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The Craziest Made-Up Rumors And Celebrity Gossip Ever

Celebrity gossip is as old as fame itself, but it seems like the hearsay and hoaxes get weirder as time goes on. These rumors concern everything from gerbils to murder and government conspiracies, and they involve everyone from Kim Kardashian to John Lennon. Here’s a roundup of the wildest, and obviously BS, stories to ever go viral about celebs.

Hatred On Sex And The City

Rumors have always stated that the four Sex and the City actresses hated one another. “It makes for juicy gossip and copy,” said Kim Cattrall in 2010. Patently false, but there were disagreements between the ladies when Sarah Jessica Parker earned more than the other actresses. (her net worth rests at $90 million today).

Source: Crazy Frankenstein

Mister Rogers, Neighborhood Sniper

Fred Rogers was never in the armed services and he did not kill dozens of people as a sniper in Vietnam, nor was he arrested for child molestation after the war. He’s exactly what he appears to be – a host of one of the most successful children’s shows in television history, winning three Daytime Emmy awards throughout its 30 seasons.

Source: Imgur

Disney Murdered Linzlo’s Twin

One Tumblr user shared this Parent Trap conspiracy theory: Lindsay’s twin sister Kelsey played the second role in the movie, and when Lindsay gave a better performance, Disney killed the lesser-talented sister. Lindsay supposedly wrestled with guilt, contributing to her heavy cocaine and alcohol use later in life.

Source: Cloudinary

The CIA Killed Marilyn Monroe

Marilyn had affairs with both John F. Kennedy and his brother Robert—that much is true. Rumor has it that the CIA faked her overdose to keep her from revealing classified information. In 2015, the Weekly World News even duped news websites into picking up its false reports that a CIA agent confessed to the murder on his deathbed.

Source: Cloudinary

J. Lo’s Booty Insurance

Rumors have always surrounded Jennifer Lopez’s famous ass. Tabloids have claimed that she’s insured it for anywhere between one and 27 million dollars, but she’s denied that for years. Celebrities who have insured body parts include Taylor Swift, whose legs are part of a $40 million policy. There’s another starlet whose rear inspired rumors…

Source: Pinterest

Kim’s Augmented Backside

Kim has denied rumors of butt implants for years. She had an X-ray in a 2011 episode of Keeping Up With The Kardashians to prove that she hadn’t undergone the procedure. The reality television star earned $51 million in 2016, and she has admitted to various dermatology treatments for cellulite, as well as Botox. One more Kardashian rumor up next…

Source: YouTube

Khloé, OJ’s Daughter

Khloé towers over her sisters, right? A rumored affair between Kris and family friend OJ Simpson is supposed to be the reason behind this. In her book, Kris admitted to an affair around the time Khloé was conceived, and in 2016, OJ agreed to take a paternity test—it hasn’t happened yet, though.

Source: ABC

Sex Lessons For Paris Hilton?

Paris Hilton’s mother Kathy has quite the coming of age tale: As a young woman, she was given sex lessons with the help of a guy hired by her mother, Kathleen. Kathy always did thrust her daughter into the spotlight, so would she have done the same for Paris?

Source: Zimbio

Walt Disney’s Frozen Burial

A popular story about Walt Disney’s death posits that he had his body cryogenically frozen after his 1966 death. The tales even go so far as to say that he had his body buried in the Magic Kingdom—under Cinderella’s castle, to be exact. They’re just tales, though, because there’s proof that Disney’s body was cremated.

Source: Pinterest

Oprah’s Girlfriend Gayle?

Oprah Winfrey has been in a relationship with Stedman Graham since 1986, but rumors have always circulated that she actually tucks in at night with her longtime friend Gayle King. King said the rumors bothered her only when they initially started. “I’ve given up trying to figure that out,” she told TV Guide in 2011.

Source: Pinterest

Katy Perry’s First Identity

This conspiracy theory gave way to more of a fad than a supposed truth. YouTube user Dave Johnson maintains that “JonBenét became Katy Perry,” and that the child model’s death was faked. Johnson also believes that the Civil War was a hoax and Donald Trump is actually Joe Biden, so there’s that.

