The FUNNIEST Political Wardrobe Malfunctions

Sarah Palin’s Underwear

Former Alaska Governor and Vice Presidential candidate Sarah Palin once ran her very own YouTube channel. However, this adventure was quickly cut short when her sweater slid down during a baking episode. At the very least, America got to see what kind of undergarments the larger-than-life personality enjoys wearing. Politicians spend most of their lives in the spotlight.

After all, literally millions of people rely on them to make important decisions every single day. But how can we trust their executive skills when we can’t even trust their fashion choices? It seems that politicians have more clothing malfunctions than the people they were elected to represent, so we decided to put together a list of the most egregious fashion mishaps we could find! We have to admit… some of these are just downright hilarious!

Ivanka Trump-Full Of Wind

Before she was known as the daughter of the president, Ivanka Trump was a household name. But even presidential offspring aren’t immune from the occasional wardrobe malfunction.

Here, Ivanka’s dress appears to be lifted by a stray gust of wind as she plays a round of her father’s favorite game.

Elena Udrea and Her Cleavage

Romanian Tourism Minister Elena Udrea certainly gave the people of her country a peep show when she wore this revealing shirt and blazer combo! Fortunately, she was able to quickly pull up her blouse and get back to her official business.

Good save, Udrea! Women everywhere are proud of you!

Ted Cruz Wears a Larger Man’s Hand-Me-Downs?

Forget about Bridgegate! This Texas Senator and former White House hopeful should go to prison for his fashion crimes!

We’re only joking, but the politician has been widely criticized for wearing clothes that are far too big for him. Cruz faces a completely opposite situation than the politician we have coming up!

Michelle Obama’s Booty

Even former First Lady and fashion icon Michelle Obama messes up sometimes! Her skirt went flying as she exited Air Force One, but she, fortunately, had the President standing by to protect her from a fashion disaster.

Not only was he the Commander in Chief, he was also the National Fashion Police. Keep reading to see another skirt mishap!

George W. Bush Looks Like He’s in a Cult

These traditional Vietnamese outfits are absolutely beautiful, but US President George W. Bush and Russian leader Vladimir Putin are making them nothing but awkward.

They say moments are, “only awkward if you make them awkward,” but these two haven’t figured that out yet. Another outfit from this iconic frenemy duo is coming up.

Donald Trump: What Is His Hair?!

President Donald Trump is notoriously persnickety about his hair! He doesn’t allow anyone to touch it, so the entire country is left wondering whether or not he wears a wig.

On this particular day, though, he didn’t do such a good job styling it (wig or not) into his classic ‘do.

Chris Christie and … This

New Jersey Governor Chris Christie famously lost over a hundred pounds of weight after having gastric bypass surgery a few years ago! Before that, however, he struggled to find clothes that properly fit him, as is the case at this baseball charity event.

This is unpleasant. But not as unpleasant as many consider Christie.

Muammar Gaddafi Is a Runway Icon

Libyan leader Colonel Muammar Gaddafi certainly had an unusual fashion sense during his lifetime. Some of his outfits could be credited to his African heritage and culture, but he could have at least tried to match.

Still, we think it may be a little bit unfair to knock on Libyan traditions without fully understanding them.

Kate Middleton Sometimes Wears Underwear

Catherine, The Duchess of Cambridge (better known as Princess Kate), is gone with the wind in this photo! A strong breeze caught her skirt, revealing her derriere to the world.

Kate’s usually incredibly graceful and collected, but we all mess up sometimes. Keep on clicking to see another British celeb.

Nick Clegg Stuffs or Nah?

Deputy Prime Minister of the British Liberal Democrats Party needs to keep all of his body parts in check! He wore this classy outfit to give a speech, but he didn’t consider the battle of the bulge he was going to have to fight with his crotch area.


Augusto Pinochet, The Caped Wonder

Starting us off is Chilean dictator Augusto Pinochet. His accomplishments include leading a 17-year military coup, ruling in an exceedingly sinister way, and owning an impressive collection of… capes. That’s right, folks.

This gruesome and terrifying leader was a lover of superhero-style apparel. To each his own, right?

Vladimir Putin’s Cultural Flair

Here’s another photograph of fashion-forward political foes Vladimir Putin and George W. Bush in Chile. It’s not that the outfits they are wearing count as wardrobe mishaps, it’s that they’ve made the whole situation awkward by refusing to even touch each other.

