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The Net Worth Of Most Famous Celebrities That Would Raise A Lot Of Questions

Hollywood is known for some drastically wealthy celebrities. Even though everyone knows they work hard, very often, those stars’ net worth raises some serious banking questions.

From celebrities like Beyoncé and Steven Spielberg to world-renowned athletes like Michael Phelps, let’s see what are the secrets those rich people hiding behind their fortunes. 

Through the years, we’ve all grown to love Robert De Niro for his one-of-a-kind characters in films like The Godfather, Taxi Driver, and more. He’s a legend in showbusiness, but does this have anything to do with his whopping USD 500M net worth?

Not only is Robert known for his acting career, but he’s a pretty great businessman too. He has invested in the famous restaurant chain Nobu, which significantly increased his wealth. Now, this next one is one of the most famous faces in Hollywood…

We’ve all grown to love the show, The Ellen DeGeneres Show, and we’ve all seen Ellen DeGeneres with various famous faces in Hollywood. So it’s no wonder that she would boast of a pretty impressive USD 490M net worth.

Ellen wasn’t always popular, but she’s always been vocal about how she’s grateful that she had landed her very own sitcom. While her net worth isn’t even comparable to this next host, we still think that it’s pretty impressive – don’t you?

If you’re looking for an inspirational female lead in Hollywood, just take a look at the legendary Oprah Winfrey. It seems that everything she does is inspiring, and she’s always had that personal flair that leads to countless generous donations on her show, The Oprah Winfrey Show.

While she might have an astounding USD 2.5B in her bank account, Oprah still stays true to herself and her roots. Her story is awe-inspiring, and she’s built her empire from the ground up, but what about this next one on our list?

Is there anybody in this world who doesn’t recognize Kylie Jenner’s face? If you’re a fan of the reality show, Keeping Up with the Kardashians, then there’s a high chance that you grew up with Kylie and her older siblings.

While she may be the youngest of Kris’ children, it doesn’t mean that she’s got the lowest income. Looking at her net worth today, Kylie has a whopping USD 900M wealth stocked up behind her. Now, isn’t that impressive?

This man is infamous for his criticisms in talent shows like The X Factor, American Idol, and Got Talent, but that’s just Simon Cowell’s façade and personality. Let’s not forget that it’s also all thanks to Simon that we had the pleasure of having One Direction.

While some people might hate his guts, Simon boasts an impressive USD 550M net worth. If we think about how he’s helped launch some of the careers of the greatest talents in the world, we believe that this might be a bit low.

He’s not only the most decorated swimmer in the world, but he also holds the title of the world’s most decorated Olympian. Michael Phelps is quite extraordinary, and we think he’s deserving of the USD 80M net worth that he currently has.

Michael started from the very bottom, but he has proved his place on the world’s stage as one of the greatest swimmers and athletes who ever lived. While this next one isn’t an athlete of any kind, he’s still considered one of the greats…

After watching him for decades, Leonardo DiCaprio finally won his much-deserved Oscar in 2016 for his role in The Revenant. While this was his first Oscar win, it doesn’t mean that he’s not successful – we just have to look at his whopping USD 260M net worth.

Through the years, we’ve enjoyed watching his roles in films like Growing Pains, What’s Eating Gilbert Grape, and Titanic. We simply can’t wait to see what this superstar does next in his amazing career.

His name is probably one of the most popular yet controversial names in Hollywood because of his acting and martial arts involvement. While he’s had a significant career, people are still obsessed with the legendary Chuck Norris, and it’s not hard to see why.

Chuck currently has a USD 70M net worth, and he’s still making hit blockbusters today. He’s a legend in the film industry, and he’s still making waves decades after his acting debut. Now, this next one is also making waves in the industry, but not for the reasons we’d think…

Is there anybody alive right now who hasn’t even heard of the name Kanye West? Even before marrying the famous Kim Kardashian, Kanye has had quite a successful musical and artistic career – this is probably why he has an astounding USD 1.3B net worth.

Kanye might seem like a mad genius, but he’s produced some of the best songs out there, and he’s designed some legendary fashion pieces. Now that he’s separated from his famous ex-wife, we can’t help but feel curious as to what this man is about to do next.

Nobody ever gets a psychology degree and expects to build a multimillion-dollar career and show out of it – not even Dr. Phil. This famous doctor changed the flow of his life when he met the legendary Oprah Winfrey. We can safely say that the rest is history.

Today, he has an amazing USD 400M net worth, and his show is still on the air. As his show keeps on rolling, we know that his net worth will keep on growing as well. Now, this next one is a doctor too, but a different kind at that…

If you’re into music, then there’s a high chance that you’ve already heard of the legendary Dr. Dre. He’s a chart-topper and a hit producer, and he’s signed some of our favorite artists like Eminem, Tupac, and 50 Cent.

While he’s had a bit of a quieter lifestyle today, Dr. Dre is still making waves in the entertainment and business industries. As soon as he sold his electronic company, Beats, to Apple, his net worth has skyrocketed to USD 800M. We don’t know about you, but that surely is impressive.

