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The Lion Whisperer Tries To Pick Up A Lion Cub In Front Of His Mom

One of the first things that people who have pets learn is that once the pet has babies, no one can touch them without approval. Animals have powerful maternal instincts and they would do anything to protect their cubs from harm’s way. This is why no one wants to be around a lioness when her cubs are still young. However, Kevin Richardson decided to shock the entire world and get so close to the new lioness mamma that he could pick up her cubs!

This is Kevin Richardson and one of his lion friends. The man is known as the “Lion Whisperer” because of his talent of getting along with big felines. For some unknown reason, ferocious felines such as lions will act just like small kittens around Kevin

While Kevin’s nickname might be cool, earning it was quite difficult. Kevin has dedicated his life to rescuing big cats and taking them to special animal centers. Saving lions is Kevin’s life mission.

Even though lions let Kevin get close to them and they even hug him at times, there is one thing that is totally off limits. No one believes that Kevin is allowed to touch the newborn cubs of a lioness and the man has decided to prove everyone wrong.

As previously noted, lionesses will do everything in their power to keep their young cubs safe. Most animal rescuers have to feed the cubs from a far distance so that the lioness doesn’t attack them, but this is not the case for Kevin.

Kevin knows that everyone is afraid of coming close to lionesses after they had recently given birth and he wants to show to the entire world that this is possible. Not just that, but Kevin is going to attempt something never thought of before!

This lioness had recently given birth and she is a happy mamma. The only thing that she cares about other than her kids is Kevin. The reason behind this is that Kevin rescued the lioness from the wilds and took her to a special animal sanctuary.

From the looks of it, the lioness knows that Kevin is the one responsible for saving her and this is why she is so affectionate of him. No other animal rescuer or caretaker can get this close to the new lioness mamma.

Kevin is not only allowed to play with the lioness momma, but he also gets to play with her cubs. Can you believe that? Dogs and cats are going to bite or scratch everyone that gets close to their puppies, but not this lioness.

We think that the reason why Kevin is so good with fierce predators who would normally bite his hand off is because he makes them feel safe. The animals don’t feel the need to attack Kevin because they don’t see him as a threat.

This picture of Kevin and the lioness overlooking the cubs has shocked all animal experts. Everyone believes that there is something special about Kevin and truth be told, there might actually be. Who else do you know that can get this close to a lioness and live to tell the story another day?

This adorable cub is going to learn from a young age that Kevin is a friend because the lioness momma lets him get so close. Although, he is going to hang on by his mamma’s tail until he grows big strong.

We have to admit that Kevin is brave. There aren’t that many people who would have the courage to get this close to a lioness and her cubs and we have to give him praise for that. However, we don’t advise anyone to try and do what he is doing in these pictures.

Taking care of three small cubs can be tiring and as you can see in this picture, the lioness is yawning all the time. Good thing that Kevin is there to help out.

Even though he is just a small lion cub, this little fella is as fierce as they can get! We can only imagine how loud his roar is going to be once he grows up.

As if the fact that Kevin was allowed to pet the small cubs wasn’t amazing enough, the lioness takes naps with him and her cubs by her side. Kevin has to be the best wild animal caretaker in the world!

As we have previously noted, being a lioness mamma is no easy task. No wonder that the lioness fell asleep right next to Kevin when he sat down.

Let’s hope that the little cubs will learn that humans are not always a threat and be friendly just like their mamma. Kevin is definitely going to keep visiting them, even when their claws grow big and sharp.

If there is something that we can be sure about, then it has to be the fact that Kevin has truly earned his nickname of the “Lion Whisperer”. Don’t you agree?

Kevin might have been a lion in another life because otherwise, why would so many lions like him so much? Nonetheless, everyone who goes to Safaris should never attempt to do what Kevin is doing in these pictures.

This has been the story of Kevin and the new lioness mamma. What did you think of it? Let us know in the comments if you Kevin deserves his nickname as the “Lion Whisperer”?


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