The Trump Secrets You NEED To Know!

Sister Rivalry?

Here are the craziest facts you NEED to know about America's next First Family. We'll be starting with some background about each family member before jumping into the grittier stuff. And trust us, it gets gritty.

While Tiffany grew up in California with her mother, Ivanka was groomed for the spotlight and working for the family business. Ivanka now has a net worth of $150 million and is often praised by her father, both for her work ethic and beauty. Tiffany has not been welcomed into the family business and does not have anywhere near the fortune of her older sister.

Baby Barron Lives the High Life

Barron attends the most expensive private school in all of New York City. It’s so exclusive, in fact, that the family has never officially released the prep school’s name.

We’re sure he’s rubbing elbows (or sharing pens) with some of America’s richest and most trust-funded children.

Trump Would Date His Daughter

When Ivanka was a teenager, she launched into a very successful modeling career.

As she gained more attention from the general public, her father said, “If she weren’t my daughter, perhaps I would be dating her.” We have to admit… that’s more than just a little creepy, to say the least!

Barron Has a Whole Floor To Himself

Barron Trump has his very own FLOOR in the family’s Manhattan penthouse! But, the Trump parents reportedly want him to experience life as a normal child, too. Though they have staff members who cook and clean for them, they don’t employ a nanny.

Melania takes care of him and even picks him up from school! What does he do when he isn’t being a billionaire’s son? Find out during our final interesting Trump fact.

A Yuge Family

As Donald Trump would say, his family is “YUGE!” He has five kids from three different women! They live all across the country but have recently taken to the roads to help him with his campaign to be the next President of the United States.

But, what’s the real story behind all these blondies?

Ivanka Trump

Ivanka Trump is the eldest daughter of Donald and Ivanka. She has launched a career in business, much like her father, and is world renowned for her stunning looks.

Her dad has even admitted that she is his “favorite” child. We wonder how that makes the other four kids feel!

Donald Trump Jr.

Donald Trump Jr. is Mr. Trump’s oldest child.

He was born to Trump while he was married to his first wife, Ivana. He is now 38 years old and is the Executive Vice President of the Trump Organization. Interestingly enough, he’s the only Trump child without that classic blonde hair!
Despite his great career, he’s run into some personal problems… Find out more on slide 20!

Tiffany Trump

22-year-old Tiffany Trump is the daughter of Donald and his second wife, Marla Maples. She is notoriously the most private of the Trump kids, but has started to enter the spotlight more as her dad is on the campaign trail.

She’s definitely mysterious, but there are a few things we know about her!

Donald Didn’t Raise Her

Unlike her four siblings, Tiffany Trump wasn’t raised on the East Coast with her father nearby. Her parents (her mother is Marla Maples) were married soon after her birth but divorced when she was only six years old. When they split, her mother took her to California where she was raised, while Donald went on to date Melania, who would become his third wife.

It’s no secret Tiffany was raised apart from the rest of the Trump kids, and it’s clear that Donald views her separately as well. Speaking to Fox and Friends on election day, Trump said, “I’m very proud of my children… but I’m very proud ’cause Don and Eric and Ivanka and, you know, to a lesser extent ’cause she just got out of school, out of college, but, uh, Tiffany, who’s also been so terrific.”

Barron Trump

The youngest Trump is Barron, the 11-year-old son of Donald and his third wife, Melania. He is still in school, but he has made the rounds on his father’s campaign.

Of course, he’s just a kid, so no one will blame him for yawning during some of his dad’s speeches!

Eric Trump

Eric Trump is the third Trump child. He is the son of Donald Sr. and Ivana and, like his siblings, is very involved in his father’s company and has had a very successful career in business.

He’s also married to an Associate Producer at CBS News. We wonder if that may help his dad’s efforts with the media…

A Family of Elitists?

Ivanka Trump does NOT like flying in business class. And it’s not because she feels like she shouldn’t be there. There have been numerous reports of her being rude to flight attendants.

She must be used to traveling on a private jet! Or, maybe she’s just very good at hiding her true feelings and attitudes when she’s out campaigning for her dad.

High Expectations

Apparently, it’s tough growing up as a Trump! Donald Sr. reportedly has very high expectations of his children’s academic and athletic performances, and he doesn’t like to be disappointed.

That would be a hard environment to grow up in. Still, there were numerous benefits that must have made it worth it!

Donald Says Kids Like His Are “Very Troubled”

Donald Trump Sr. once said, “the children of highly successful people tend to be very troubled.” Though he wasn’t specifically referencing one of his own kids, we can’t help but wonder if there’s any type of hidden meaning beneath the surface of that comment.

Hopefully, all the Trump children are happy and healthy.

