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The Best Gadgets To Give as Gifts (Before They Sell Out!)

36. Audien Hearing – Wireless Hearing Aids

When it was time for his grandmother to start using hearing aids, Audien Hearing’s founder Arthur Garber made a startling discovery.

The typical pair of hearing aids came with a price tag ranging from $3,000-$5,000… yet their production cost was only around $100. He realized that this excessive markup resulted primarily from the involvement of various intermediaries – such as audiologists and resellers who inflated prices at every step along the way. Determined to make a change in this landscape,

Arthur dedicated years towards creating Audien Hearing while eliminating these middlemen because he firmly believed that not just his grandmother but everyone else too should have access to an affordable solution capable of enhancing their quality of life significantly. Today, over 300,000 people (and counting) are benefiting immensely from Arthur’s reasonably priced and highly effective hearing aid offerings..

(Audien Hearing)

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