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The Most Epic “I Quit” Stories We Have Ever Heard

Usually, quitting a job is nothing out of the ordinary. But we’re not here to tell you ordinary stories either! We compiled the funniest stories of people that were fed up with their jobs. You’ll read some pretty awesome rage quits, including things being thrown out, lawsuits, and a lot of drama. While some people have never stormed out, some had the satisfaction of flipping everyone at the office! Get ready to have a good laugh and root for these poor employees that were so unlucky to work in these places…

Everyone Is Fired

We’ll start with a great story of how everyone was fired but they got a new job by the end of that week. This contract project manager was the best boss ever, and he told us why: “I had to lay off my entire staff (and myself) with 8 hours notice. I was the contract project manager on a government project (office type work). At our periodic review on a Thursday, the government announced they would not be renewing our contract and our last day was Friday (the next day). I brought everyone into the conference room first thing the next day, let everyone know that we were all out of a job and that today was everyone’s last day. I had everyone email me their resumes, and we went over everyone’s on the conference room projector and updated them over the course of the day. I then printed out “reference” sheets for everyone, and we all spent the remainder of the day writing letters of recommendation for each other. I ordered everyone pizza, and bought everyone a round of drinks at the bar next door. Most folks had jobs by the end of the next week.” – Reddit user shortadamlewis

Witnessing an epic “I QUIT” moment, this Reddit user watched a Taco John’s employee quitting while he was making his burrito! It was absolutely fantastic! “I went into a Taco John’s and ordered a super burrito with no tomatoes or black olives, to go. […] I see that they have started on my burrito. The cook loads it up with everything and wraps it up. He has it in his right hand and reaches up with his left to clear out the order on the monitor. He stops for a moment when he realizes that he [put] everything on the burrito. He is facing me and he turns around and fires a 100 mph fast-ball burrito against the back wall. He walks into the back room, takes off his Taco Johns shirt, puts on a T-shirt, grabs his smokes and his drink and heads out the back door. 30 seconds later the girl running the drive-thru wants to know where Brian is. I pointed him out to her as by now he is walking across the parking lot toward downtown. I told her that I think Brian gave his notice. She says a few choice words and wants to know what I ordered.” – Reddit user LiesureSuitLarry

This one heard it from his friend, and it was so funny, he had to share it with the world. Hint: the story does include a Jack in the Box, and angry customer and a fed-up co-worker: “On his last day a woman walks up to his line and tries to brow beat him into taking a bunch of expired coupons. He tells her he needs to check with his supervisor and slowly pulls out a Jack in the Box from under his till and methodically places it on the scanner and just starts cranking the thing. When it finally pops he looks her in the eye and just says “Yeah, he said no”. She flipped out and screamed for a manager while he just cracks up, takes off his smock and walks out.” – Reddit user ProlongedSuffering

Working at a call center is usually hell on earth, since people call to complain and most of them yell. This guy had a great supervisor that made it easier for the man to quit: “I put in my two weeks at a call center and my supervisor (who was great the whole time i was there) said ‘Yeah, I’m just gonna give you two weeks paid vacation. I know how done you are with this place – with your notice in, I give it an hour before you would call the first rude customer […]. Have a nice life man, it’s been good working with you’.” – Reddit user Pyrhhus

A woman in accounting that has been a loyal employee for the past 15 years reacted wrong to an inspirational message and just gathered her stuff, never to be seen again! This story is absolutely hilarious! “Dallas office, well established company with a new CEO. CEO writes an all-company email with some sort of harmless “inspirational” messaging about how we are going to crush it and do well, blah, blah, blah. Nothing to get worked up about. A woman in accounting who was mild mannered and a hardcore Christian Texas lady does a reply-all that says something like: “Like we believe a word that pompous [swear word] has to say.” […] But people there at the time said that her reply-all went out, she made a loud (for her) squeak when she realized her mistake, calmly got an empty box from the mailroom, packed up her desk, walked out to her car without saying a word to anyone, and drove away.” – Reddit user Makerbot2000