That’s definitely not statesmanly. Yikes!

Evo Morales and the Sweater He Never Washes

Bolivian President Evo Morales must REALLY like this sweater! After all, he wears it everywhere!

Here in the States, we would be more likely to find this colorful frock in the aisles of Goodwill than on the body of our country’s most powerful man! Still, though, we really like this sweater and can’t blame him for staying cozy!

Hillary Clinton and the Pantsuit Revolution

Secretary of State and First Lady Hillary Clinton is in a weird situation with this one! She’s not actually the one having a wardrobe malfunction; Actress Natalie Portman is!

We have to wonder, though… Why didn’t the famous New York politician warn her new friend to grab a sweater?

Kim Jong Il, the Real-Life Bond Villain

The now-deceased Supreme Leader of North Korea, Kim Jong Il, had a weird fashion sense!

It’s true that the United States government doesn’t know much about daily life in this reclusive Asian country, but we have to wonder why their most powerful leader was always dressed like he was ready to go on an African safari!

David Cameron Missed a Button… Or Five

Former British Prime Minister spends most of his time attending official state functions. Sometimes, though, he forgets to button his shirt up all the way!

That was the case at this event, though he was able to turn around and fix his fashion mishap before too much damage could be done.

Fidel Castro, the Tracksuit Dictator

Recently Passed Cuban dictator Fidel Castro is a fan of Adidas tracksuits. A BIG fan. He can often be spotted sporting these athletic numbers around the city of Havana.

Adidas has stated that they don’t have any specific opinion on the third-world dictator being such a fan of their clothing. In situations like this, it’s probably best to say nothing at all.

Mao Zedong’s Bland Wardrobe

Can someone say BORING?! Mao Zedong, the now deceased Communist leader of China, famously wore the same outfit almost every day. It consisted of a four pocket coat and sensible black shoes.

And they were carefully polished, of course! This does seem to make sense though when you consider the political party he represented.

Mitt Romney and the Photo That Should Put Him in Prison

Former Massachusetts Governor Mitt Romney made a big whoopsie when he wore his pants slightly too big! When he leaned over, he flashed an entire room of his supporters.

Needless to say, he didn’t wear those pants out in public again. It is smart to never make that mistake twice.

Theresa May’s Constantly Un-Zipping Pencil Skirt

British Home Minister Theresa May needs to meet with a clothing repair specialist ASAP! If she had done this BEFORE this picture was taken, she wouldn’t have had to have gone through the trauma of her skirt becoming unzipped on live TV.

Now that is a wardrobe malfunction to be afraid of.

Queen Elizabeth

It looks like Queen Elizabeth II, head of United Kingdom, Canada, Australia, and New Zealand, had a wild night out here. She’s seen leaving a birthday party for her cousin, King Constantine of Greece, with both a stained dress AND a broken chain on her handbag.

When you’ve reigned as long as she has, some wardrobe malfunctions are bound to happen eventually.

Super Sweaty

Nicolas Sarkozy, the former president of France who also headed the Union for a Popular Movement (UMP) party, is known for staying in shape. Hey, when you’re married to a supermodel (Carla Bruni) you’d better keep yourself fit!

As we see here, though, he sometimes sweats profusely even when he’s not actively exercising. Not a good look when giving a speech or mingling with supporters.

Viva Italia!

Michela Vittoria Brambilla is an Italian politician. In her career, she has been nominated for undersecretary of tourism, was appointed appointed the Minister of Culture and Tourism, and went on to start The People of Freedom movement.

She’s also the president of two companies, but apparently no one is immune to wardrobe malfunctions — as this photo shows.

Subway Snooze

David Miliband, a British Labour Party politician, was caught snoozing on the Tube in London by a fellow passenger. Unfortunately for Miliband, his trouser fly was wide open as he dozed.

The passenger who snapped the picture said, “I was laughing to myself about it anyway, until I noticed his fly was down – then it was just hilarious.”

Who Wears The Pants?

Abdul Hameed Dogar, the former Justice of Sindh High Court in Pakistan, suffered a pretty embarrassing wardrobe malfunction when he greeted a visiting dignitary.

In a video of the incident, a gunshot blast happened just as Dogar’s trousers dropped… is fear a possible explanation for this unfortunate event?

