People Who Made A Ton On Cheap Thrift Store Items

Usually, being inside of a thrift store can be a pretty magical experience. You never know what you can expect to find, because they're all so different!

In these stores, you can sometimes find some hidden treasures. Over the years, countless people have struck gold in these stores. What these bargains have taught us that is that there are all sorts of amazing things to be found hiding away in thrift stores.

Thrift stores are the best places to find unique home goods like this Easter Island statue-inspired tissue dispenser.

You could scour the internet for hours for strange things like this, but thrift stores are always the best place to find things that you never knew existed but that you also absolutely must have.

This beautiful watch was sold for only $5.99 at a Goodwill in Phoenix. However, the store didn’t know that the man who purchased it was a vintage watch lover.  This particular piece ​​is a 1959 Jaeger-LeCoultre Deep Sea Alarm watch.

Only 900 were created, and the man sold them for more than $35 000. 

Like the mythological character Medusa, this golden headband with snake hair is a show-stopping accessory.  The golden headband is also light because it’s made out of plastic, but that’s hard to tell from far away.

This find was located at a thrift store in Roanoke, Virginia, but there’s no word on who made it.

Sometimes you find the perfect item, and other times, the perfect item finds you. This person didn’t so much as stumble upon this ‘90s Pizza Hut light fixture because they were actually looking for it!

Luckily they found one in excellent condition that will absolutely revive their nostalgia for pizza places for years to come.

The person who owns this cabinet hutch was surprised to find the matching buffet not in a thrift store but on their screen!

The ’70s style furniture was seen on Disney’s “WandaVision,” and the owner of this cabinet instantly recognized the vintage design because it matched some furniture that they found at Goodwill in Folsom, California, for $40.

The woman who found this mug said she was “prepared to pay whatever it cost” because it resembled someone she knew very well. After bringing the mug home, she added a silver ring to the mug’s nose, and suddenly, no one could deny that the cup was the spitting image of her husband!

The resemblance is really uncanny!

The great thing about shopping at thrift stores is that one can find just about anything, including a dresser and mirror like this set. This two-for-one furniture piece was on sale for $30, and it made a great addition to this shopper’s bedroom.

The price was surprising given that the piece is still in excellent condition and could probably be sold at a boutique for hundreds.

Looking for a new chair? Head to your local Goodwill. You might get lucky like this guy did.

After his roommate moved out, he found himself needing to fill up the space in his house with new furniture.  So, after doing some browsing, he found this beautiful used chair for just $25. The vintage style would probably cost a couple of hundred dollars at another store!

This guy bought a '70s-style home. The only thing missing was furniture from that era, which isn't easy to come by in the 21st century, at least not at a bargain price.

But he was able to find some awesome pieces that completed the retro look to his home without having to pay huge prices or get anything custom-made.

It might look a bit like an eyesore, but if you’re looking for a grayish shelf that gives off a military vibe, then this furniture is perfect for you.

But what was great about this shelf is that it was actually former property of NASA, so it will probably withstand a ton of use and stay in excellent condition for years to come.

Next time you're looking for something cool to wear, you might want to opt for your local thrift store instead of the mall.

That's what this gal did; she found a handmade leather tracksuit that fit her perfectly for only $10.

A mom went thrifting and what she found was this beautiful strawberry print dress. What was even more impressive was that she only paid 75 cents for it when the original cost of the dress was $490.

But her daughter, who was very jealous of her mom’s awesome discovery, will have to wait to grow into this dress.

They say that one person's trash is another person's treasure. Well, that would certainly apply in this case. One shopper discovered a framed photo of Harry Potter, Hermione, and Ron. And the best part is that it was autographed by the film actors and on sale for just $2.

They later admitted that the store owner had no idea who the people in the photo were! This photo could sell for hundreds among hardcore fans!

It’s rare to find furniture, like a couch or even just a chair, that’s made in pet sizes, but this shopper found one at a thrift store. It’s so cute, too!

But not nearly as cute as his pet gerbil, Garbanzo, who is obviously enjoying his new couch, which seems to have been lovingly made and will probably stay in good condition for years. Just like the next incredible find!

This shopper couldn't believe his luck when they found this vintage emerald-colored couch at a thrift store on sale for just $10.  So naturally, they bought it and drove it home in the middle of a terrible snowstorm. Luckily, it wasn't hurt at all in the process because this bad boy could sell for $2500 given its pristine condition!

Have you ever bought a dress from a thrift store?

If not, you might want to start! Finding a prom dress is almost as hard for some teenagers as looking for the perfect wedding dress.  That's why it came as a bit of a shock when this young woman found this gorgeous red prom dress that fit her perfectly at a thrift store for only $11.50.

