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The Dark Side of Taylor Swift: Not So Perfect, After All

Taylor’s Dark Side

Better Than Revenge

Taylor Swift is Queen of the Ex-Diss, and very publicly airs out her dirty laundry through her songs. Monster hits like “Better Than Revenge” and “You’re Not Sorry” are about ex-boyfriend Joe Jonas, who broke up with her in a legendary 28-second phone call. Jake Gyllenhaal was the inspiration for “We Are Never Getting Back Together,” and, well, the name says it all. With Taylor’s high boyfriend turnover rate, she’s not going to run out of source material any time soon. Watch out, fellas!

Cradle Robber?

Taylor likes ‘em young, like as in “my 18th birthday was last week,” young! Here’s to you, Mrs. Robinson.

If Looks Could Kill

Taylor has mastered the “faux-prise” look at awards shows. You know- the wide-eyed, look-around-at-all-my-entourage-act while mouthing the words “Oh, my… I really didn’t expect…!” as she flutters up to the stage to accept another gold-plated paper weight to go with her collection. Check out the ACTUAL shock though, and subsequent sneer, when Adele won the Grammy instead of her. Ice-cold!

The Art of the Slut Shame


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