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The Best Gadgets To Give as Gifts (Before They Sell Out!)

40. BUZZ B-GONE Zap Gen 2

Are you aware that mosquitoes are the deadliest animals to humans? Protect your family and friends from pesky bug bites with BuzzBGone! This portable insect zapper is perfect for outdoor activities like camping, picnics or just relaxing on your deck during warm summer nights.

With its built-in LED light function, this device can be used as a flashlight, lantern or even a night-light. The compact size of 7 inches tall and 3 inches wide makes it easy to carry around while its powerful rechargeable battery lasts up to 20 hours!

The flat base allows it to stand firmly on any surface while the top ring lets you hang it in tents for peaceful lighting at night. Let BuzzBGone keep flying insects away before they bite anyone close by!


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