The Most Horrifying Haunted Houses That Scare the Hell Out of You

20. Get Ready To Be Scared

Halloween is just around the corner, and if you want to get a huge scare, then you haven’t visited the right haunted house so far! Think creepy clowns, fake blood splattered all over the place and maybe even on you, and many nightmares come true. Where are these places? Most of them are in the USA, but we’ve also found one in Japan or Canada.

Beware, you’ll definitely get the chills only by seeing and reading about the next horrifying haunted houses that have done the job scaring the hell out of its visitors. If you’re done with all those haunted houses, mazes and other places that are a walk in the rain, then get ready to see some gore, assault and a bit too much psychological torture. Don’t say we didn’t warn you! These places go above and beyond, so don’t blame us you’re having nightmares by the end of this article!

In Stone Mountain, Georgia, you’ll see Netherworld. It’s been around for two decades, and it’s famous for having over the top monsters. Even Rob Zombie borrowed some of their props and monsters!

Every year, Netherworld’s two haunted houses get new different themes. For instance, in 2018, they had The Awakened (mummified corpses are loose) and Subject: Unknown (botched sci-fi experiment at an alien autopsy). The 70,000-square-foot facility also includes escape rooms and a “House of Creeps” monster museum.

In Archdale, North Carolina, you will find Kersey Valley Spookywoods, where everything that you dreaded about the dark is a reality. The idea of this haunted house was born when six kids got into an abandoned house that was infested with bats.

At Spookywoods, you will run through a cornfield and enter a Victorian house that not only has poltergeists, but also a graveyard in the back. Add a morgue, a vampire castle, a slaughterhouse and an old mental hospital to the mix, and you’ll definitely scream the whole time there.

If you really want to spook the hell out of visitors, you have to find the proper location. In Tooele, Utah, the old hospital was turned into Asylum 49. The thing is that back when it was still running, nurses would hear voices and see objects move on their own.

So, the best place for overnight experiences and paranormal tours is Asylum 49. Oh, and as a notice, someone might come, grab you up and strap you on a bed and spill fake blood on you during the “Extreme Night” experience.

In Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, you will be able to spend the night in the penitenciary that housed Al Capone. There are also historic tours, but during the fall, night visits are a place of horror.

There are six themes, such as a lock-down with zombies, an infirmary with surgeons that have never heard of the Hippocratic oath, and a -D quarantine room. You can either wonder inside as an observer or be part of the spooky adventure.

If you’re afraid your nightmares might come to life, then don’t go to The 13th Gate! There are 13 sections in a 40,000 square-foot haunted house where actors are so skilled at delivering their stories that you’ll second guess yourself.

The terrifying places are so on point, you’ll wonder if that’s really a snake-infested swamp you’re walking through.

At Cincinnati, Ohio, you can experience a school which is a lot more terrifying than the real ones. Yes, Dent School House will make sure you never thing of school with nostalgia.

From the murderous janitor Charlie, who killed 1940s and 1950s students and dumped them in the basement, to a shrine of the students in the nurse’s office, a cafeteria filled with pieces of meat labeled humans and a bunch of creepy teachers from 1955 will certainly spook you and probably make you shiver every time you pass by a school.

Our favorite soldier has his own house, taking his visitors back in time to the 1700s on a 65-acre farm in Ulster Park, New York. The 250-year-old farm includes a corn maze, six haunted houses, and even a magic show, completed with a bunch of creepy clowns and some escape rooms.

For instance, two of the houses are Horseman’s Tomb and the Glutton’s Diner, the latter also being a slaughterhouse.

In Pontiac, Michigan, the haunted house that attracts a bunch of people is Erebus, named after the Greek son of Chaos. Part of the house was filled with animatronics, some of which have been replaced by people that have to scare the visitors. It’s that unpredictability that will scare people all around the four-story building.

The whole adventure is half a mile long, and visitors must walk through it to escape, dodging obstacles, moving walls, avoid flying corpses, walk through swamps and try not to drown in ball pits. It’s insane!

If a farm is not enough for a fright night, then will a village be good enough? We’re talking about the island of Oahu in Waipahu, Hawaii. The entire island has the former houses of immigrants that worked on a sugar plantation.

All year long, there are tours on the island, but for 10 days in October, the plantation’s gory and real story come back to life. They say 25 houses were really haunted and actors that were hired to spook visitors quit because they were scared by mysterious activity.

In Aurora, Illinois, someone invested in a creepy idea: we’ve all been afraid of basements at one point in our lives - some still are… Well, the Basement of the Dead has two haunted houses, and all the crazy takes place in the basements. One of the houses features a story of a father and son that never returned at their work after a boiler explosion at their factory.

Then, people began disappearing. Do you want to be among those that find out that happened to the that unfortunate family?

Already in New York and Los Angeles (soon to come to Chicago), this haunted house only accepts people over 18. It’s because it offers the ultimate fright night, including “extreme horror, adult sexual content, tight spaces, darkness, fog, strobe light effects, exposure to water, physical contact, and crawling.” If things get too much for you, there’s also a safe word.

And you must be alone throughout all of the spooky experience.

Another hospital that is really haunted is The Pennhurst State School and Hospital in Spring City, PA. Before it became Pennhurst Haunted Asylum, it actually was called Eastern Pennsylvania State Institution for the Feeble-Minded and Epileptic. It was opened in 1908 and closed in 1987 because of the controversial abuse.

Since it got closed, many ghost story shows visited the location. In 2010, it was turned into a haunted house, and it’s confusing… Was that ghost real or fake? We’ll never know…

One of the scariest haunted houses in the world is in Fujiyoshida, Yamanashi, Japan. It’s called Saikyo Senritsu Meikyu, and what makes it unique is that it lets visitors wanted the halls, as there is no designated route. The theme of the house is that of an abandoned old hospital, where doctors would harvest and sell organs.

The spirits of the murdered patients are now back to kill the doctors. There is also a safe station location in the building if you chicken out.

The story of this haunted house from Clifton Hill in Niagara Falls, Ontario, is that of Abraham Mortimer who was killed in an accident caused by some delinquents that came to mess with him at his coffin factory. Mortimer was buried, but a few days after that, his coffin was found empty and out in the open.

As you can see, a lot of people chicken out in the haunted house. Nightmares Fear Factory stated they have scared over 140,000 people so far.

To get into the haunted house, you must sign a waiver, since there’s a lot of physical contact, fake blood and water included in the experience. That’s on top of you starting the experience with duct tape over your face.

They say not many were able to go through the entire house without screaming the safe word.

This one hour long scenario plays with your worst nightmares, and every room gets scarier and scarier. Oh yes, things might pop into your face when you least expect it.

You’ll nope out of it in an instant!

If you go to Las Vegas and are in for an insane experience, then get ready to see someone knocking a person to the ground, dragging them into a room, using electrical shocks and more. The time at Gates of Hell feature a "victim experience," which also includes a fire-breathing clown.

YAY! Creepy clowns!

Guests get to visit the 13th floor of the building in Chicago, IL where two haunted houses are featured.

One of them has terrifying clowns and there are also witches out there!

Before entering Dead Acres, there’s a warning sign saying guests will have a “risk of physical and emotional injury." A reviewer on Yelp said the experience includes guests getting touched, shoved and “you'll probably have a chainsaw come in contact with your legs as well." Did they just say PROBABLY?