not for helping clients, for what are they paying you?

Story Credit: Reddit


This Toddler Rode Like A Prince

I was on a packed bus about a month ago and standing in front of the lady whose child was sitting on the seat next to her. I had no intention of sitting and was perfectly fine standing. The lady was still giving me dirty looks as if daring me to ask for her toddler’s seat. After a few minutes, an elderly gentleman boarded the bus and saw no viable seat because all the senior citizen seats were occupied.

Seeing a possible seat with the toddler, he politely asked the lady to let him sit on the toddler’s seat. Never have I seen such an ill-tempered lady lash out at an elderly person like that.

People asked her to move the kid and let the senior citizen sit, but she refused to budge saying that she’ll pay for the full ticket. When the conductor came along she told him to give her two full tickets and then asked him if her kid could sit there peacefully now.

The conductor told her that the kid could go for free but the problem was that she refused to cooperate in this simple situation. Other people gave their seat to the old person, and she continued the whole journey arguing with whoever asked for her seat.

Story Credit: Reddit/thebongguy31


Jeff Ruined Everything

At my high school, there’s a special white tree planted right outside our front door in the Senior Circle. It’s been planted as a memory of a junior we lost to cancer a little ways back. Everyone respected that tree just as we respected that junior. It was something that was almost sacred to the school and no one ever messed with it.

So, it was senior year in high school, and—as is tradition—a senior prank was in order. Our class, being who we are, had been planning the most diabolical, most terribly beautiful prank the school had ever seen. Don’t take it the wrong way, because we had absolutely no intention of hurting anyone, or doing any wrong. All in good fun, as they say.

In the past years, the senior pranks had, quite frankly, sucked: big time. These past pranks were unoriginal, boring, and complacent pranks that everyone forgot about the very next day. So, we had to make this prank last for years in the students’ memories. Looking back, I guess it did—but for all the wrong reasons. Let me explain.

There’s a group of seniors who love to just get inebriated on nights and go wild. They’ve hosted many parties, and went to all the others. They thought they ruled the world, I guess. There was one in particular—I’ll call him Jeff—who was sort of the worst of the worst of this group. He was about to ruin our senior prank in a big way.

So, our idea for a prank was pretty good, I’m not going to lie. We were going to sneak a bouncy castle inside the school, and put a myriad of balloons in every hallway. It was going to be incredibly amazing to look at and super surprising. But nobody remembers the castle and the balloons, because Jeff had his own stupid plans.

Jeff showed up to the night when we all went and set the prank up, but he didn’t help at all. In fact, I don’t remember seeing him after he showed up. The next day was supposed to be glorious. Freshmen were supposed to be in the bouncy castle, sophomores were supposed to be throwing balloons, and juniors were supposed to be grumbling about AP courses. Most importantly, though, seniors were supposed to be gloating. That’s how it was supposed to be.

None of that happened. No, we all stood outside in shock and horror because of Jeff. He had cut down that special white tree—the one in memory of the lost junior. And while Jeff and his buddies pranced around like last night was incredible, we all stood there and just couldn’t believe what we were seeing. Jeff, that was so not cool.

Story Credit: Reddit/owestball


He Wouldn’t Leave

We rented a room in our three-bedroom house when my kids were one and two to a buddy of my husband’s because he was working on getting into subsidized housing. He apparently thought his $200 a month included food and a maid service.

He refused to wash his own dishes or clean his bathroom. Anytime I made a family meal, or even just lunch for my kids, he expected a portion of it. He would drink a pot of coffee by himself or an entire pitcher of tea. That gallon of milk? Yeah, that’s for my kids!

It got really annoying when my husband would get up and make coffee for him. By the time I got the kids fed and satisfied, there was nothing left for me. Also, one night he got home super late and left the door to the house wide open. It got really cold in the house because the heater had to heat the entire house.

I had to reset the breaker and get the pilot to relight at 2 am while piling blankets on my kids until the heater was working again. This went on for a couple of months. We repeatedly explained that he needed to get his own food and needed to clean up. We said that he needed to find a new place to go, because he was costing us more than if he hadn’t been there.