Source: Hollywood Gossip

The CIA Killed John Lennon

There are plenty of conspiracy theories surrounding the 1980 assassination of John Lennon. One story in particular states that Lennon planned on telling the public about the CIA’s mind-control experiments involving LSD; special agents were then deployed to coordinate his murder. One more Beatle rumor is up next…

Source: The Independent

A Phony Replaced Paul McCartney

Theories started circulating in 1969 saying that Paul McCartney had died three years earlier and been replaced by a lookalike. The cover of Abbey Road supposedly contains many clues that support this wild theory, and when you play “Revolution 9” backward, one snippet sounds like it says “Paul is dead.”

Source: Cloudfront

Lorde Is Way Older Than You Think

Although Lorde released a birth certificate showing that she was born in 1996, some people disagree. She’s super talented for such a young woman and has very distinguished, even classical features, so naturally, people believe the 20-year-old is actually much closer to 30. “I’m actually 45,” she joked in an interview with Vanity Fair.

Source: Posta

Cash Money Records Is A Gay Group

So, there’s the famous photo of Weezy kissing Birdman, and Nicki Minaj is always rhyming about getting with girls. While Complex described the Wayne/Baby liplock as a “mob-style kiss,” plenty of conspiracy videos try to piece together theories that the $300 million record label is comprised of a group of closeted gay men and women.

Source: Pride

Courtney Coordinated Kurt’s Murder

Books and a documentary or two have made attempts to prove this theory true, but there’s not enough evidence to show that Courtney Love coordinated Kurt Cobain’s death. The story goes that she knew he planned on filing for divorce, but she wanted his money, so she had him killed (or did it herself).

Source: Pride

Jon Hamm’s Big Hamm

Is there even a question about this? So many scores of photos show that Jon Hamm seems to be very, very well-endowed. He’s never been happy about the constant attention. “Would you want people walking up to you and pointing at your dick?” he asked a reporter in 2014.

Source: Gawker

A Rihanna And Jay-Z Affair

Jay-Z played an instrumental role early in Rihanna’s music career. As such, rumors have always circulated that the pair had an affair. Neither Jay, Rihanna, or Beyoncé have said a word about it though Bey’s song “Ring the Alarm” was rumored to have been about the situation.

Source: iDXR

Anna Wintour’s Reggae Roots

When the Vogue editor was just a junior fashion assistant in the 1970s, she was a serious reggae fan obsessed with Bob Marley. According to her unofficial biography, she snagged backstage passes to a Marley show in Manhattan and the pair then disappeared for a week. She says it didn’t happen.

Source: New York Magazine

Louis Tomlinson’s Fake Baby

Everyone knows that One Direction fans are wildly imaginative and sometimes just plain crazy. There are plenty of fans who theorize that Louis Tomlinson’s son is either a doll or a hired actor. The reason? It’s all an elaborate cover-up scheme for his secret relationship with bandmate Harry Styles.

Source: Pinterest

Beckham’s Million Dollar Toy

Back in the early 2000s, David Beckham reportedly purchased a $1.8 million platinum vibrator covered in diamonds and linked to a 16-carat diamond necklace. The toy was created by London strip club owner Peter Stringfellow, and only ten pieces were ever manufactured. Stringfellows.net has since shut down.

Source: Strangefellows

Simon Cowell’s Not Straight

His early career involved promoting records at gay clubs, and he’s said that he wore tight shirts in order to garner more attention. Still, Simon Cowell has always dated women; he’s addressed the rumors multiple times, saying that he doesn’t care because there’s nothing shameful about being gay.

Source: Wetpaint

Jay-Z, Part Of The Illuminati

The rich and powerful Illuminati is a rumored group of people who control all major world events, and Jay-Z is said to be one of them. He’s super into the occult and ancient Egypt, and he’s worth $550 million. According to other tall tales, if he’s not a part of the group, then he’s being employed as a celebrity distraction.

Source: Daily Beast

Rodent Problems

One of the grandest celebrity rumors: In the early 1990s, Richard Gere was reportedly admitted to a Los Angeles emergency room with a backend issue. An X-ray revealed that he’d managed to end up with a gerbil inside his colon. Gere thinks that Sylvester Stallone may be behind the tall tale.

Source: Eskipaper

Tupac Never Died


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