Its quality begs the question of how much it's really worth! Just like this next item.

Sometimes, we don't always find a complete collection in one trip. That's what this young woman discovered when she bought herself this suit jacket. A couple of months later, she browsed through Goodwill's clothing section and discovered the pants that perfectly matched her suit jacket.

Now, looking at the outfit and its tailored fit, this expensive style can burn a hole in your pocket these days. Just like building an art studio...

This shopper bought what looked like a wooden closet. But when they opened it, they discovered that it was actually a desk full of cubbies.  And it also had a message from the previous owner that read, “Your labors will bear sweet fruit.” It's a compact art studio!

What a great omen for their future creations. These desks aren't easy to come by today, just like a $15 designer gown.

A Chiara Boni gown for $15? Yes, please! This gorgeous gal is an opera singer who was looking for a new outfit at the Salvation Army, and she found more than she could have ever imagined.  Not only would this gown look great on stage, but she didn't have to fork over the usual $1,000 that the gown costs at a retail store.

What a steal! But not as impressive as this next item...

This might just look like a bunch of random brush strokes done with green paint.

But when this shopper took a closer look at the description under the painting, they discovered that the artist was a snapping turtle named Marshmallow, and who wouldn't want art with such a great story behind it?  And you can bet that paintings just like this sell for millions in the abstract art world!

What's so great about these coasters? It's probably because they look like old books on a shelf in their resting state. But when this shopper took one of the books out, they realized that the books magically turned into coasters.

 And they were on sale for $2. We think that's a bargain, just like this next item.

A shopper saw this framed crochet piece that put a smile on their face. It read: “If I can hear you chew, I have fantasized about your death.” And it was only $2.99!

So, they bought it and have probably hung it on their dining room wall for all their dinner guests to see and abide by. But maybe this car is a better buy...

Sometimes, the best gifts for kids can be found at a thrift store because kids have to outgrow their toys sometimes. This uncle discovered this awesome toy car that kids can drive at Goodwill.

And it couldn’t have come at a better time because he was looking for a gift for his niece for Christmas. Toys are deceptively pricey, so he saved his bank with this lucky find!

One would swear that this was a deleted character from the Disney film “Beauty and the Beast.” But this is just a jar with one hand on its hip and a cup of coffee on the other. The purpose of this jar is to store coffee grounds, and it’s so adorable.

It even has a fake electric cord that makes it look more like a kettle come to life! It's a good find, but a gold diamond ring is even better...

This shopper never imagined she would find a gold diamond ring while on a weekend trip, but she did. She stumbled on it while she visited an antique shop, and it was 14 Karats from the 1950s, which obviously makes it an antique, and a pretty impressive one at that!

This shopper spent $350, but it's worth thousands!

The great thing about this cup is that it appears to have a divine message on one side, but the other side shows the person reading it what the cup holder really thinks of them. And one has to wonder if the previous owner donated it to a thrift shop because they felt insulted.

But that definitely wasn't the case with this next find!

This lovely woman was looking for a dress to ring in the New Year, and she found one. It was a gold dress with sparkly material, which caught her eye instantly.

She then discovered that the dress was from the 1960s and still in such excellent condition, so she couldn’t leave without taking the dress with her. But maybe this next shopper should have left without his 'unique' find...

Most people would find very little use for a bag full of tiny plastic babies. But when this shopper found these at a thrift shop, they decided to pour the babies into a bowl and give them to their parrot so they could play with them.

Someone's trash is always someone else's treasure... we think.

This wife went to a thrift store with her husband, and he spotted a Reformation dress for only $20. So, he took it off the rack and showed it to her. And she instantly fell in love with the flower print on the material and bought it and it looks like it fits her perfectly.

The dress is a work of art. Speaking of art...

It may not be the original Mona Lisa, but it’s just as cool. So, naturally, this shopper bought it, framed it, and hung it up on their restaurant’s wall. And now, their patrons can enjoy looking at the various extra features of this painting, like the cat resting on the Mona Lisa’s chest and the various faces in the background.

We're not sure how much the shopper bought this for, but its unusual style is definitely worth holding on to! Just like this 1980s clothing...

Finding a 1980s Adidas sweater might not seem like a big deal to everyone, but it’s a classic as far as vintage clothing goes.

So, even though some shoppers might have seen it without batting an eyelash, this shopper fell head over heels in love with her rare sweater find.

One thrift store regular noticed that some plates that her parents had bought in the ’70s were pretty popular. The exact same set of dishes popped up in an episode of the drama series “Dexter,” so she decided to take them out of storage and begin using them again.

Now, she could easily sell them for more if she wanted!