This guy’s contract was about to expire after a year, and he let his boss know six weeks before the end date that he didn’t want to renew the contract. Believe it or not, but everyone at the office changed and treated the guy with no respect, and then went further overboard! “Starting from that day I was person non-grata in the office. I wasn’t CC’d on any e-mails, not invited to any staff meeting, they had a “team building” event outside the office one day – I showed up for work and no one was there in my department […] On my final day, it was about 1PM and I was saying good-bye to people in other departments. The boss comes down and says “we need you in the office NOW”! I used the phone to call someone and they said that they had planned a goodbye party for me! […] I said no way – and snuck up to my desk (already cleaned out) and walked out the front door, got in my car and drove home. Turns out they started paging me for about 30 minutes, then realized that I was gone and the boss got [mad]. She decided NOT to send out my record of employment so I can collect unemployment insurance. […] It arrived via Purolator the next day….she was fired 2 months later.” – Reddit user Wencar

This janitor worked at an elementary school for quite some years, but had to change shifts to get a second job and his life became hell! “[I] was popular with that k-1st grade teachers. I had to move to a different shift so I could work another job. So I swapped with another janitor that the 2nd grade hallway teachers liked. It made them mad I suppose and they would file complaints on my work and I often got called into the office. […] They were even being rude to me to my face. After several months of this, I get called to the office. My supervisor says “one more incident and I’m going to write you up” I was calm and said, “that’s ok, I’d like to put my 2 weeks in”. He looked shocked and said “Uh, don’t you need some time to think about this?” I said “”I have. Their opinion of me isn’t going to change, and I rather save us some time ” while not that epic. The look of “wth?” On his face was priceless. – Reddit user jdaaawg80

This guy and his bosses were confused when a husband and wife couple that were hired as drafters quit without telling the bosses. The two were very lazy and working only a few hours a day. How did the bosses learn they had no drafters? The shocking thing is that it all happened when the bosses where on vacation! “The next day [after the bosses left], the drafter couple come in and say today’s their last day. […] Totally out of the blue. We were all like, “uh…ok..did you talk to the bosses? Did you give any notice??” “Oh yeah we talked to them yesterday and gave two weeks notice, but they said to feel free and go ahead and move so we can get our kid settled in a new school before the new year starts.” […] They sent out a company-wide email thanking everyone for being so nice to them while they were here, blah, blah, blah. […] The next day, the bosses call and were like “what happened with so-and-so??” They had no clue. The email was the first they heard of it.” – Reddit user macfergus

This Redditor quit on April’s Fools and his supervisor kept thinking she was pranking him. The fun part is that her awesome supervisor which was a “real cut up” was surprised when she didn’t show up at work! At least he didn’t get a ‘KICK ME’ note… “I got a new job and handed him my written two weeks notice. Just my luck it was April 1st, he didn’t believe me. Every day I’d remind him how many days left. He started getting testy, he’d played a long game himself but this was too much. Apparently he was quite surprised when I stopped showing up!” – Reddit user Frugalista1

This time, we have a fortunate boss that just lost a great employee. This is what happens when there’s no such thing as toxin work environment! “Last job I quit, I put in my two weeks notice and then I came in every day and stayed a few hours late to help with the transition. On my last day I shook some hands, told everyone it was great working with them, handed in my kit and left.” – Reddit user lilSfish

One Redditor recalls working at Walmart and keeping his 2-week vacation especially for the 2-week notice. Nobody got mad! “Told them I was seeing family. The last day of work before my 2 week vacation, I put in my 2 week notice. Took the manager a min to do the math “So…you’re not coming back?” “No. No I’m not. Take care.” – Reddit user dusk27

Seriously, now! What was his boss thinking when they promised a job promotion and hired someone else for that spot? To accept it and carry on? No way! “Worked at a job for over eight years. Was promised a promotion if I stayed when I was about ready to look for something else. Was called into the office down the road a bit to be informed they were bringing in an ex employee who had quit a year or two before for the job I was promised. I had heard a rumor of this and had already made my decision. The boss looked shocked when I said I quit. I punched out and left. Simple but sweet.” – Reddit user eac555