His breakthrough role is in the show 21 Jump Street, and Johnny Depp has been a golden boy to this day. He might’ve had some problems in the past, but this actor’s shine hasn’t waned a bit.

Johnny currently has an astounding USD 200M net worth, and he’s been cast in various well-acclaimed films like Edward Scissorhands, Pirates of the Caribbean, and more. He hasn’t starred in films in a while, but we can’t wait for Johnny’s comeback!

If you’re a big fan of Star Wars, then there’s only one person to thank for that: George Lucas. Like most producers and directors of his generation, George has gathered quite a wealth with an amazing USD 5.4B net worth in his pocket.

Not only did he create Star Wars, but he also created Indiana Jones. He’s a genius in his own right, and we only have him to thank for some of the best films ever made.

She’s one of the most well-known supermodels of her generation, but her life didn’t start as glamorous as how she looked on most designer catwalks. Tyra Banks is one of the most inspiring celebrities in Hollywood, and she has a USD 90M net worth behind her.

Tyra popularized the show America’s Next Top Model, and she has helped launch the careers of many aspiring models in the industry. Now, this next one is no model but a star nonetheless.

She has one of the most angelic voices in the music industry, and it’s no wonder that she’s achieved a net worth of USD 400M. Through the years, we’ve grown up with Shania Twain’s songs, and we’re not complaining one bit.

This songstress from Canada has risen through the ranks and is dubbed the Queen of Country Pop. We think it’s a title that she deserves, thanks to her musical genius and talent. This next one has created a magical world all on her own, and we think you might know her too…

If you were born in the 1990s, then there’s a high chance that you grew up reading J.K. Rowling’s famous Harry Potter series. This is an immensely renowned book series turned film series, and it has given J.K. a net worth of USD 1B.

Today, she continues to inspire young writers and readers alike, and we’ll be forever grateful to J.K. for creating some of our favorite characters. Now, what about this next country singer on our list?

Not only do we know Billy Ray Cyrus as Miley’s father, but he’s also a country legend in his own right. He’s had such a diverse musical and acting career under his belt, and he even starred alongside his daughter on Hannah Montana.

Today, he has a whopping USD 20M net worth and a career that’s incomparable. He might be a bit older now, but Billy Ray still has the fire. We can’t wait to see what songs he does next!

For over seven decades, Carl Reiner has created a successful comedic career for himself. Through the years, he’s been awarded 11 Emmys, a Grammy, and the Mark Twain Prize for American Humor.

By the time he retired from the entertainment industry, Carl had a net worth of USD 70M. You have to know that no other comedian of his day earned that much, so he was a pioneer.

You might know Steve Harvey for causing that awarding mishap during the 2015 Miss Universe, but some might know him as a great host. Either way, Steve has had an impressive career and an even more impressive net worth of USD 160M.

Steve has been a host in shows like The Steve Harvey Show, Family Feud, and Little Big Shots. We don’t know about you, but this guy has a pretty great career under his belt – just like this next superstar on our list.

In the last few decades, Katy Perry has been one of Hollywood’s most famous musical acts. She’s made great music through the years, and it’s no wonder why she’d have a USD 330M net worth.

After popularizing songs like I Kissed a Girl, Teenage Dream, and Roar, Katy has cemented her status as a musical superstar. Today, we can see her living her best life with her family and being a judge on American Idol.

This man isn’t simply Beyoncé’s husband; he’s also a musical legend and creative genius in his own right. Jay-Z has had a career spanning decades, and he has produced various hit records just like his wife.

Not only is he creative, but he’s also business-driven, which made his net worth rise up to USD 1B. Today, he’s one of the world’s wealthiest musicians, as per Rolling Stone and Forbes.

Whenever we hear Dolly Parton’s name, we immediately think of country music, which is apt considering she’s been dubbed as the Queen of Country Music. She’s popularized some hit songs like Jolene, 9 to 5, and I Will Always Love You.

Dolly isn’t only an artist, but she’s also a businesswoman venturing on various investments like a dinner theatre, spa, and her famous theme park, Dollywood. All these business ventures made her net worth skyrocket to USD 600M.

If you love The Beatles, then you’ll know who Sir Paul McCartney is. This legendary rockstar has paved the way for himself with his band and as a solo performer with a career spanning since the 1960s.

Sir Paul joins the ranks of Jay-Z and others as one of the wealthiest musicians in the world with a net worth of USD 1.2B. That’s more than what most singers today will ever earn – don’t you think so?

You might not have heard of Parker Schnabel, but he’s got one of the highest net worths as a gold miner and a reality star. This young celebrity has a wealth that’s considered to be over USD 8M, which is still pretty big considering he’s only starting his career.

If you want to see more of Parker, you should watch his shows like Gold Rush and Gold Rush: Parker’s Trail. Now, this next one is a bit more famous, and he’s got one of the best late-night shows today…

He’s one of the best and most favored late-night hosts in the industry today, and it’s not hard to figure out why. Stephen Colbert and his show, The Late Show with Stephen Colbert, have been a crowd favorite since 2015.

