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The Best Gadgets To Give as Gifts (Before They Sell Out!)

32. CamoLighter

The legacy of Nikola Tesla continues to expand with innovative devices like the CamoLighter. Let us explain why.

CamoLighter is, in essence, a self-sufficient lightning generator that creates a windproof and waterproof flame. That’s correct – it’s indeed waterproof! While there are numerous windproof lighters available on the market, they all rely on fossil fuels for operation. Fossil fuels can be inconvenient to transport due to their highly flammable nature; additionally, they harm the environment and evaporate quickly. However, since CamoLighter operates entirely on electricity and generates its flame through a plasma arc instead of traditional means – even underwater!

Thus regardless of your location or how harsh weather conditions may become — you can always depend upon CamoLighter when needing assistance lighting candles or starting fires.


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