The Most Dangerous Animals In The World

Dangerous Predators: Grizzly Bears

People love animals. Every second family has pets in their house. They are even considered part of the family. But today, we will talk about the most dangerous predators in the world. Who are they? And how can you avoid them?

Bears are pretty lovely animals. Every child has their sweet teddy bear at home, but what about a real big grizzly? Be careful if you meet the grizzly bear in the forest, especially with a mother with cubs. She is ferocious when it comes to protecting their children and sees danger in every person. Don't visit grizzly populated areas, especially, in April or May!

Danger In The Water: Sharks

 It is almost impossible to escape from a shark. They are huge, strong, and super-fast swimmers. 

If you see a shark, try to stay still and don't move. Sharks have a very sensitive nose. So if you are stuck in a pickle with a shark, hit them between the eyes, right on their nose. As hard as you can. This will give you sufficient time to escape.

The Kings Of The Animals: Lions

Lions are such strong and intelligent predators. It is not strange that people consider them the kings of the animal world. Every year more than 250 people are killed by lions.

Usually, lions hunt only 4 hours per day, so if you see a lion and he is not attacking you, it is his break time. Don't move. The lion will probably be bored and leave on its own.


 Rhinoceros look like pretty lazy creatures because of their massive bodies. But it is not true, these predators can run up to 56 miles per hour, and it is enough to hunt down almost any prey.

If you meet an angry pack of rhinos, try to hide behind a big stone or tree, these animals have really poor eyesight.

About Cheetahs

Cheetahs are very dangerous because they are the fastest predators on the planet. They can run about 60-70 miles per hour. 

It is impossible to run away from a cheetah so try to avoid areas where they live.


Raccoons look like the sweetest animal in the world, but you have no idea how dangerous they are. If you see a raccoon, please don't disturb them. 

They want to keep themselves safe and very rarely attacks first. But if they sense hostility, they won't back down from a fight. Their claws are to be feared greatly.

Fear Crocodiles

Crocodiles are fearsome predators. It is near impossible to get away from them once caught. Every year they kill about 200 people. 

They are fast not only in water but on the ground too. If you see a crocodile stay away from the water and try to find a safe place.


If you think that only big animals are dangerous, you are so wrong. Even the tiniest scorpion can take your life in a split second. They kill about 1,000 people every single year. 

Please wear high socks if you are travelling to a location where scorpions could be present. If the weather forecast predicts rain, simply move from the place. Scorpions tend to emerge from their hiding places before it rains.


Elephants are popular among people, and they can be a lot of fun to play with. However, these massive animals can become shockingly hostile in some instances.

When an elephant's ears are fanned out, it indicates that they are irritated. Please be cautious and pay close attention.


Consider how hippopotamuses are portrayed in cartoons as funny and ridiculous creatures, but in reality, hippopotamuses kill 2,900 people each year, which is more than lions' count.

If you come across a hippopotamus who starts yawning, flee as quickly as you can. It's an indication that the hippopotamus is preparing to attack.

Killer Bees

If you hear a buzzing sound, protect your face. Yes, especially your face, because those bees will swarm right to your face and start stinging you. So the first thing you should do on sighting killer bees is to take off the shirt and put it around your head. 

Good thing, an adult can survive over 1,000 stings at one time. 


Piranhas are normally 12 to 35 cm long, but that doesn't imply they can nip at your toes or hand.

Piranhas are attracted to blood, so don't swim in piranha-infested waters if you have any exposed wound on your body. 

Black Bears

Black bears are massive. As an adult, they can weigh up to 500 pounds.

If you become a black bear' prey, try to make a lot of noise. They fear it and immediately back down from fights.


Maybe you saw how hyenas look in the movie, The Lion King. These predators are absolute nightmares. 

You have a chance to prevent a hyena attack if you are really cautious. Don't run, instead, take a small step back. Because their heads are vulnerable, you can punch or kick them in that area.


Leopards are large, powerful cats. A very close relative of lions. They are considered to be the world's fastest animals.

Never look them in the eyes; they see it as a challenge. If the leopard is about to pounce you, attempt to be as large and loud as possible.