He was on a month-to-month anyway. He had an infuriating excuse. He believed that the two days a month he spent at his baby mama’s should make up for what we were out. Every time we’d talk to him about the food or cleaning issue, he would have his mom or baby mama bring him food and clean up a bit, but a few days later he would be back to how it was.

Before the second month started, we sat down and went over it again and he said fine, he got it, then started to eat and drink our stuff when we were gone or we were in our room and the kids were napping. I told my husband and that’s when he was like, you can finish out this month but need to find other arrangements.

A few days later, the door incident happened and he had no remorse. Once again, he waited for us to be distracted and snuck food. My husband got on him again and he flipped out and said the thing about being gone one weekend a month, packed his stuff, and was gone in a couple of hours.

About a year ago, he sent me a message and apologized. Said he knew he was being a jerk and basically taking out his frustrations with his baby mama, his family, and his financial situation on us.

Story Credit: Reddit/blueeyesofthesiren


He Proved Her Wrong

My mom had me when she was 18, which is pretty young, I know. One day when she was shopping for maternity clothes, a woman came up to her—a complete stranger—and started asking innocent questions like: “Is it a boy or girl?” “When is it due?” My mom was probably answering politely, until the question took a turn for the worse.

This woman finally started showing her true colors and asked my mom what her age was. She started blasting my mom with advice like: “you need to give that baby up” and “you’re too young to know how to be a mother”. She continued to scare my poor mom saying that the baby will be prone to health issues, and other stuff to make my mom seem like an enemy to me.

She even started talking about giving me up for adoption. Now let’s fast forward 22 years later. I’m healthy, living comfortably, and I’ve got a great job. I’m really close with my siblings and parents, who just spent their anniversary of 22 years together. I don’t know how my mom and dad did it but, wow am I incredibly lucky.

Story Credit: Reddit/BlackIce86


Bathroom Scolding

My very first job was wrangling carts at Walmart. One time after using the bathroom, I was washing my hands. A guy in a suit washed his hands next to me very quickly, then, while drying his hands asked me, “Are you paid hourly?” I was taken a bit off guard but managed, “Uh, yeah?” He smirked, said, “I can tell,” and left.

As far as I could gather, the guy thought I was lazy because I was washing my hands too well. Looking back, the fact that he thought he was so smart guessing that a Walmart employee wasn’t salaried makes me laugh.

Story Credit: Reddit/Deluxional


She Targeted The Elderly

The worst people are the ones that treat the elderly in nursing homes badly. I work at a nursing home, and while I have a lot of awesome coworkers who are very good at their job, I also have a lot of trashy ones. To give an example: I once overheard one of the patients say to a coworker that she really needed to go to the toilet. My co-workers’ response horrified me.

This lady was in a wheelchair and needed help. My coworker said: Well, you’re wearing a diaper aren’t you? Those can hold up to eight liters (nine qts). Just pee already!” I was shocked. My coworker went to have her smoke, and I immediately helped the lady in the wheelchair.

Yes, she did wear adult diapers, but a lot of my coworkers don’t seem to understand that these kinds of pants are to prevent accidents, not to encourage incontinence. The sad thing is, these kinds of things are very hard to prove, especially when the patients have dementia like they do in the nursing home I work at.

I have had multiple conversations with the manager about this kind of thing, resulting in absolutely nothing being done about it. I think the shortage in staff doesn’t help with this problem.

Story Credit: Reddit/Imagimary


Excuse Me…Waitress?

I was once at dinner with my significant other for her mom’s birthday. Some family friends also came along, who were not related to either of us. The husband of the couple who was not related—who I will call Carl—ate his entire plate of food. All except for about a quarter of his steak. He then made a big deal about calling for the waitress and told her there was a hair in his food.

Carl then went on to say he lost his appetite and didn’t want anything else. The waitress had no choice but to strike his meal from the bill since she couldn’t get him anything else. My significant other’s cousin later explained that almost every time she is at dinner with this couple, Carl or his wife will eat most of their dish before complaining and trying to get it for free.