Adlai Stevenson’s Shoes

In 1952, Democratic presidential candidate Adlai E. Stevenson was pictured at an event with a large hole in the sole of his shoe.

Largely perceived as aristocratic and not a candidate that common folks could get behind, Stevenson loved the photo which showed that he was just like everyday people. This picture later won a Pulitzer Prize.

Victoria Pérez

This isn’t a wardrobe malfunction as much as a political statement about women’s rights, but it earned a place on this list. Argentine legislator Victoria Analía Donda Pérez made waves when she breastfed her infant daughter during a parliamentary session in 2013.

Pérez received both praise and criticism for her action at the Congressional Palace in Buenos Aires.

Winston Churchill

It doesn’t matter if you’re one of the most powerful men in the world… this beach wear is a total no-no. The two-time Prime Minister of the United Kingdom, Winston Churchill, was spotted here in his knitted swimwear on the beach in 1911.

This photo originally appeared in The Tatler.

Queen Letizia of Spain

Letizia Ortiz Rocasolano is the Queen of Spain, and is the wife of King Felipe VI.

She’s a well-educated woman who had a career as a news anchor before becoming royalty, but that doesn’t make her immune to the occasional wardrobe malfunction.

Ken Bone

You can’t talk about political wardrobe malfunctions in 2016 and not mention Ken Bone. Bone, a common man whose image went viral after he wore a red Christmas sweater to the second presidential debate between Donald Trump and Hillary Clinton, chose his garb that day because of a major snafu with his planned outfit.

Explains Bone, “I had a really nice olive suit that I love a great deal and my mother would have been very proud to see me wearing on television, but apparently I have gained about 30 pounds and when I went to get into my car the morning of the debate, I split the seat of my pants all the way open. So the red sweater is plan B, and I am glad it worked out.”

That Wet Spot

It’s understandable that you’d get excited at the prospect of becoming president. But Colombian president Juan Manuel Santos Calderón may have gotten a little bit too enthused when he gave a speech during his 2014 reelection campaign. Unfortunately for him, none of his aides mentioned the growing wet spot at the front of his pants.

But hey, let’s give him a break – he won the 2016 Nobel Peace Prize. Not too shabby.

Justin Trudeau

It’s a safe bet to call the current Canadian Prime Minister one of the hottest politicians out there today. He’s an all-around good guy as well as being hilarious and sweet.

But look, even Trudeau can’t avoid ripping his pants every now and then. This unfortunate tear took place during an athletic event in 2011.

Vlad The Unclad

Why is Vladimir Putin always shirtless? And will he be able to talk his buddy Donald Trump into adopting the same style?

The Russian president definitely enjoys going without a top, to the point that there was actually a 2016 calendar featuring him, with the title “All Year With The President Of Russia.”

Pippa Middleton

You know that if Kate Middleton is on this list that Pippa is too. The Duchess of Cambridge’s sister flashed the tops of her thighs while she watched a match in the Royal Box at Wimbledon in June 2016.

The poppy-patterned dress just did not seem to want to stay in place while Middleton sat in it.


When legendary comedian Mel Brooks was presented with a Medal Of Arts award by president Obama, he couldn’t resist joking around. Brooks first bowed to receive his medal, then suddenly pretended to pull down the president’s pants.

Luckily, the move didn’t work… that would have been quite a wardrobe malfunction moment!

Rudy Giuliani

There are a surprising number of photos featuring former New York City mayor Rudy Giuliani in drag. Earlier this year, The Late Show host Stephen Colbert even discovered old footage of Giuliani, dressed as a woman, while Donald Trump gropes him. You can’t make this stuff up.

In this picture, Rudy is dressed as Victor Victoria at the Inner Circle Annual Show in 1997. Wardrobe malfunction or the best he’s ever looked? You decide.


Sarah Ferguson, the original Fergie and ex-wife of Prince Andrew, is The Duchess of York. She was quite a wild child (for royalty, anyway) back in the day.

It appears that some of her old habits have stuck with her, as this photo indicates. In it, Sarah is seen flashing her Spanx as she exits a vehicle.

Tony Blair

And here we have another wardrobe malfunction in the form of a shirt that just cannot contain massive amounts of sweat. Tony Blair, the former Prime Minister of the United Kingdom, was known for getting sweaty during speeches.

This photo is just one example of his profuse sweatiness.