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The Best Gadgets To Give as Gifts (Before They Sell Out!)

45. Blaux Portable Bidet

Every year, countless trees are decimated for the sake of toilet paper. Scientists have highlighted that our society must strive to lower its carbon footprint significantly. Recognizing this as a major issue, the creators behind Blaux Bidet crafted a product which not only decreases our ecological impact but also encourages personal health and hygiene habits!

Introducing – Blaux Bidet: A pioneering way to cleanse without using any loo roll whatsoever! This modern device showers high or low-pressure water onto your bottom until you feel suitably refreshed.

Take your portable bidet anywhere with you so there’s no need to lug around tissue again – help preserve nature while achieving optimal sanitation through Blaux Bidet today!

(Blaux Bidet)

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