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The Most Amazing WWE Records That Might Never Be Broken Again

Since the WWE has been around for quite a couple of good years, wrestlers have set lots of amazing records and there’s nothing more exciting to see than when those records get broken by modern-day WWE superstars. However, there are some really incredible records that are probably never going to broken again. The only time that WWE superstars can break the records that we are about to show you is in their wildest dreams. With that said, let’s go ahead and check out the top 20 most amazing records that might never be broken again.

When it comes to entertaining shows, Hell in a Cell matches are the hands down the best ones to watch. The famous Undertaker who was undefeated for the longest time is the one who holds the record for the most matches which is 14.

The live crowd at WWE events is amazing. Thousands of people who love the same sport gather together in order to see their favorite wrestlers fight and the record for the largest crowd at a WWE event is 160,000 people.

Vince McMahon holds the record for being the oldest champion in the WWE. In fact, Vince McMahon won the 1999 WWF Championship when he was 54 years old and it doesn’t look like he is going to retire anytime soon.

Since we are talking about age records, we have to mention Nicholas who is the youngest ever wrestler to win a title. The ten-year-old Nicholas teamed up with the Monster Among Men and they defeated everyone who stood in their way.

CM Punk has lots of amazing records under his belt, but the most important and unbreakable one is holding the WWE Championship title for a total of 434 days. No one is ever going to be able to break this record, not even the fierce Brock Lesnar.

Even though Kane might not be known for being the best wrestler to ever step foot in the ring, he is the most active one. Kane has fought in almost 1,000 matches during his career and it’s nearly impossible to take this record away from him.

This is the second time that Kane makes an appearance on our list but this time, his record is set in Royal Rumble eliminations. Kane managed to take out 11 wrestlers before he was fatigued and lost to Stone Cold Steve Austin who ended up winning the entire event.

While Kane was able to take out 11 opponents before losing in the Royal Rumble, Santino Marella holds the record for lasting the shortest time. Santino Marella was thrown from the ring 1.9 seconds after stepping inside. We can be sure that no one wants to break his record.

Ric Flair is one of the most famous wrestlers to ever step foot inside the WWE ring. Not just that, but Ric Flair was also super successful and he holds the title for winning the most titles. Ric Flair was a 16-time world champion in the WWE.

Despite being an amazing wrestler and having a popular persona among fans, Triple H didn’t get to hold his title for too long. The famous wrestler became the World Heavyweight Champion after defeating Kane and lost the title in less than one minute.

There is never going to be another Andre the Giant and we can be sure about that. The giant with a heart of gold holds many records in the WWE and one of them is for having the longest undefeated streak, not losing a single time for 15 consecutive years!

Daniel Bryan’s power of will is something impressive and there is no doubt about that. Daniel Bryan managed to survive in the Greatest Royal Rumble for a total of 76:05 minutes. This makes Daniel Bryan the longest lasting wrestler in the Royal Rumble.

Honky Tonk Man is one of the original wrestlers and he is renowned for his funny persona. However, we shouldn’t be fooled by his comic clothing style because Honky Tonk Man was really good in the ring and he holds the record for the longest standing Intercontinental Champion by keeping the title for 454 days.

The Rock and John Cena are two of the most famous people in the world and therefore, it should come as no surprise that their PPV (pay-per-view) main event fight sold a whopping 1.217 million streams. It’s more than impossible to break this record nowadays.

WrestleMania matches are known for being super entertaining and for lasting more than one hour at times. Well, this isn’t the case for Bundy who defeated S.D. Jones in a total of nine seconds. Fans were surely disappointed to see this.

Even though Chris Jericho might be better known for his skills on the microphone than in the ring, no one can deny the fact that he is really good. In fact, Chris Jericho holds the unbreakable record of nine Intercontinental Championship reigns.

Stone Cold Steve Austin is a great wrestler and this is why it shouldn’t shock anyone to find out that he holds the record for the most Royal Rumble wins. The wrestler managed to win the famous event three times, even beating Hulk Hogan during these events!

The Undertaker is definitely a soon to be Hall of Famer in the WWE and he holds the record for having the longest undefeated streak, for a total of 21 matches to be more exact.

How long do you think the longest match in the WWE lasted for? Take a guess. The answer to that question is 81 minutes and it was the match between Finn Balor and Seth Rollins.

The Dudley Boys are known for many things, including their funny look, but what no one can take away from them is their record for the most tag team championships winning a total of eight WTTC titles.


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