Story Credit: Reddit/_CorporalHart


She Learned Her Lesson Late

When I was in high school, I took classes at my local community college, and in that class, we had our final speeches. Someone did a very stupid and quite obvious speech on litter, and at the end, people were giving feedback. This 40-something back-to-school mother said something that made the whole class just go super quiet.

She said something along the lines of: “Wow, I had no idea that there was anything wrong, I’m so used to throwing cups out the car window, but I won’t do that anymore!” She was not an awful person, but in this day and age, how did you not know that straight-up littering is wrong?

Story Credit: Reddit/ManifestEvolution


This Sweater Was Disgusting

One time, I was in the sauna at my gym. 

This other guy was in there for a few minutes before he wrung out his sweat towel over the hot coals. 

I was so disgusted I didn’t know how to respond. 

All I could get out was, “Hey, don’t do that”. 

The guy looked genuinely confused that he did anything wrong. I didn’t have the energy to explain, so I just left the sauna.

Story Credit: Reddit/Killerado


Coach Was A Jerk

I once had a teacher who was also a successful coach. He was a laid-back dude, and everyone thought he was funny and cool. In reality, however, he was actually a huge jerk. He used to use students’ real names in test questions, like “Bob is pushing a car up a ramp at x mph…” basic word problem, which was fine except for one thing.

This teacher would purposefully use the names of some of the less popular kids, making them the continual butt of jokes. Everyone laughed, and everyone went along with it, but in retrospect, not only was he a mediocre teacher, he was a genuinely not nice person.

It wasn’t anything terribly scandalous, just a bunch of passive-aggressive attacks on people who could least afford it at a time when they were particularly vulnerable.

Story Credit: Reddit/Nobodyville


No Vest For These Mutts

One of the worst things people can do is get fake service animal vests for their dogs. Service dogs are a serious, very meticulously trained animal, and not just an excuse to bring your pet everywhere. It’s easy to distinguish a regular dog from a service one.

Service dogs go through two years of training to desensitize the dog from distractions before they can be given to people in need. That super affectionate puppy is clearly not a real service animal. And you know what? Walking their non-service dogs without a leash is another problem.

The leash is for the dog’s protection, and the protection of others. I don’t care how, “well behaved he is normally,” your dog is biting my leg, or, your perfectly sweet and friendly dog just got mauled by a less well-adjusted dog that is on its leash specifically to prevent that. It’s super irresponsible.

Story Credit: Reddit/Kyhan


Professor Jerk

I’m an adjunct professor, and I can’t stand it when other professors make fun of their students around each other. And I don’t necessarily mean complaining about a student that’s being a pain in the butt—though that might not be the healthiest thing either. It mostly just bugs me when instructors make fun of their students’ work.

I teach English/Creative Writing and usually, it’s clear that the student was probably trying their best: which they usually are, in my experience. I mean, yes, some of the students have never written a story before, and the results can be a little bit funny, but they’re learning, and writing is a very personal thing for a lot of people and it doesn’t seem cool to make fun of them.

I guess some professors think it doesn’t matter because they’re not saying it to the student’s face, and bad writing can be really funny, I get it—but these are your students. They’re coming to you for help. It’s like if your doctor made fun of you for being fat behind your back. I don’t know, it just seems like a terrible thing to do.

I just want to add, not all professors do this. Most professors don’t make fun of their students’ work—a sizable minority do. Please don’t feel like all your college professors are talking badly about you behind your back. I know many more teachers who brag about their students and are very proud of them. This is far more common.

Usually, what you see is what you get. If your teacher seems like a nice person who likes you and wants you to succeed, they probably are. If they seem like a jerk, they’re probably a jerk.

Story Credit: Reddit/Muchado_aboutnothing


He Was Full-On Psycho

My sister and I had been doing karate at a dojo for a few years when we joined a new one. I was 11 years old at the time and I made a new friend at the new dojo. The karate school was big, so they held annual competitions. My new friend, Kevin, and I ended up matriculating to the top of our age division for sparring and first place would be decided by our match.