Jr. Kills Endangered Animals

Donald Trump Jr. is a trophy hunter. He has reportedly been on several safaris in Zimbabwe, and may have even killed a few endangered animals.

He says that hunting did a lot to “keep out of trouble as a kid.” Still, the thought of shooting an elephant for fun creeps us out!
What else does Junior do for fun? Keep reading to find out.

Tiffany Is InstaFamous

Tiffany Trump is wildly popular on Instagram. She and her friends share photos of their wild nights on the town with her thousands of followers, and she has quite the A-list set of besties! Rumor has it that she’s even tight with Anna Wintour and the editors of Vogue.

But what about when she isn’t out partying? Find out by reading on.

Eric Trump and His Rich Wife

Eric Trump lives with his wife in a $2 million home. We’re sure this was funded partly with his family’s money, but we’re also sure that his wife’s fortune, which she earned by modeling, helped seal the deal.

She even dated Leonardo DiCaprio at the height of her fame.

One Family, One Company

Donald “Don” Trump Jr. has never worked anywhere except for the Trump Company. That means that he’s never had to go through the arduous process of submitting resumes and cold calling companies to try to get an interview.

That sounds like a pretty sweet deal, though maybe it should be a required rite of passage. Alas, it would seem that the Trumps don’t have to follow normal societal standards.

No Secret Service for Tiffany

Tiffany Trump is the only Trump child who has not been offered full-time protection by the Secret Service. She doesn’t spend a ton of time around the rest of her family, but it still seems a little strange that they don’t consider her worth protecting.

Even her mother, Marla Maples, is offered protection when she feels like it’s needed.

Rich Kids of Instagram

Tiffany Trump and her friends have even taken on a nickname for their clique. They call themselves the “Rich Kids of Instagram,” and spend their free time traveling around the world together.

That definitely seems like a glamorous way to grow up. We have to admit… we’re a bit jealous.

Jr. Had a Wild Year (and Had to Quit Partying)

After graduating from the Wharton School of Business at the University of Pennsylvannia, Donald Trump Jr. took a year off to party in the snowy land of Aspen, Colorado.

It seems like his year of fun and games in the mountains really wore him out… he has apparently sworn off partying for good.

Eric Loves Victim Shaming

Eric Trump made headlines this August when he reportedly “victim blamed” women who had experienced a sexual assault or rape. He said that his sister Ivanka “wouldn’t allow herself to be subjected to a sexual assault.” There was public outrage, though he never apologized for his sexist statement.


Tiffany Interned at VOGUE

Tiffany Trump spent last summer working as an intern at VOGUE fashion magazine. This really was the opportunity of a lifetime for the youngest Trump girl.

Apparently, her older sister Ivanka helped her get the job. It definitely helps to have connections like that in the intense, and hyper-competitive, New York City!

The Donald Is Creepy with Ivanka

More than a few people have commented on Donald Trump’s “creepy” relationship with his daughter Ivanka.

He denies that their love is anything more than a “normal father-daughter caring relationship,” but anyone who says they would date their own child is certain to raise a few suspecting eyebrows!

Ivanka’s Had Some Legal Troubles

Ivanka Trump launched a line of accessories that has been incredibly successful in the fashion world, but she’s experienced some legal issues too.

She had to pull a line of scarves out of the Chinese market because they were highly flammable, and she was sued for copyright infringement on her shoe line.

Tiffany’s Another Penn Quaker

Tiffany Trump is currently finishing up her undergraduate degree at the University of Pennsylvania. This is certainly a family tradition for the Trumps. But, unlike the party girl image which she projects to the world, Tiffany is serious about her attendance at this prestigious Ivy League institution.

She’s even has a double major. That’s impressive!

Just a “Small Loan”

There’s no way to deny that the Trump kids are successful. But, they have plenty of money helping them out.

This sounds oddly similar to their father who once claimed that he received a “small loan of $1 million” from his father. Anyone who thinks that’s a small loan must have a silver spoon in their mouth.

Will There Be a Trump Pop Star?

Tiffany has dreams of becoming a pop star. She has released one single, which has received critical acclaim across the internet and is reportedly working on an album that she will release after the election.

We can’t wait to see what’s next from this scholar-artist. It’s sure to be pretty riveting!

The Trumps All Look Alike

All of Donald Sr’s. kids favor his side of the family! They look shockingly similar to each other and their aunts, uncles, and grandparents.

Apparently, their dad likes to talk about how much he looks like all of his relatives. There must be some serious pride in their genetic code!

Budget? Not for the Trump Kids

Most American kids have experience with an allowance. But, the Trump kids are not “most” American kids. They never had an allowance or a budget to guide their spending.

That would have been a pretty luxurious and fun way to grow up. We would LOVE to give that a try!