Today, this late-night host has a net worth of USD 50M, and we think it’ll grow through the years. Well, this next one is another athlete who was much-beloved by many.

When the news of his death aired throughout the world, many had been devastated because it was such a loss in the world of sports. Kobe Bryant not only has paved the way for himself but for his family too.

During his death, Kobe had a net worth of USD 500M, more than any NBA superstar of his caliber. These are all thanks to his great career, smart business ventures, and various high-end brand sponsorships.

Did you know that Rihanna was just named the National Hero of her home country Barbados? This goes to show the length of her success and popularity. Sure, she’s a musical superstar, but she’s more than that.

Since starting her businesses, Fenty Beauty and Savage X Fenty, Rihanna’s net worth has skyrocketed to an astounding USD 1.7B. We just hope that she drops her latest album because it has been way too long.

We might know Nick Cannon as Mariah Carey’s ex-husband, but he has made a career for himself since then. Today, he’s the host of the show, The Masked Singer, and he’s still making waves in the entertainment industry.

Nick has a net worth of USD 30M, and it appears that he’s not about to retire anytime soon – good for him! This next one might be a bit older, but he also has no plans of slowing down in the next year or so…

Whenever we think of Richard Gere, we think of his classic roles in films like Pretty Woman, American Gigolo, and more. He has had a successful career spanning over multiple decades, and it’s no wonder how he’s got a net worth of USD 120M.

Even though he’s a bit older now, Richard doesn’t seem fazed by his age. This is great because we can’t wait to see this legendary actor’s next role.

He’s been named “America’s highest-selling solo album musician,” so it’s no wonder that Garth Brooks would have an impressive net worth. Thanks to all the records he’s sold, Garth’s wealth has continually soared through the years.

Today, he has an impressive net worth of USD 330M, and it doesn’t seem that he’s going to slow down anytime soon. Now, this next one is another high-selling musical legend that you may or may not know…

In the 1990s, Toby Keith first released some of his studio albums, and he’s been a hit ever since. He’s a successful musician in his own right, and he’s had quite a few chart-topping hits throughout his career.

Toby currently has a net worth of USD 365M, and this musical legend is still going at it today. He’s an inspiration to most country singers, and it’s not hard to figure out why. Now, what about this next celebrity on our list?

He’s widely known for hosting shows like The Jon Stewart Show and The Daily Show, and he’s also one of the most popular political talk show hosts of his generation. While he might be a bit talked about, this doesn’t faze Jon Stewart a bit.

Jon has had a great career, and he also has an impressive net worth of USD 120M. Today, he’s no longer hosting various shows – instead, he’s focusing on writing and directing. What can this man not do?

If you’re looking for the most beloved actor of all time, then the answer is always going to be Robin Williams. Even though he has been dead for a few years now, his legacy in the entertainment and art industry still breaks barriers.

When he was still alive, he had starred in various films like Dead Poets Society, Mrs. Doubtfire, and Jumanji. In his death, his estate now holds his astounding USD 100M net worth. There will simply be no other actor like Robin.

This man has been in the industry since we can remember, and he’s even ventured into politics at some point. Clint Eastwood is one of the most prominent figures in Hollywood, and it’s no wonder that he’d have a USD 375M net worth.

Clint has starred in films like Mystic River, Gran Torino, and The Bridges of Madison County. Today, he might not be appearing in more films, but he’s always working behind the scenes as one of the most lauded directors of his generation.

Another notable and lauded director of his generation is the great Steven Spielberg. Throughout his career, he has directed some of our most loved films like Indiana Jones, E.T., and Schindler’s List. It’s no wonder he’s had such great credentials under his belt.

Did you know that Steven is also considered the second richest celebrity in the world? This might be all thanks to his great talent and his whopping USD 3.7B net worth.

Who doesn’t know the legendary actor Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson? He’s simply one of the biggest names in the entertainment industry today, and it doesn’t seem that he’s going to be stopping anytime soon.

Today, he has a net worth of USD 325M, and Dwayne still makes some of the industry’s best feel-good and action films. Now, this next one is another musical legend, and you’ve probably heard all about her…

When it comes to the music industry, every one of us can vouch for the musical and creative genius that is Beyoncé. She’s one of the most celebrated artists of her generation, and she’s produced multiple chart-topping hits throughout her career.

From being a member of Destiny’s Child to paving the way for her successful solo career, it’s no wonder that Beyoncé would have an astounding USD 400M net worth. Well, this next one is also another musical genius – do you have any guesses?

She’s one of the most successful songstresses of her generation, and Taylor Swift made waves when she decided to re-record her entire catalog. Taylor is a musical genius, and she’s been a household name since she started to make it big in the industry.

Taylor currently has a whopping net worth of USD 390M, and we think that all of the “Taylor’s Version” records would simply add to this. Honestly, who doesn’t love this singer?

Some people might say that artistry doesn’t require money, but it sure does help. While these celebrities ventured into their respective field just for the fun and thrill of it, it might’ve helped that they’ve earned a bit of cash in the process.

These are some of the most successful and high-net-worth celebrities in Hollywood. Who do you think should be added to this list?


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