Before my sister and I came along, Kevin and his sister were like the shining stars of the place if that makes sense. They were both super competitive and won lots of awards. My sister and I weren’t into competitions and were really only competitive with each other. We participated in this one only because we were new.

Anyways, it was three rounds and I overwhelmed my friend in the first round. He always started with the same move so it was easy to overtake him. I remember looking at the crowd and seeing his dad.  He was red-faced and screaming at his son: full-on psycho. The look on my friend’s face was so angry too, but completely directed at himself.

My parents are the kind to love me and be proud of me no matter what I do and only care that I try. I knew everything would be okay if I lost, but I just got a really bad feeling for what would happen if he lost. I let him win. Never told anybody about this.

That was the first time I had ever seen an adult like that, and even back then I knew things were messed up.

Story Credit: Reddit/DrapeR


She Slept While I Worked

I used to work in IT for the city. Our department was a mix of contractors like myself and union city workers. On the overnight shift, we all would sleep, but if there was work to do, we’d all pitch in to get it done. Well, everyone except for L. See, L’s answer for everything was “That’s a contractor’s job, not mine.” Everything.

We were doing a system upgrade at the time, so that meant that all new computers needed to be imaged. It was an easy job, just start the computer, insert the disk, hit “Yes,” and then go back to sleep for a while. We had 200-300 workstations, and were averaging 10-12 a night, or should I say I was averaging 10-12 a night.

It finally got to the point where our supervisor wanted more than 12. I answered fine, just get L to help. He asked her, she said no, so he said it was up to me. He really didn’t care for my answer. “Look, I’ve been doing all the work here. She gets paid TRIPLE to do the same job, yet she sleeps the entire shift. If she won’t do any, then neither will I.” I quit a couple of days later.

Story Credit: Reddit/Catman419


She Can March Right Out Of Here

One of my classmates is the worst person ever. She is the definition of a terrible person. She talks horribly about our other classmates, her friends, and people in general: whether they are present or not. She also talks back to the teachers and insults them right to their faces.

But when it comes to trying to put down another classmate, she is willing to act as if nothing happened, so that she can have the teachers on her side and act like the victim. Besides all of that, she is now the school’s president and leader of the marching band. For this reason, she thinks she is superior to everyone else and therefore has the right to talk however she wants to them.

Story Credit: Reddit/LeadSheep


She Just Wanted Attention

I had a friend since childhood and, as an adult, she was really into the club scene for a while. It got pretty bad, and at one point her family and extended relatives were tired of bailing her out all the time. If that wasn’t bad enough, she found out she was pregnant. It didn’t stop her, and she kept doing her thing anyway. She made no attempt to really sober up.

Sure enough, she delivered and posted pictures of her and the baby on social media. I was surprised there hadn’t been any complications with the pregnancy because of her lifestyle. Then I found out the truth. The baby lived only four hours or so. People grieve in different ways, but she was almost attention-seeking when she was a big contributing factor to her daughter’s short life.

Story Credit: Reddit/McBudweiser


He Got Teed Off

I was 17 at the time and had been working at the local country club as a “cart boy.” Basically, my job was to get golf clubs out of the members’ trunk as they pulled up, put them on a cart, clean them off, and make sure that the members had everything that they needed to have a good round of golf: except the talent—that was on them.

In addition to that, I had to make sure that the driving range had enough balls, that the range was picked every now and then, and also clean and refuel golf carts when they came back. Honestly, it was a great job. $12/hour plus generous tips from the members. The tips were always split evenly among everyone who was working that shift.

On super busy days, we’d have three cart boys/girls working. On less busy days, one was generally enough. This particular summer, the golf pro decided that the cart staff needed a manager. Rather than promote one of us, who had been working there for several summers, they hired someone from the outside.

We felt slighted, but whatever. $12/hour plus generous tips was good money for a high school kid in 2003. Steve was the manager’s name. One Easter Sunday, when Steve was still new and still figuring out how we did everything, it was me and Steve working all on our own.