When the person who now owns this chair first laid eyes on it, it was on the side of a stranger’s lawn with a sign on it that simply read “Free.” They knew that if they waited until after the workday, the chair would likely be gone, so they pulled over, folded down their car seats, and still managed to make it to work on time with their classy vintage chair in tow.

But this unique find isn't the only one on the list.

The man who found this unique sandwich shop sign found it in a different way than most second-hand shoppers. He actually went dumpster diving in Philadelphia while he was working as a sculptor, and he found five signs from an old lunch spot.  It definitely has a unique vibe and brings back some good memories of great food for many people.

This trend is taking the world by storm lately, so the next time you see a sign, consider its true worth!

This antique cash register was originally bought by its first owner in the 1940s for his shoe repair business after it was used in 1901 by a pharmacist. The owner left it in a shed for years before their grandchildren decided that they would have it refurbished instead of donating it to a thrift store.

And after some repairs, it looks more like something that should be in a museum than a second-hand shop! Just like this 1950s household item...

There are a lot of beautiful things to be found at thrift stores, but there are also plenty of oddities. One person found that out in an instant when this little object caught their eye. Yes, you read that right.

This is one pair of instant underpants that will expand when doused with water. Why anyone would want a pair of wet underwear in an emergency is certainly a point of confusion. Unlike this next item, we're not sure how much this one's worth!

The woman who owns this couch got it after receiving word from a friend that a 90-year-old woman left it behind in a recently sold house. The friend offered it free for anyone who could pick it up, so this woman did just that!

She reupholstered the couch a few years later to this gorgeous purple color and her whole family, including her dog, is able to enjoy it. What a find, but is it better than a famous piece of art?

Art is a good thing to find at thrift stores because even a cheap framed photo can bring warmth and joy to a home. The woman who found this framed photo of two horses was surprised to find out that the picture had a pretty famous past and had appeared on television on the program “I Dream of Jeannie” in the 1960s.


To give your home that Addams Family vibe, definitely opts for a candle holder that looks just like The Thing. This eerie addition to the living room is perfect for Halloween or just scaring your guests year-round.

It also proves that the best time to shop for spooky decor is anytime but October because items like this will be incredibly discounted. Speaking of spooky finds...

This dentist was surprised to visit an estate sale for the first time only to find out that the person whose belongings she was looking through had also been a dentist! The antique dental cabinet that she got from the sale was in pretty bad shape, but after a restoration job, it returned to its original glory.

The cabinet even included some original glass trays used to keep dental instruments in!

It already feels amazing to find a good book for only pennies. But this woman's uncle found The Old Man and the Sea by Hemmingway for a mere $2!

Not only that but there was also a message and signature inside from the author himself. That's like winning the lottery.

Ten years ago, this guy played bass for a local rock band. He was more than shocked when he was flipping through the t-shirt section, only to find the actual band shirt they had made.

It was even crazier because they hadn't printed that many. Talk about a walk down memory lane.

Second-hand stores are awesome for giving jewelry a third or even fourth life. This lady hit the jackpot when she found this cute little ring.

Not only did it suit her tastes, but it also ended up being 10k gold with a real diamond and emeralds. Not bad for $1!

Ever squirreled away money in an inner coat pocket or someplace sneaky in your wallet, only to find it weeks or months later? This thrift store find went to a whole new level when the person bout it for 25 cents, but found $200 inside!

Yes, it's a shame someone lost that money and probably spent a good long while looking for it, but at that point, finding the owner would be impossible. 

The entire set only cost $2.98, making you wonder if the person who got rid of it knew anything about the franchise. The Reddit community went crazy about the posted photo, many commenting on how much the guy could make on eBay.

Others digitally cried just imagining their own parents tossing away something like this. There were many jealous readers that day.

It doesn't have to be rare to be valuable. Anyone who has seen these picnic sets knows they are super expensive!

Add the fact that it's a really nice one, totally complete, and includes a 12-year bottle of wine - for only $15 - that's a vintage find that anyone should be proud of. However, we can all agree that they should stay away from the very old crackers that are also in there. 

If someone spots a book or stack of paper that looks really old, it's a good idea to snatch it up - just in case. The worst-case scenario is that it's worth nothing, and you give it away or go back to the store.

But this person knew exactly what they were looking at and immediately paid the 25 cents - knowing a similar one had sold on eBay for $227.

These knives are not something you buy at Walmart. Not only are they high-quality and coveted by many cooks, but a set can also cost over $1000.

They're light, sharp, and often "a joy to work with." So, this lucky person nearly wet their pants when they saw a collection for only $75! Yoink!

