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The ‘Ugliest’ Bride Decided To Change And This Is What She Looks Like Now

The Happy Couple

In 2011, a very happy couple from Russia decided to tie the knot. It was an extremely heartfelt wedding as everyone could tell how intense their love was. At the time, everything just felt right. Unfortunately, it was not all happiness and smiles ahead.

A Rough Road Up Ahead

Posting Their Wedding Photos

Wanting to share their glorious love with the world, the couple posted their wedding photos on Facebook, as most do. Family members and friends commented on sharing their love and support for the couple. Eventually, the photos were shared and the comments that followed were not very nice at all.

Not Being Nice

Claiming Their Love Was A Fraud

Many commenters claimed that this couple’s relationship was a scam and that it wouldn’t last. A lot of people tried to say that there was no way this man could actually be in love with his wife. Once this poor woman saw the cruel comments, she was devastated.

Blocking The Haters

Feeling Like Stars

For a while, this couple actually ended up walking around like celebrities. Although it was not for the right reasons, many people in their path recognized them through their viral wedding photos. As time passed, the hype died down and they went back to living the normal lives that they preferred.

She Decided She Wanted A Change

Fed Up With The Gossip

This woman was fed up with the glares and the gossip. However, she also wanted to finally be healthy. After coming up with a plan, this woman finally kicked it into action. The results went viral as she shocked the world.

Kept To Themselves

Seeking Out The Happy Couple

One reporter was looking for the latest story to share and he remembered the incident with this couple. Since they were so secluded, it was hard to find them. Eventually, he found the happy lovebirds. What he saw left him in absolute shock and he decided to share it with the world.


How Did She Do It?

The question had to be asked, “How did she do this?” She told the reporter that it did take her close to six years to get where she was. She went on to explain that most of the weight loss was a result of the extreme fitness lifestyle she had attained.

Getting Some Work Done

Body Enhancements

This woman also admitted that she had a lot of body enhancements, several facial enhancements and fixed her balding problem. Although she was a different person on the outside, she remained the happy, humble woman on the inside. She then revealed another big part of her transformation.

Extreme Change In Diet

Overcoming Insecurity

Usually, when people transform in extreme ways, people assume that they must have been insecure. This woman stated that this was not the reason at all. Yes, she wanted to feel better about herself, but the reason was much deeper than that, and it touched the hearts of people all around the world.


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