The place was BUSY but couldn’t get a third person to come in and help out because everyone was out of town for Easter with their families. Because of this, we worked from 6:00 AM to 8:00 PM, so the entire day was “the shift”. Steve spent literally every second of the day inside the pro shop, talking with the assistant golf pros: who, as it turned out, were both lesbians and were secretly a couple!

Steve washed no carts, got no bags, picked up zero balls. He left me outside to try to work one of the busiest days of the year all by myself. As a point of reference—the three bins on the driving range, which held roughly 10,000 balls each, were all completely empty, but I couldn’t get out there to pick the golf balls because I had to stay “up top” where the members were pulling in.

Toward the end of the day, when we had maybe five carts left to send out, Steve came outside (the pro shop had closed at that point) and helped with those few, enabling me to go to the range so I could get started on picking the balls. By this time, it was getting dark enough that I had to drive around with a flashlight and my head sticking out of the cage on the cart just to see where I was going so I wouldn’t run over the pins.

I finished that, brought all the balls back to the cart barn to wash and take back to the range. There were roughly 100 carts lined up to be washed as well. Now, throughout the day, I was tipped VERY well. Being that it was my third summer there, the members all knew me very well and I always took EXCELLENT care of them.

I’d played golf at one point or another with almost all of them. They saw me working by myself, still making sure that everyone was taken care of just as well as if there had been three people out there, and they took care of me. I think I had something like $800 in tips from the day.

Steve came down as I was washing the balls, told me to clock out when I was done, and that he was going home. He then turned around and said, “Oh yeah, we have to split tips. I’ve got $7, how much do you have?” I told him he could just keep the $7 and that I wouldn’t be splitting with him.

After some arguing, he left. I woke up to a voicemail from the golf pro asking why I’d refused to split tips with Steve the night before and why I clocked out so close to midnight. I told him everything. Steve, unfortunately, wasn’t fired and harbored a grudge against me the rest of the summer, giving me the worst shifts that made no tips.

These were Monday morning women’s leagues—ugh! On the bright side, my boss did say I could keep the tips, though!

Story Credit: Reddit/ChargerEcon


She Just Needed A Snack

A friend called me and said she really needed to talk to me and asked if I could go get ice cream. I thought she had a bad day or something and just really needed a friend. Nope. She told me she was uncomfortable with me becoming friends with one of her friends and that we can only hang out if she’s around.

She put all the blame on the other girl and said she should have known better and it was really not okay of her to reach out to me, blah, blah, blah. I’m sure she had the same conversation with the other girl and put the blame on me. Needless to say, we aren’t friends anymore. And by the way, what was the ice cream for?

Story Credit: Reddit/dvan1231


Accidents Happen

I am a 24-year-old female who has to do hemodialysis. This is the way it works. I go three times a week to the hospital for four-hour sessions. We are divided into rooms of four patients each. For a long while, I was in a room with two young-ish patients. The woman was maybe 50 and the man was in his 60s. The fourth bed was rotating through with other older people who were in their eighties.

Well, sometimes it would happen that the older patients had…er…accidents of the smelly sort. It’s unpleasant for everyone because they need to get changed in the room, true. But my roommates would always make awful commentary when this happened and sure, a lot of older people are hard of hearing, but not all of them and even if they are, it was so incredibly disrespectful.

You’d think they’d realize that it could be them in a few years, or even now because that can sadly happen to anyone at any time. But nope, they just made terrible jokes and laughed like teenagers at some sick older person’s expense. It made me so angry.

Story Credit: Reddit/sleepyplatipus


Oh Deer

On Miyajima island in Japan, the deer are used to people feeding them by hand. My tour guide said to keep brochures away, though, as these deer will eat anything. 

This Italian couple, however, ignored him and proceeded to rip pieces of paper to feed the deer.

Someone came in and pushed his hand out of the way, saying “They are animals, not toys!” 

One of the Italians stared at her walking away, and with a smug grin ripped another piece off and fed it to the deer.

Story Credit: Reddit/Ravishey



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