It’s one thing to look at Gordon Ramsay yelling at you for not cooking the chicken well enough, but why scream for no reason at all? I worked for the most insane, chauvinistic chef ever in his “fine dining” restaurant. […] He would smoke […] in the kitchen and then proceed to dip and double dip breadsticks in all of the sauces. He was disgusting, but I really needed the work at the time. I had a UTI at one time […]. The doc told me to take a couple days while the antibiotics kicked in, because despite proper hygiene, anything can happen. Brought in my doctor’s note and he then proceeded to berate me, threaten to fire me and march down to the clinic and tell the doctor to [swear word] himself. That was enough for me. When I went back, I was armed with a pocket full of glitter and rage. Worked as normal, but the second he got in my face, I reached into my pocket and ever so gently blew a large handful of glitter into his face, smiled sweetly, said I quit and left. It was satisfying.” – Reddit user deppitydawg

This guy is our hero! He knew how to quit, and at least he didn’t throw the sandwich to the wall… The part with the sticky notes is also epic! “A co-worker of mine at Subway when I was working during college. It’s the lunch shift of one of the busiest shops in the area. Guy gets halfway through making a sandwich, looks at the customer and then our manager and says…”Til next time bro” and just walks out. Never came back, not even to pick up his final paycheck. When I left to go back to school, I left 100 sticky notes in random places throughout the store that said ‘Til Next Time’.” – Reddit user scott1326

This manager had thought of a retirement plan, and then one day, one of his team gives him a notice that took him by surprise, but also made him chuckle: “So I was managing an IT group in a fortune 50 company. […] I have a nice sailboat and took rather long vacations with unpaid time too. One of my guys and his wife came over for an evening and asked a ton of sailing questions. Later I was gone sailing for nearly 3 months. When I returned there was the usual line up of folks needing to talk. The first guy in line was the one who had taken an interest in sailing. They had gone to the Caribbean and took sailing lessons. He gave me his notice with a huge smile. They went back to the Caribbean and bought a boat. He managed to beat me out of the door by a couple years. We are both still cruising.” – Reddit user endlessbull

This guy was going to not only do his job, but also do his supervisor’s job since he was fired. That meant more than twice the work and with no compensation: “Well it got old real fast and we had a seriously busy day and I decided I was done, I let $1,000,000+ of shipments sit in a trailer back in the corner and and told all my guys thanks for the hard work our day is done. I quit that day and the next day I got a call with them freaking out about all the money they lost, I just hung up on the boss and never looked back.” – Reddit user Peelboy

It’s as if this guy felt he had to look for a new job! He was so fortunate to even get three months’ severance pay after he and his team were laid off! “My cousin got bored and frustrated with his job, decided to leave. Searched and interviewed for a while. Landed a new gig. Friday morning he was going to put in his two weeks notice with his boss. That same Friday she told him, tears in her eyes, that his entire team was being laid off and it was their last day.” – Reddit user jasonthomson

This is one fun way to say goodbye to your old job, unless you want a reference letter from them: “I was just out of college and had got a “real” job, so when I had to quit the job I had been at for like a month, I wrote them an email and told them i was leaving to join Scientology in LA and to send my check to my mom at XXX address. I knew I would never go back there or use them as a reference so I told them some off the wall story. It was stupid but I still laugh about it.” – Reddit user PeterBernsteinSucks

It’s not every time you tell your boss you quit because the mothership contacted you: “My dad went into the boss’ office during lunch and said “I have been contacted by the mothership. I have to return to my home planet. Thank you for the job”. Shook the guy’s hand, left the building, and never contacted them again.” – Reddit user PIP_SHORT

One thing is true, nobody can force you to do any extracurricular work just because it’s fun or cool – and especially not during breaks! “My first quitting story – My boss told me that we were going to spend our breaks doing mandatory Zumba, and I told her I was going home.” – Reddit user AllYouNeedIsJoy


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