A Floridian woman went to the grand opening of a local Goodwill store, where she noticed a large lithograph print of a dog hanging on the wall for $44. The second she walked out, an art dealer sprinted up to her, out of breath, and told her she had just bought the most valuable thing in the entire store!

She ended up selling it on eBay for $5150!

A Florida man bought a nice-looking trunk. The plan was to use it to store blankets and sheets at the end of the bed.  But when he looked inside, there were photos, signed letters, and a ton of other personal belongings!

Quite an amazing find.

This tea set is something all Star Trek fans wish they could have… This tea set is an especially rare find. Reddit user lowlife9 stumbled upon it, and only paid $8 for it!  This item is listed for more than $400.

Many Reddit users responded to the post, emphasizing their envy. Even if you don’t know anything about Star Trek, there’s no doubt that this is a pretty cool tea set. 

This espresso machine is the epitome of luxury. Once Redditor randomlybev spotted it at their local Goodwill, they grabbed it as soon as they could.  This La Pavoni Europiccola espresso maker usually goes for over $1200, but this lucky Redditor got it for only $6.50.

This was definitely a steal, and now they can enjoy a cup of espresso from heaven! 

People who enjoy cooking will know that Le Creuset is high-end cookware. This skillet and saucepan normally go for $150-$200 each.  Reddit user tn2k7 spotted these at a thrift store, and they didn’t even have a price on them.

When she approached the cashier to find out how much they cost, the lady told her $10 for both! What a steal. 

If you are spotted wearing this beautiful emerald and diamond 18k gold ring, people will undoubtedly be green with envy.  Not only is this one of the most beautiful emeralds ever, but this Redditor also managed to bag it for only $16.

According to her jeweler, a ring like this usually cost around 2k. 

This particular set from Johnson Bros was one lucky find for Reddit user theemmyk. Her late mother used these dishes every day until they were broken during an earthquake in 1994.  However, years later, she stumbled upon them for only $100! “My husband thinks my mom sent these to me.” she shared.

She also shared that the items that were not included in the set were items that survived the earthquake, so now she has the complete set. How special! 

This lucky Redditor stumbled upon this Olympic jacket at his local thrift store.

To sweeten the deal, even more, the original owner’s ID badge was still inside!  This is perfect for a Halloween costume, to impress your friends, or to keep warm in the chilly winter. 

Everybody knows that finding real jewelry in a thrift store is a seemingly impossible task. However, this Redditor managed to find this beautiful piece hidden among the trash.  She initially doubted its authenticity but opted to trust her instincts and paid $20 for this piece.

Her jeweler then confirmed that this piece had 18k gold and a real diamond in it, which could go anywhere from $1500 - $2000. If only we could all be so lucky! 

This beautiful piece was sold for only $1.49 at Goodwill. The weaver of this gorgeous rug is Leita Bedonie, whose work sells for $2,500 and up!

The person who priced this made a big mistake letting this Navajo rug go for such a low price. What a lucky find! 

One Ohio resident stumbled upon the find of the century in 2012 while browsing his local thrift store. He found a poster for a Pablo Picasso exhibit and bought it for only $14.14.  However, he noticed a few things that made him question his purchase.

As it turns out, Pablo Picasso himself signed the poster, and the man sold it for $7000

One Australian man was rummaging through a thrift store when he noticed this odd-looking cup. It was only $4 and happily took it home.  Due to its appearance, the man realized that it might be valuable. He did his research and found that it was a 17th-century libation cup from China.

It was created with a rhinoceros horn. The man sold it for $75 000. Now that’s what we call luck. 

One Tenessee resident spotted this reproduction of the Declaration of Independence. Given its quality, the man purchased it for just over $2.  He decided to research his find and learned that he had bought something special.

What he thought was merely a reproduction proved to be one of 200 copies commissioned by John Quincy Adams in 1820. The man sold it for nearly half a million dollars!

During the early years of the 2000s, almost everybody’s eyes were glued to the screen to follow the adventures of Harry, Ron, and Hermoine.

Years after the release of Harry Potter, many people still consider the franchise to be one of their favorites.  However, not everyone knows about the movies, and this caused one lucky Redditor to purchase a poster signed by the cast for only $2 at a thrift store! 

One lucky German student bought a couch for just over $200. It was one of those couches that could also be used as a bed, and when she pulled it out, she spotted something interesting.  It was a painting titled "Preparation to Escape to Egypt," which sold for $27,630.

That’s one expensive couch! 

All these amazing finds show that if you look hard enough, you could stumble upon something that’ll change your life.   In order to protect the privacy of those depicted, some names, locations, and identifying characteristics have been changed and are products of the author’s imagination.

Any resemblances to actual events, places, or persons, living or dead, are entirely coincidental.